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The 7 Hermetic Principles & Hermes Trismegistus Teachings

The Hermetic Principles are a body of knowledge about the principles by which the cosmos conducts its affairs that has been passed down via the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus through the centuries. Anyone who learns these rules or principles will be able to apply them to dominate the levels of existence in which they reside.

Author:Kelly Hayes
Reviewer:Sonia Ravenwood
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Doyou know anything about Hermeticism or the Kybalion? It's possible that you haven't given much attention to what the Hermetic Principles include. Surprise, these old concepts may still be applied to your everyday life today!
However, it turns out that the ancient principles of self-mastery taught by Hermeticism may be applied by anybody who wishes to advance their own personal development.
This is especially beneficial if you're already familiar with the Law of Attractionand want to enhance your results. As you'll see in this beginner's tutorial, there's a lot of overlap between the two concepts.
There are also several significant ways in which a thorough grasp of Hermeticism might assist you in overcoming some of the most prevalent obstacles to successful manifestation. Read this "The Teachings Of Hermes Trismegistus And The 7 Hermetic Principles" for more information.
This is something that belongs in the occult world of things. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, esoteric refers to something that is meant for or likely to be comprehended by a small number of individuals who have specialized expertise or interest. Hermetic is a term that refers to anything hidden, esoteric, or occult.
The Hermetic Principles are a body of knowledge about the principles by which the cosmos conducts its affairs that has been passed down via the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus through the centuries.
Anyone who learns these rules or principles will be able to apply them to dominate the levels of existence in which they reside. Generally speaking, a plane is thought of as a subtly elevated level or region of reality, with each plane corresponding to a certain sort or category of being (for example, the spiritual plane, physical plane, or mental plane).
Despite the fact that these teachings have been there for thousands upon thousands of years, they have remained mostly hidden from the general public for the most part. The old teachings were preserved along the way by great academics who had a specialized understanding of the ancient texts.
We have the truth still with us. But it is not found in books, to any given extent. It has been passed along... from lip to ear. When it was written down at all, its meaning was veiled in terms of alchemy and astrology, so that only those possessing the key could read it aright.- The Kybalion

Hermeticism - The Secret History

In the beginning, these lessons were handed from teacher to pupil in a closed-door environment. After all, similar talks may have resulted in your death two thousand years ago if they were held. You most definitely wouldn't have the same selection of books on the subject available at Barnes & Noble as you have now.
In 1908, a book dubbed the Kybalion was published for the first time. Three Initiates was the pseudonym used for the publication of the book. The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece is the official title of the book. The teachings of Hermes were not only found in literature, but this book concentrates specifically on the 7 Hermetic Principles, and as such, it will serve as the primary point of reference for the remainder of this essay.
Hermes, also known as Thoth, was a legendary figure who lived in Atlantis and Egypt for more than two thousand years. The Egyptians elevated him to the status of one of their Gods, giving him the name Thoth. Later, the Greeks elevated him to the status of God, referring to him as Hermes, the God of Wisdom.
The student of Comparative Religions will be able to perceive the influence of the Hermetic Teachings in every religion worthy of the name...- The Kybalion
It is possible to find Hermetic lessons in all aspects of the world as we know it, as well as in all teachings. Both the appeal and the application are available to anyone anywhere in the world.
We don't know whether Thoth was a real deity or merely a very intelligent man with a lot of information. However, one thing that is clear is that this information is trustworthy enough to withstand the test of time and experience.
In our contemporary day lives, it has been repackaged for profit on a countless number of occasions. Consider The Secret, as well as the most recent buzz about the law of attraction. The fact is that these teachings have been present for thousands of years, and you can find traces of these concepts incorporated into all religious teachings, in some form or another, throughout history.
When the pupil is ready to receive the truth, then will this little book come to him, or her. Such is The Law. ...The Law of Attraction will bring lips and ear together - pupil and book in company. So mote it be!- The Kybalion
Hermeticism is a gnostic tradition that dates back thousands of years. A school of thought that directs the search of factual knowledge toward the investigation of spiritual mysteries. As gatekeepers to the spiritual experience in an age when all major faiths had gatekeepers, the Gnostics, and later the Hermetics, were seen to be rather rebellious in their thinking.
These seven rules represent some of the most ancient and important systems of thought in the world. Knowing these principles, the Universal Laws will open your eyes to the profound spiritual essence of existence, which you will then be able to comprehend. It will allow you to work more efficiently on the earthly dimension of where you are situated.
When we comprehend and use the Seven Hermetic Principles, we become more self-aware of our own selves. This leads to living your moments with intention rather than allowing your path to be dictated by the circumstances. There is no doubt that they will broaden your horizons and increase your options, and that they will assist you in your search for a richer, happier, livelier, more important, significant, and longer life.
I feel there is a significant deal of empowerment included within these ideas, which is why they are referred to be "secret."
This is in the esoteric realm of things. For those of you who don’t know esoteric means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest.
Hermetic means secret, esoteric, or occult.
The Hermetic Principles refer to knowledge of the laws by which the universe conducts business as passed down by the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. Anyone who understands these laws or principles can use them to master the planes of existence. A plane is conceived as a subtle state, level, or region of reality, each plane corresponding to some type, kind, or category of being Ie. the spiritual plane, the physical plane, the mental plane.
While these teachings are thousands upon thousands of years old, they have for the most part been kept under wraps from the mainstream humans. Great scholars along the way with specialized knowledge about the ancient teachings kept them alive.
In the early days, these teachings were passed from teacher to student in secret. After all, such discussions could get you killed two thousand years ago. You certainly wouldn’t have your choice of books on the topic at Barnes and noble as you do now.
A book titled the Kybalion was first published in 1908. It was published under the pseudo name Three Initiates. Officially titled; The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece. It was not the only literature to embrace the teachings of Hermes, however, this book focuses on the 7 Hermetic Principles and so it will be the main point of reference for this article.
Hermes also known as Thoth, lived in Atlantis and Egypt for over two thousand years. The Egyptians turned him into one of their Gods under the name Thoth. Later the Greeks made him one of their Gods calling him, Hermes, the God of wisdom.
The student of Comparative Religions will be able to perceive the influence of the Hermetic Teachings in every religion worthy of the name...- The Kybalion
The Hermetic teachings are found in all areas of the world as we know it and all teachings. The appeal, as well as the application, are absolutely universal.
Whether Thoth was an actual god or just an extremely knowledgeable man we do not know for sure. But what is certain is that this wisdom is dependable enough to stand the test of time.
It has been repackaged for profit over and over again in our modern-day lives. Think, The Secret, and all the latest buzz about the law of attraction. The truth is these teachings have been around for thousands of years and you can see particles of these principles integrated into all religious teachings, in one way or another.
“When the pupil is ready to receive the truth, then will this little book come to him, or her. Such is The Law. ...The Law of Attraction will bring lips and ear together - pupil and book in company. So mote it be!” – The Kybalion
Hermeticism is a gnostic tradition. A school of ideas that focuses the pursuit of empirical knowledge to spiritual mysteries. In the old world where all major religions had gatekeepers to the spiritual experience, the Gnostics, and later the Hermetics, were quite rebellious in thought.
These seven laws are some of the oldest and most influential systems of thinking. Knowing these principles, the Universal Laws shall open your insights into the profound spiritual nature of reality. It shall enable you to perform more effectively on the earth plane around you.
When we understand and practice the 7 Hermetic Principles, we become more self-aware. This leads to living your moments with intention instead of letting the moments determine your path. They are sure to widen horizons for you, expand possibilities for you, and aid you in the pursuit of a fuller, happier, livelier, more meaningful, significant and longer life.
There is great empowerment within these principles which is why I believe they are referred to as “secret”.
In the order of their introduction in the book, these are (1) Mentalism, (2) Correspondence, (3) Vibration, (4) Polarity, (5) Rhythm, (6) Cause and Effect, and (7) Gender, or Sex.
The principles of truth are seven; He who knows these, understandingly, possesses the magickey before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open.- The Kybalion


The Principle Of Mentalism

All is mind; the universe is mental.– The Kybalion
The law of thought asserts that everything in nature is governed by mental processes.
This principle is embodied the notion that everything in the cosmos is the product of human thinking or imagination. There is nothing that exists in the material cosmos that does not conform to this principle.
Everything that is physically generated is, at its core, mental in nature, because the essence of everything is thought. Even though some of our ideas are on a subconscious level, our actions are the result of those thoughts. What we imagine ourselves to be in the future."Thoughts become things," or, in the words of Edgar Cayce, "thoughts become things."
When we think in the proper way, the right behaviors will naturally follow suit.
Do not make the mistake of supposing that the little world you see around you - the Earth, which is a mere grain of dust in the Universe - is the Universe itself. There are millions upon millions of such worlds, and greater. And there are millions of millions of such Universes in existence within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL.- The Kybalion
In the beginning, there was nothing but a thought in the mind of God (also known as The Creator, The Divine Cause, or any other creative being or spirit you like to refer to as such). We, according to the Hermetics, are responsible for creating our own world, both metaphysically and physically, by the power of our own imagination. The great rule of spiritual psychology states that it is our ideas that cause our reality to manifest itself in the physical world.
He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.- The Kybalion

The Principle Of Correspondence

Hermes is credited with coining this well-known adage. The ancients thought that the macrocosm is a mirror of the microcosm and that the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm.
In order to resolve complicated paradoxes, we must consider what is above and below ourselves. This is true both on a macro and a micro-level. In other words, whatever is true for the planets is also true for the atoms. Moreover, what works for the solar system and the atomic system is likewise effective for the human body and mind.
It is believed by the Hermetic Philosophy that the Universe may be divided into three main classes of phenomena, which are referred to as the Three Great Planes, which are as follows:
The Great Physical Plane is a concept that has been around for a long time.
The Great Mental Plane is a plane of consciousness that exists between the two hemispheres of the brain.
The Great Spiritual Plane is the highest level of spirituality.
They are more or less arbitrary and artificial divides. All three divisions are ascending degrees on the vast scale of Life, with undifferentiated Matter as the lowest point and Spirit as the highest point, and all three divisions are ascending degrees on the great scale of Life.
These planes communicate with one another in order to function properly.
Physical, mental, and spiritual existence are not distinct from one another, but rather flow in the same direction with varying degrees of existence.

The Principle Of Vibration

The Principle of Vibration is one of the well-established rules of contemporary science, which claims that all of life is made up of vibrations of varying frequencies that occur at regular intervals.
You make a vibrating motion. Trees have a vibratory quality to them. Vibrations are felt in the rocks. The vibrations of sounds and ideas are palpable. Some vibrate at a lesser pace, while others vibrate at a faster rate. Higher frequency vibrations exist in the realm of the unseen, but lower frequency vibrations exist in the physical world, where human eyes can interpret the "visible light" into usable information.
Water evaporating appears to be the most commonly used comparison in this case. When water is heated, the molecules get stimulated and vibrate at such a high rate that the molecules break free of their connections and rise to the surface of the water, becoming vapor. Although this is not visible at the cellular level, it does not rule out the possibility that it is taking place.
Even if the water evaporates and is no longer visible to the naked eye, this does not imply that the water's atoms have been lost completely. It is merely in a different state of vibration than the rest of the body. Everything is in a state of mobility. Everything is in motion and vibrating, and there is no such thing as a still moment.
The vibrational condition of our bodies is either in a state of harmony or a state of disorder. This is something we can influence. Every atom in our physical body contains a mini-universe, and every molecule contains a mini-universe.
Because energy follows thought, how we think will materialize our sentiments, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, health, energy, and ultimately what we attract to ourselves in our life because thinking manifests itself in the form of energy. Rather than being determined by your negative ego, the goal is to generate a vibration that is decided by your Higher Self.

The Principle Of Polarity

Everything has two polar opposites that are diametrically opposed. We live in a world that is divided.
Warmth and cold, light and darkness, good and evil, healthy and sick, love and hatred are all present.It is impossible to have one without the other. The issue is, what appears to be dualism is actually oneness in disguise, and it is at this point that understanding this principle might be beneficial to you.
The thermometer is the most frequently used analogy. When does a thermometer indicate when it is hot and when it is cold? Despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed, they are basically the same thing. It is only a question of degree in this case.
In the same way, spirit and matter are interconnected. They are nearly identical in terms of meaning. Let's go back to the water example once more. When you freeze water, it turns into ice (matter). When you boil water, it evaporates and turns into a gas (spirit). They are the same in nature, yet differ in terms of degrees of similarity.
This same idea holds true for all pairings of opposites, including light and dark, huge and little, hard and soft, positive and negative, among others. The same idea holds true for the mental plane of reality, which includes feelings of love and hatred. They are both the same issue but in varying degrees of severity.
One's power to transmute and alter vibrations from one extreme to another is what makes this law so important in comprehending one's own abilities. This is the field of study known as alchemy.
The alchemists of the Middle Ages were fascinated with the transformation of base metals into precious metals, particularly gold. The true significance of this, on the other hand, appears to derive from the understanding of how to transform one's basic ideas and emotions into spiritual gold or soul energy.
Hate may be transformed into love via the power of your thoughts (gold). It is possible to turn your lower self into your higher self. It is possible to turn your physical body into your light body (ascension). It is possible to transform separation into unity. Learning the skill of polarization allows you to transform your negative ego into a positive ego that leads from the heart and spirit.
It is possible to turn an empty bank account into a fully funded bank account. Simply put, we must polarize our awareness and life vibration in diverse ways since they are all distinct manifestations of one and the same entity.

The Principle Of Rhythm

We observe the manifestation of this rule in every facet of our existence, as indicated above. There is a beat to everything. There is a cyclical pattern. The opposite of what comes in must come out. What swings ahead will also swing back in the opposite direction. What goes up must come down, and vice versa.
The benefits of reaching the top echelons are possible, but avoiding the devastation caused by falling to the lowest echelons is not an option. You can make an attempt to counteract it to a certain extent. It all comes down to how well you grasp and apply the Hermetic Principles to your life situation.
It is vital to recognize that no matter how high the tide is, we will ultimately reach a low tide. The seasons are changing, and summer will soon give way to winter. Some days are ideal for harvesting crops while others are unsuitable for planting because the weather is too harsh. If you grasp this law, you will be able to learn to enjoy the rising seasons of our lives while also neutralizing the waning seasons.
These mental states of man are where we see this rule in action, and it is here that the Hermetic practitioner finds the greatest and most helpful application for this law. The Hermetists use the rule of neutralization to neutralize their own thoughts (consciousness).
The Hermetist has no way of preventing this principle from taking effect. The fact is that they have learned to mitigate its effects on themselves to a certain degree over the years.
Hermetists have learned how to employ this rule rather than being used by it, and they do it successfully. The Hermetic Masters accomplish this by the employment of will and detachment, which results in a state of awareness that is not swayed back and forth like a pendulum but remains stable.
These mental states of man are where we see this rule in action, and it is here that the Hermetic practitioner finds the greatest and most helpful application for this law. The Hermetists use the rule of neutralization to neutralize their own thoughts (consciousness).
The vast majority of mankind is always riding a mental and emotional roller coaster. The goal is to achieve a state of consciousness characterized by divine indifference, even-mindedness, inner serenity, pleasure, happiness that lasts for a long time if not forever, and joyous bliss. The aim is to have a level head regardless of whether you have made a profit or suffered a loss, experienced pleasure or agony, been sick or been healthy, won or lost, received a rejection, or received praise.
When the pendulum swings between these rhythms and polarities, there is a point of neutrality, objectivity, or divine detachment that is not caught up in the pendulum swing. It is what I consider to be the equivalent of using my third sight. Instead of perceiving the matter from the left or right (good or bad), let your conscious observe the issue via your third eye, which provides a detached and higher viewpoint from the standpoint of awareness. The dualism is overcome as a result of this. Your attitude and the direction of your thoughts determine whether you are on an emotional roller coaster or if you are even-minded and filled with unending serenity and happiness.
This is why it is critical to have a thorough knowledge of these ideas. Those that suffer are those who are attached to their beliefs or who have incorrect points of view.

The Principle Of Cause And Effect

In the cosmos, there are no such things as coincidences. There are laws that regulate everything that exists in the cosmos. There are physical laws, emotional laws, mental laws, and spiritual laws, to name a few classifications of laws. Through an awareness of these rules, we may learn to operate in a condition of grace rather than being constantly subjected to karma.
To a certain extent, the Hermetists grasp the technique of rising above the common plane of cause and effect, which they call "ascending."In order to do this, they must ascend to a higher state of awareness and assume their proper roles as masters rather than victims, and as causes rather than effects.
People are dragged along by the environment, the wills and wants of others who are stronger than themselves, inheritance, suggestion, and other external factors that move them around like pieces on the Chessboard of Life."However, when they ascend to the level above, the Masters gain control over their moods, characteristics, traits, and powers, as well as the environment in which they live, and they cease to be pawns and instead become Movers."
The ordinary individual on our planet is a result, not a cause of the problems that exist. In addition, they are influenced and affected by various factors such as: thoughts, feelings and opinions; moods; desires; emotions; appetites; the lower self; other people; biorhythms; the physical body; past lives; subconscious programming; heredity; eugenics; the weather; astrological influences; vital forces; disincarnate spirits; glamour; illusion; fantasy; and the environment, to name a few examples.
The Master rises beyond these things and possesses a great lot of control over them.
Obtaining control over your mind, which will result in mastery over your emotions and wants, as well as mastery over your physical body and cravings, is the key for the majority of individuals on the earth level.
It is the thoughts and pictures that you have in your conscious and subconscious minds that are the fundamental causes of your existence. Through the practice of being utterly watchful, only allowing into your mind thoughts that are beneficial to you (such as those of love, perfection, perfect health, prosperity, joy, unity, and serenity), and no other thoughts, you will be able to create both internally and externally what you desire.
Your ideas are responsible for your reality. Instead of being controlled by your negative ego, your thoughts must be guided by your soul. As soon as these teachings are completely grasped, there is no longer any purpose to continue attending this school known as Earth life, other than to be of service to our brothers and sisters who have not yet mastered these principles.
Create your own cause and manifest your own mastery by using the rules and principles rather than allowing them to control your actions. Without a master, you are a victim of your own circumstances. This is referred to as the law of polarity. Change your polarization by using the power of your mind, as well as the power of your God/Creator-granted freedom of choice.

The Principle Of Gender

The principles of masculine and feminine principles are present in everything; gender reveals itself on all dimensions."
There is a yin and a yang to everything. But, each individual possesses both male and female characteristics on the physical level; however, on the psychological level, each person is androgynous, possessing both male and female traits. Each individual possesses both a left and a right brain.
Moreover, this law applies not just to the physical plane, but also to the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well.
When it comes to spirituality, it is about finding balance and oneness. This was referred to as the "middle way" by Buddha. It is the road that leads to the balance of one's masculine and feminine parts, as well as the balancing of one's heavenly and earthly sides.
The more mastery one achieves, the more this balanced condition becomes habitual, and it will not require as much effort, time, and energy to attempt to maintain it." Knowing thyself" and comprehending the universal principles and balances that govern our existence are the first steps toward achieving this goal.
All seven of the Hermetic Principles are fully operational on all of the many levels of existence, including the physical, mental, and spiritual. The Principle of Mental Substance applies to all planes because all are kept in the Mind of THE ALL, and hence all are subject to it.
"The Infinite Mind of THE ALL is the womb of all universes," says the author of The Secret.
In all things, the Principle of Correspondence presents itself, since there is a correspondence, harmony, and agreement between the many realms of existence. The Principle of Vibration reveals itself on all levels; the very differences that contribute to the formation of the "planes" are caused by the Principle of Vibration.
On each plane, the Principle of Polarity presents itself, with the extremes of the Poles appearing to be diametrically opposed and contradictory. On each Plane, the Principle of Rhythm reveals itself in the movement of the phenomena, which has its own ebb and flow, rise and flow, incoming and exiting characteristics.
On each Plane, the Principle of Cause and Effect presents itself, with every effect having a corresponding cause and every cause having a corresponding effect.
Manifestation of the Principle of Gender occurs on each Plane, with the Creative Energy being continually manifested and acting in accordance with its Masculine and Feminine Aspects on each Plane.
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