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Question of the day: can you pass Microsoft MS-500 evaluation with just practice tests?

Quite often, practice tests allow you to nail any certification exam you will be taking. Truly, they have been among the must-have resources among professional exam-takers and other candidates.

Author:Kelly Hayes
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
Aug 02, 2021
Quite often, practice tests allow you to nail any certification exam you will be taking. Truly, they have been among the must-have resources among professional exam-takers and other candidates. Even Microsoft offers the official practice tests for their certification exams. The Microsoft MS-500, for instance, is also furnished with its own trial exam to cover the Microsoft 365 and hybrid environment. And if you are interested in taking the MS-500 route, maximizing practice tests is essential. Also known as Microsoft 365 Security Administration, such an exam is apt for those inclined in implementing, managing, and monitoring the environment’s security and compliance solutions. Aspiring Microsoft 365 Security Administrators will also be working with other stakeholders in creating security strategies in line with the organization’s policies. Now, going back to Microsoft Certifications Exams, let’s unfold all the reasons how these materials prepare you in advance for attaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate designation:

Practice tests drill the information into your mind

With practice tests, you can run through sample questions for the main MS-500 evaluation. Answering these practice questions after a second or third time before the exam will undoubtedly inculcate the correct answers in your thoughts. Depending on which provider you avail of, most questions in the practice tests may come out in the actual evaluation. Even so, as long as you understand the basics of Microsoft 365 workloads & environment, you can still connect the dots to obtain the right answer.

These materials point you to the crucial skills to work on

The Microsoft MS-500 covers concepts on identity and access, threat protection, information protection, and lastly, governance alongside compliance features. Thus, the amount of information to study can be quite overwhelming. With practice tests though, you can pay more attention to those areas that will most likely come out on the actual test as well as scopes that you find more difficult. As a result, it helps you narrow down the concepts and allot enough time to cover everything.

They enhance your test-taking skills

Although sample questions will not be a hundred percent the same as those in the actual MS-500 exam, at least dependable Microsoft Certificationswill provide you with the idea of it ― how the questions are structured, how scenarios will be given, how long they will take, etc. With that, you can develop your strategies on how to deal with each possible question. You can also manage your time and train your thought process. But remember, you also still have to brush up on your technical acumen together with hands-on experience.

Sample questions boost your self-confidence

By repeatedly answering and refining your skills through practice tests, you will successfully get all the questions right. This will alleviate your anxiety on each approaching day of the official evaluation. Rehearsing now will polish your skills until you become more confident. Having such a disposition during the main MS-500 exam is advantageous to clear your thoughts of unnecessary doubts.


To answer the question ― can you really clear the final Microsoft MS-500 with just practice tests? Technically, the answer is no. It’s because you have to accompany these ones with other materials like courses, books, video tutorials, and such. Generally, practice tests are of great help in increasing your success rate and not the other way around. Therefore, strive to understand all the relevant topics with the support of various resources and study smartly!
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