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Numerology Study Guide: How To Translate Letters Into Numbers

Numerology is described as the belief held by believers in a mystical or divine relationship between numbers and certain coinciding events.

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Numerologyis described as the belief held by believers in a mystical or divine relationship between numbers and certain coinciding events. Numerology assumes that numbers such as dates, numbers derived from names, and others can hold significant value over the life of a person and affect them in one way or another. This significance is calculated using a variety of methods, the most important of which we will be describing in detail.

Letters to Numbers Chart

Two important letters-to-numbers charts in numerology are used by believers to calculate numerology numbers - Pythagoras and Chaldean. Here, we are describing the two in depth.

Pythagorean Letters to Numbers Chart

The Pythagorean letters-to-numbers chart is used in Pythagorean numerology and also Abracadabra numerology. Along with this, it is used in subsets of Kabbalah numerology. In this chart, each letter of the English alphabet is linked to one of the nine letters.
The Pythagorean number chart was derived from the Chaldean chart. In the Pythagorean chart, numerals one to nine are laid out horizontally, and columns are created beneath each one. Starting with the alphabet ‘A’ under the numeric ‘1’, you’ll place the alphabets across the board under the numbers one by one till you arrive at number nine, after which you’ll arrive back at number one.

Chaldean Letters to Numbers Chart

Chaldean numerology, on the other hand, uses an entirely different number system. The numeric nine is not included in the final chart as ancient Chaldean's thought of nine as a spiritual number, and adding it to your chart is deceitful.
The Chaldean numerology charts might be a bit confusing for beginnersin numerology, but reading up on the topic can help them clearly understand. The internet has a variety of information hubs on numerology, just as it has essay writing servicesfor college students and design services for companies. There are different Chaldean numerology charts, and they donot always agree on how the alphabets and numbers should match.

Different Indicators in Numerology

In numerology, each number and individual holds a special meaning. Here are the most essential indicators in numerology:

Life Path Number

Considered the most commonly-calculated number in numerology, the Life Path Number is computed using the individual's date of birth. It communicates information about the person's greatest strengths, weaknesses, life lessons, and events. The number helps individuals understand how to navigate through tough challenges in their lives.

Destiny Number

Calculated using the individual's first and last name, the Destiny Numbergives you an idea of your purpose in life. Describing your character and all the traits that make you 'you', the Destiny Number lays out the goals you have in your future and how you can achieve them.

Personality Number

Considering all the consonant letters in your first name, the Personality Number represents your traits and how people around you view you. The number expresses how you can improve yourself based on your perception of yourself and others.

Soul Urge Number

Also known as 'Heart Desire Number', this numerology value is computed using the vowel alphabets in your first and last name. The Soul Urge Number communicates your most powerful inner strengths, dislikes, and likes accurately. It reveals the inner secrets you hold and expresses them to the world.
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Numbers in Numerology and Their Meaning

Calculation Methods

Here are the easiest ways to calculate important numerology numbers:

How to Calculate Life Path Number

Add all the digits in your date of birth separately.
For example, if your birthday is November 12, 1996, your month's sum would be 1+1 (November is the 11th month) = 2, your day's sum would be 1+2 = 3, your year's sum would be 1+9+9+6 = 25 = 2+5 = 7.
Add all three sums. 2 + 3 + 7 = 12 = 1+2 = 3.
3 is the Life Path Number.

How to Calculate Destiny Number

To calculate the Destiny Number, you must consider your birth name and assign each alphabet of your name with a number as specified in the Pythagorean letters to the number chart.
Add the digits for your first and last name separately until you get one digit for both of them. Finally, add the two values (first name number and last name number), which is the Destiny Number.

How to Calculate Personality Number

Consider your birth name and remove all vowels. Assign each consonant alphabet a number from the Pythagorean letters to the number chart.
Add all the values (first name and surname) until you get a one-digit numeral. This is your Personality Number.

How to Calculate Soul Urge Number

People who study numerologyknow how important it is to calculate the Soul Urge Number. Consider your birth name and remove all the consonants this time. Assign each vowel alphabet a unique number as specified in the Pythagorean letters to the numbers chart.
Add all the values (first and last name) until you get a single-digit number. This is your Soul Urge Number.
NOTE: If you add the digits and get a sum that is a Master number (11, 22, and 33), do not sum up the digits as they should count as themselves.

To Conclude

The process of calculating one's vital numbers in numerology is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking as it can reveal a lot about oneself. Remember that numerology isn't a perfect science, and it doesn't have to be considered fact in all cases. While these numbers can signify some essential information about your life, you are not doomed to fail or suffer if your numerology numbers aren't the best. Keep faith in yourself over everything else.
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