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Savor The Flavors - Top 10 Best Restaurants In Mississippi

Mississippi is a place where old cooking styles blend with new ones, showing the richness of its food history. Here, you can find everything from classic Southern comfort food to modern dishes that break the norm.

Author:Kelly Hayes
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
Mar 25, 2024
Mississippi's food scene is a fascinating mix of traditional tastes and modern cooking methods. Located in the Deep South, it offers a variety of foods that perfectly combine old Southern favorites with new, creative dishes.
Mississippi provides everything from comforting food that reminds you of the region's history to innovative meals that challenge what we know about taste. When you eat in Mississippi, each bite tells a story about tradition, creativity, and the diverse culture that makes up the state's special food identity.

Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants In Mississippi

City Grocery - Oxford

Renowned for its upscale Southern cuisine, City Grocery in Oxford combines sophistication with a touch of Southern comfort. Signature dishes like Shrimp and Grits showcase the chef's mastery, while the charming, historic ambiance adds to the dining experience.

Viking Cooking School - Greenwood

A culinary gem, Viking Cooking School offers interactive cooking classes, allowing guests to craft their Southern-inspired masterpieces. The hands-on experience, combined with a welcoming atmosphere, makes this venue stand out as a unique and educational dining destination.

Snackbar - Oxford

Snackbar charms patrons with its eclectic menu, blending French and Southern influences. Known for its inventive small plates and craft cocktails, this trendy spot creates a dynamic and social dining atmosphere, making it a local favorite.

The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen - Jackson

The Manship in Jackson elevates dining with its wood-fired kitchen, infusing a rustic charm into every dish. Specializing in Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the restaurant's ambiance and emphasis on locally sourced ingredients contribute to its reputation as a culinary standout.

Ajax Diner - Oxford

Ajax Diner epitomizes Southern comfort with its homestyle classics. From the iconic Chicken and Dumplings to the hearty Meatloaf Plate, Ajax exudes a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere, capturing the essence of traditional Southern dining.

Walker's Drive-In - Jackson

A Jackson institution, Walker's Drive-In combines upscale dining with a relaxed atmosphere. Known for its innovative menu featuring dishes like the Redfish Anna, the restaurant's commitment to culinary excellence and inviting setting make it a top choice for discerning diners.

Doe's Eat Place - Greenville

Doe's Eat Place in Greenville preserves a storied tradition of serving mouthwatering steaks and tamales. Housed in a historic building, its unassuming ambiance belies the exceptional quality of its cuisine, creating a unique and cherished dining experience.

Bully's Restaurant - Jackson

Bully's Restaurant in Jackson is a local treasure, celebrated for its soulful Southern buffet. The laid-back atmosphere and diverse array of comfort foods, from fried chicken to collard greens, make Bully's a beloved spot for hearty, homestyle dining.

Parlor Market - Jackson

Parlor Market stands out for its contemporary Southern cuisine and historic ambiance. With a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, dishes like the Shrimp & Grits reflect the chef's culinary prowess, while the upscale yet inviting setting adds to its allure.

The Crown Restaurant - Indianola

The Crown in Indianola pays homage to Mississippi's Delta region with its Southern-inspired menu. Known for dishes like Catfish Diane, this restaurant's warm, welcoming atmosphere and dedication to regional flavors make it a standout choice for those seeking an authentic taste of Mississippi's culinary heritage.

Farm-to-Table: Exploring Local Cuisine In Mississippi

Cafe La Fleur - Jackson

Cafe La Fleur epitomizes farm-to-table dining in Jackson, sourcing ingredients directly from local farmers and producers. The ever-changing menu reflects the seasonality of Mississippi's bounty, with dishes like the Pecan-Crusted Catfish showcasing the freshness and flavor of regional ingredients.

Boure - Oxford

Boure in Oxford is a farm-to-table gem, emphasizing a commitment to local sourcing and sustainability. With an ever-evolving menu featuring dishes like the Delta Blues Rice Bowl, this restaurant embodies the essence of Mississippi's agricultural richness while providing a delightful dining experience.

Local 463 Urban Kitchen - Madison

Local 463 Urban Kitchen in Madison celebrates the state's agricultural diversity through its farm-to-table approach. The menu, featuring dishes such as the Mississippi Quail Salad, highlights the restaurant's dedication to supporting local farmers, ensuring a fresh and flavorful culinary experience.

Table 100 - Flowood

Table 100 in Flowood stands out for its emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, crafting a menu that pays homage to Mississippi's agricultural heritage. With signature dishes like the Mississippi Redfish, diners can savor the flavors of the region while supporting local farmers and producers.

Best Ethnic Restaurants In Mississippi

Aiyara Thai Cuisine

Aiyara Thai Cuisine in Jackson stands out for its authentic Thai flavors. From the aromatic Tom Yum soup to the flavorful Pad Thai, this restaurant brings the vibrant tastes of Thailand to Mississippi, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

Taqueria La Guadalupe

Taqueria La Guadalupe in Biloxi is a hidden gem for Mexican cuisine. The menu, featuring street-style tacos and savory tamales, offers a taste of Mexico in the heart of Mississippi, capturing the essence of traditional Mexican street food.

Nagoya Japanese Sushi Bar

Nagoya Japanese Sushi Bar in Flowood is a haven for sushi enthusiasts. With its fresh and artfully crafted sushi rolls, sashimi, and bento boxes, the restaurant brings the precision and flavors of Japan to Mississippi, offering a delightful journey through Japanese cuisine.

Cheetos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Cheetos Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Meridian is a beloved spot for lovers of genuine Mexican cuisine. The menu features traditional dishes like carne asada and enchiladas, providing an authentic taste of Mexico in the heart of Mississippi.

Mississippi's Best Seafood Spots

Back Forty Seafood Restaurant

Back Forty Seafood Restaurant is a top-notch place in Mississippi where you can enjoy the best Gulf-inspired seafood.
They're dedicated to serving the freshest seafood from the Gulf Coast, like delicious shrimp and tasty oysters. The restaurant has a relaxed, sea-themed setting that matches perfectly with their menu.
This makes dining there feel like a trip to the coast. Back Forty Seafood's commitment to quality and its menu full of Gulf-style dishes make it the best place for seafood in Mississippi.
It welcomes diners into a friendly Southern environment where they can enjoy all the good things that come from the sea.

The Pier Seafood And Steaks

Located on the Gulf Coast, The Pier Seafood and Steaks is a top-notch seafood spot in Mississippi, known for its fresh sea-to-plate offerings and warm Southern charm.
The restaurant is famous for its dedication to high-quality food, offering a wide-ranging menu packed with Gulf Coast specialties like juicy shrimp, oysters, and delicious catfish.
Signature meals such as the Seafood Platter highlight The Pier's cooking prowess by serving up an array of flavors from local sea produce.
The laid-back beachy atmosphere and sweeping views of the Gulf add to the dining experience, making it more than just a meal. For any seafood lover visiting Mississippi, this place is a must-see.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Famous Food In Mississippi?

Mississippi is renowned for its iconic dish, "Southern Fried Catfish." This crispy and flavorful delicacy, often served with hushpuppies and coleslaw, captures the essence of traditional Southern cuisine.

What Food Is Jackson Mississippi Famous For?

Jackson, Mississippi, is renowned for its delectable soul food, with dishes like fried catfish, collard greens, and cornbread being local favorites.
The city also embraces Cajun and Creole influences, making dishes like gumbo and po'boys part of its flavorful culinary identity.


Mississippi is a place where old cooking styles blend with new ones, showing the richness of its food history. Here, you can find everything from classic Southern comfort food to modern dishes that break the norm.
Mississippi's food scene is a mix of tastes that bring together the past and present. The frying of catfish in a pan can be heard next to the making of mixed cuisine dishes, showing off the state's cultural mix. People eating in Mississippi will find a range of flavors that go beyond time, showing a food history that's based in tradition but also open to endless creativity.
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