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Remembering Some Of The Best Angels In Video Games

For people with an interest in spirituality, it’s common for many to look into Earth angels while assessing their spiritual growth on this glorious planet of ours. Of course, a belief around angels isn’t for everyone, but there is no denying just how beautifully depicted they are.

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For people with an interest in spirituality, it’s common for many to look into Earth angels while assessing their spiritual growth on this glorious planet of ours. Of course, a belief around angels isn’t for everyone, but there is no denying just how beautifully depicted they are.
In the gaming world, angels have been featured heavily in a number of leading products over the years. In fact, angels have long been a part of gaming and have played integral roles in a number of smash-hit games, perhaps by supporting a gamer during a mission or even by appearing as a deadly rivalthat is out to put an end to a gamer’s progress. Angels come in a variety of shapes and sizes but there is no denying just how prominent they have been in the gaming sphere.
For people who play games in their spare time, angelic characters have helped to shape an extensive selection of top gaming titles. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best angels in video games from over the years.

Dante’s Inferno Is Based On The Literary Masterpiece

Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy might seem like a weighty subject for a video game, but this 2010 game treats its source material with grave respect. Like the book, the game is focused on a trip through the Circles of Hell, with Dante and his guide (Virgil) coming up against a range of beasts, horrors, and angels. The game is not without controversy, given its links to religion, but it was critically acclaimed, with updates allowing players to play as Dante’s guardian angel, St Lucia. The archangel Gabrielalso makes an appearance in this intriguing title.

Angel Was A Formidable Opponent In The Tekken Games

As you’d probably expect, angels are regularly found in fighting games given the evil that tends to be found in them. After all, wherever darkness is, light tends to follow. Angel certainly represents that in the Tekken games. After making her first appearance in Tekken 2, Angel is regarded as an extremely helpful character who is capable of vanquishing the devil while teaming up with gamers. A much-loved character from the Tekken series, while there isn’t too much to know about her, Angel’s impact in the game can be felt at certain times, particularly when the devil is around.

Archangels: Salvation Slot Has A Good Vs Evil Theme

Offering a good vs evil theme, the Archangels: Salvation slotis a game that is being enjoyed by casinogamers everywhere right now. In NetEnt’s first ever 100 paylines product, the 3D graphics help showcase the epic battles that are occurring between the angel and the devil in this one, with this visually-pleasing product capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end. A game that can be accessed within seconds via an internet browser, the good vs evil theme on show throughout makes Archangels: Salvation a thoroughly engaging release.

Tyrael Is A Great Character From The Diablo Series

Tyrael, an Archangel who eventually becomes a mortal, is one of the most prominent characters in the Diablo seriesof games. The formidable warrior eventually removed his angel-like wings to bring peace and reunite his angelic race with the human population. A brave character who went to war with some of Diablo’s most feared rivals, his presence in the Diablo games is impossible to ignore.

Diablo 3: Tyrael's Sacrifice Cutscene HD 1080p

Rodin From The Bayonetta Games Is Hard To Forget

Rodin From The Bayonetta Games Is Hard To Forget
Rodin From The Bayonetta Games Is Hard To Forget
Defined as a fallen angel, Rodin from the Bayonetta games is an instantly recognisable face from these hit releases. The helpful arms dealer pops up throughout the games as players need to stock up ahead of the battles that are up ahead. You can even battle against Rodin in the games if you wish, although taking him on isn’t easy. It gives gamers a chance to see Rodin at his angelic best, though, with the easy going character showing his real form in the heat of battle.
Other memorable angels from video games include Abaddon (Darksiders series of games), Samael (Painkiller), Pit (Kid Icarus), Angelus (The Darkness 2), Khan Maykr (Doom Eternal), The Angel of Faith (Shade: Wrath Of Angels), Seraphim (Sacred), and Nephilim (DMC: Devil May Cry). But what is it that is fascinating about angel characters in video games? One might argue that it is not their angelic qualities but the storytellers’ ability to contrast both the light and the dark. All too often, the angels are working to their own ends, and their goals aren’t always what we would term noble.
The depiction of the angel as somewhat ambiguous in terms of their morality is not limited to video games alone, of course. But it is a constant theme that runs through literature, drama, movies, and television. One of the reasons for that is the creators’ belief that their characters need an edge. Often this is the zealous pursuit of something in the name of Good, without regard for the consequences of their actions. In a nutshell, angels in games, movies, and literature are often set with the means not justifying the ends.
Of course, in many of these video game depictions, one cannot get away from the Christian connotations, something that harks all the way back to Dante’s Divine Comedy. But once again, we get the modern uneasiness with Christianity and religion in general. In the games, the humans are often the good guys, not the angels, and this flies in the face of most religious teachings. Sure, many of the games deal with fallen angels – an idea as old as the Christian Bible – but the ‘good’ angels are also flawed. Perhaps this makes them more interesting to modern video game players, or perhaps it is due to the fact gaming and traditional religion don’t really mix. Whatever the reason, angels appearing in video games tend to throw up interesting ambiguity, even if they are not to everyone’s tastes.
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