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855 Angel Number - Why This Number Doesn’t Appear To Everyone!

Listening to 855 angel number will improve your relationship with your guardian angel since they will know that you listen and care.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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Our guardian angels guard over us but don’t interfere in our lives unless they have to. Those are usually situations when they need to inform us about something immediately. They might want to give us some advice, suggestions, encouragement, or confirmation, or they might warn us about something.
The angels usually dothat by using subtle methods of communication, through symbols and signs they repeat until we notice them. Let's discover what the 855 Angel numbermeans and how it can affect you.
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855 Numerology Meaning

It can be quite troubling and unsettling if you keep seeing the 855 angel numbereverywhere you go. It is even worse when you don’t know the meaning of the occurrence, and would be forgiven to think it’s karma playing a trick on you.
The truth is, when the number appears naturally, it is not a trick but a message that your guardian angels are trying to put across.
When such signs come to you, it is necessary you examine your life and try and figure out where it applies, and how it is going to affect your fate. Most of the angel messages are sent directly by God, and they aim at steering your life in the right direction or encouraging you to keep working.
Let us break down the number 855 and get the meaning of each component, which will then help us get the real picture of the whole number.
The number 8resembles an inverted infinity sign, which makes the number stand for unending authority, truth, integrity, and power. The number is also directly related to karma, which dictates that every action has a reaction or consequence to it.
The number 5appears twice, which doubles its power, therefore amplifying the power yielded by the number 855.
Number 5 is the sign of new possibilities, the existence of positive life choices that improve our lives, and the opening of one or more doors of possibilities. It also represents a great degree of freedom and unmatched creativity.

What Does The 855 Angel Number Mean Spiritually?

855 angel number meaning
855 angel number meaning
Understanding the meaning of this angel number will take a lot of souls searching with a clear mind.
The number 855 has a close-knit relationship with your professional career, as the source of income.
The number 855 is the angels’ way of whispering to your ear that there are very drastic changes coming into your life. You will need to get out of your cocoon and grab each opportunity by the neck.
The road to your prosperity is always full of distractions, and your angel is telling you to avoid the sideshows and concentrate on the target. These distractions can be social life driven, while others can come from the work environment. (10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction-Less)
Whatever happens in your life has a meaning, and you should stop thinking of the happenings as mere coincidence. They are your stepping stones, whether positive or negative.
Having karmic powers in the number means you need to have high degrees of positivity. Karma dictates justice, that you get what you give, so there will be the need for you to give positivity to the world.
Giving positivity can mean taking part in acts of mercy such as Charity visits, helping out a financially unstable friend or just offering guidance to a child. Nature will reward you for these actions in the long run.
Whether at a high ranking position at work or in the family, you will need to show high levels of dependence, confidence, and authority. Number 855 dictates that you act the part of leadership, that you take up your roles without fear.
The number 855 relates to your career deeply, whether you are in gainful employment, volunteering or self-employed.
Opportunities will start showing up, such as promotions at work, a better pay slip, or new clients starting to come for your product or service. People in volunteering services will start getting donors and people of good will offering to help for no pay.
These opportunities will mean an increased responsibility, which will dictate the longevity of the positive run of good luck.

Seeing 855 Angel Number

It is important you know what to do if you are constantly seeing the 855 angel number. This will improve your relationship with your guardian angel since they will know that you listen and care about their guidance.
It will also make the angels eager to offer their guidance the next time.
855 angel number doreen virtue
855 angel number doreen virtue
If you are seeing this number, it’s a sign that you should make a few changes in your life, with the first one being the readiness for anything new being flung your way.
It would be sad if opportunities came your way and you let them slip because you are not prepared. You will need to have a plan B at your job in case things go against your expectation. This plan will ensure continuity and continued productivity even with different conditions.
Angels don’t send this number to anyone, but only to the strong-willed people, whose personality is flexible enough to accommodate a huge responsibility.
You will need to grow a thicker skin if you lead a team of colleagues or you have employees since there will be tests at every turn. Passing these tests will open new doors for you, and you can trust the realm to not let you down when things get thick.

855 Angel Number Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue’s definition of angel numbersis meant to improve our understanding of what the angels are trying to tell us, thus improving our spirituality.
The number 855 is a forewarning to changes that are about to occur in your life. Most probably, this change is one you have prayed for a long time.
You will need to be prepared physically and mentally for this one, since its coming fast, but you don’t need to worry since the realm only gives you a challenge you can handle.

855 Angel Number Love

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship which you believe is not working for both of you, and then you start seeing the 855 angel number? You don’t need another sign for you to put the relationship to end.
Since the number signifies new beginnings, it also tells you about ending chapters that are not meant to be.
Love flourishes where it is reciprocated, and once you get a compatible partner, this number is urging you to take the relationship a notch higher. It may be getting a child or getting married in Church.
You should embrace romance in your relationship, and this can be enhanced by taking random trips and vacations together, for time alone away from the children. This way you will discover yourself as a lover, and know whether the relationship is working for you or against you.


Your guardian angel is tired of the comfort zone you have curved for yourself and will be sending new challenges your way. Be ready to prove your worth and enjoy the benefits. Check related numbers such as 888 and 8888.

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Priscila on March 20, 2019

I often get numbers since I began noticing them and most of them are 5s. I think I must be doing something wrong cause I won’t stop seeing them but maybe they just have no end. However, if anyone has an idea why this might be I’d love to know.
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