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The 12th House In Astrology

There is always something weird about the twelfth house, and no matter how hard we attempt to describe it, we can be sure that its meaning will slip through our fingers as soon as we begin to believe that we have it under control.

Author:Celeste Pearl
Reviewer:Georgia Ashcroft
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This is a house with the Latin word carcer, which translates as "prison," and it has the ability to truly convert your life into a prison in whatever way you can imagine. The House of Self-Undoing is another name for this structure. The natural progression of our Self passes via that logical sequence of homes, the second house following the first, the third house following the second, and so on.
As soon as we discover that the twelfth house speaks of something completely different, traveling backward from our first house to the twelfth, and directly behind our backs, we have to question ourselves how special it genuinely is and in what manner it is assisting us in our evolutionary process. Or does it make any difference at all?

The 12th House

The 12th house is a cadent house, controlled by the zodiac sign Pisces and the planet Neptune, which is also its ruler. The planet Jupiter was once thought to be the ruling planet of Pisces, and he is still believed to be the co-ruler of this mystical house, even after Neptune was found. It is also referred to as the home of the unconscious, the house of self-undoing, and the house of captivity. Even if it is believed to be one of the most hazardous houses in the world, we must remember that its foundation is directly in the depths of our own minds. As a result, by altering the way our brains operate and repairing our souls, we may be able to completely eliminate the troubles that this home may bring into our reality.
The deepest aspects of our consciousness are housed inside this structure. Things we have inside us but are not aware of, such as the systems underlying our thoughts and behaviors, our subconscious and unconscious, things we have but are not aware of (or prefer to not concentrate on). In this residence, one can discover and work on his or her secret psychological problems, as well as the vulnerabilities that he or she is attempting to keep concealed from the public eye. These flaws are typically manifestations of self-undoing, and if they are not addressed in one's psyche, they will unavoidably strike back at the person in his or her reality. A Mars in the 12th house, for example, will accumulate hidden aggression that will eventually reach a critical point, resulting in either an uncontrolled explosion (possibly toward random people) or an introversive implosion (such as psycho-somatic diseases or a difficult time dealing with one's own self). On average when planets are in the 12th house, it is vital to comprehend the significance of their placement; you will truly comprehend aspects of yourself that are already existing but which you may not be aware of.
The home has a strong connection to Karma, and many of the hardships (and even rewards) that it brings are the result of past or even future lives that have occurred there. It also serves as an open doorway to these former lives; by meditating, praying, and leading a monastic life, you can transmit energy to your other incarnations through this open gate. A significant number of individuals who live a hermetic lifestyle (whether they are monks at a monastery, convicts, or simply lonely people) have planets positioned in their homes as a result. These are often triggered by slow-moving transits that are either temporarily or permanently directing them towards a certain pattern of reality.
The 12th house is also responsible for our dreams, sleeping patterns, and the amount of time we spend sleeping. Psychology, as a scientific discipline, is concerned with the secrets of the 12th house. Also, there are psychicphenomena, clairvoyance, and a slew of paranormal activity, most of which are out of control by the natives. The 8th house governs his conscious fall into other worlds, but the 12th house governs his unconscious skills, which are often uncontrolled till the individual dives deep into his or her own psyche. Furthermore, this is where self-sacrifice and pain, as well as concealed charity, may be found.
It is also the subject of this gloomy home to reveal all that is concealed, including the secrets and skeletons in the closet. Secretive actions, unlawful occupations, illicit affairs, and private papers are all examples of categories that come under the sway of this house. In addition, the home is in charge of the secrets that we can reveal, both inside ourselves and within the collective unconscious of the world. Planets regularly appear in the lives of researchers and innovators, providing them with insights that aid in their discoveries. One can also see his or her secret adversaries from this position, and having malefic planets in the home can reveal a great deal about their or our existence and nature.
A huge number of big animals are governed by the 12th house, in contrast to the 6th house, which governs little domestic animals. People who have malefic planets or planets that receive negative aspects from "malefics" are recommended to avoid being near huge animals since mishaps may occur if they come into contact with them. When benefic planets are in position, on the other hand, the individual may have a great deal of happiness as a result of large animals, or perhaps make a lot of money through a company involving large animals.
Someone who has challenging planets positioned in the 12th house should refrain from using alcoholic beverages and other substances, as these substances may exacerbate the condition and functions of these challenging planets. The home also serves as a visual representation of prenatal circumstances and the baby's experience during the period he spent in his mother's womb. The presence of "Malefics" in the home might suggest problems both during pregnancy and during childbirth.
Finally, the house has jurisdiction over monasteries, asylums, hospitals, jails, rehabilitation facilities, and any other institution that places restrictions on people's freedom. This does not necessarily imply that a native with planets in the 12th house would be imprisoned in such a facility; he may possibly be employed by such a facility. Yet another example may be an artist who spends a significant amount of time alone in order to improve his work, become more inspired, and employ his creativity. There are many different sorts of incarceration to be witnessed here, both willing and unwilling. As a result, during a particularly intense transit, it is frequently preferable to experiment with self-incarceration rather than face the obnoxious effects of the planet.

Which Planet Is Best In 12th House?

It is possible that Venus in the 12th house would signal issues with material aspirations; there may be aberrant or an excessive number of them. There have been some failed personal relationships as a result of a lack of emotional need in the partnership. It is possible to have deviant personal relationships as well.
This Venus may push you to the extremes, causing you to go excessive with material aspirations or forcing you to become a hermit. By being entangled with people, you will either increase your karma or draw closer to Moksh more quickly if you renounce all sensual impulses. Venus is exalted in Pisces, the natural 12th sign of the zodiac, where she is the ruling planet. As a result, a properly situated Venus can facilitate the most intimate contact with one's own interior self, ultimately leading to self-realization.
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