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Which Game Should You Play According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Star signs have been a fascination of humans for as long as we’ve been around for. They were a way of noting how connected we are to our universe and one another.

Author:Georgia Ashcroft
Reviewer:Michele Sievert
Jun 22, 202334.7K Shares589K Views
Star signs have been a fascination of humans for as long as we’ve been around for. They were a way of noting how connected we are to our universe and one another.
Although there are sceptics out there when it comes to zodiac signs, there is some persuasive arguments for as well. But could your star sign tell you what game you should play?
We’ve looked into it and found the perfect matches – let’s see if you agree with our choices. And don’t forget to check out which online casinos have a limited-time offerso you don’t miss out on these games.

Zodiac Signs and Their Perfect Game Match


People who fall under the Aquarius star sign are renowned for looking for trouble. They’re always pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. That’s why the perfect casinogame for them is Blackjack.
It’s well known for being the most risky game to play so it seems perfect for these troublemakers. They’re living on the edge and this game will meet them right at the precipice.


Piscesis one of the friendliest signs around. They’re always there to bring a smileto your face and are known to be very supportive friends.
It’s therefore imperative for them to get enough social interaction. Because of this, bingo is the best game they could play online. This is the game at online casinos that always has a chat room going where people can make friends while they play.


Ariesare known for being balls of energy. They’re always on the go and want to know what the next move is. That’s why slot games are the top choice of game for an Aries. It’s a short, sharp game that keeps your pulse racing and matches their fire sign temperament.


Taurus are known to be stubborn and uncompromising – but these aren’t always negative traits. Perseverance is one of the best qualities to have when you’re a gamer. You need to know how to not flake under pressure.
Poker is one of the toughest games when it comes to perseverance, but this is a skill that Taurus can utilise.


Gemini people are known for being curious and super quick learners. This makes them perfect for any new game that has come out. They don’t want to play the same thing all the time, they need excitement.
If the game is music based, that’s even more of a bonus – why not try the Jimi Hendrix themed slot game to start?


Cancers are known for being very intuitive creatures which is why bridge is a great game for them. They like to take their time with things and work out how others operate, both of which are skills that can help them in this game.


Leo might be a fire sign, but these people can be a lazy bunch. They’re not known to be into anything too complicated which is why roulette is the game for them. All you have to dois make one decision and leave the rest to chance.


Virgos can be very analytical and intellectual which is why it’s best for them to play a game like chess. It’s complicated and void of emotion – much like our lovely Virgos are. They can get stuck into this game and try to guess their opponent’s next move. Judging people is one of Virgos favourite pastimes so they’ll have no trouble there.


If there’s one thing a Libra hates, it’s having to make a decision. That’s why they love slot games – there’s no deciding necessary. All they need to do is select the game they want and leave the rest up to fate.


Scorpios are known for being determined and focused on the task in front of them. These are both good traits to have when playing any kind of online game. However, they can also be very manipulative.
Thankfully, there’s a card game called Manipulation Rummy that requires its players to be top manipulators. It’s like it was made with a Scorpio in mind!


Sagittarius people are known for being enthusiastic and ready to change things up at a moment’s notice. This makes Slingo the perfect game for them. It’s exciting, it’s new and it’s full of fun.


Capricornpeople are known for being serious and realistic in their lives and they don’t often make room for fun. They love to have a strategy for everything and to make sure they come out on top.
That’s why poker is the best game for them to play. They can strategize their way to the top and come out victorious at the end – plus they have the best poker face around.
Now you know what game you need to play, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to share with your friends to see if they think their game is accurate.
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Georgia Ashcroft

Georgia Ashcroft

Georgia Ashcroft is a seasoned astrologer and spiritual practitioner with over 5 years of experience. She holds a Master's degree in Physics from Princeton University, enriching her astrological insights with a deep understanding of scientific principles. Georgia's published works encompass insightful analyses of astrological phenomena, including zodiac signs and horoscope interpretations, establishing her as an esteemed figure in astrological circles. Beyond astrology, Georgia is passionate about tarot and regularly incorporates its wisdom into her spiritual practice.
Michele Sievert

Michele Sievert

Michele Sievert is a seasoned expert in astrology and spirituality, boasting over 10 years of experience in these transformative fields. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Astrology from the International Academy of Astrology, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the mystical arts. Michele's insightful guidance has positively impacted numerous individuals, helping them navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose. Her deep understanding and engaging style make her writings a trusted resource for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending moments of tranquility with loved ones, fostering a balanced and fulfilling life.
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