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Angel Number 66 - Start Living A Conscientious And Purposeful Lifestyle

Angel number 66 gives a message of love and compassion. The number asks you to bring harmony in your life with respect to the family, spiritual world.

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Imagine you are having a walk in a park and you see a signboard having an angel number 66posted on it. After a while, you are in the car leaving for the office and you see a bus with a number plate 66. The same day, while leaving out for lunch, you come across a billboard overlooking the downtown city having a phone number comprising the same number combination 66. All these occurrences, on the face value, may seem like happening randomly and the number 66 appearing in it may be considered happening coincidentally, but is it really like that?
No, there is a language of numerologyat play in all other episodes and, for any intuitive person, number 66 appearing constantly in all these episodes is not merely a repetition of a number appearing coincidentally. Rather, it’s an angel number. Basically, an angel number is the number you see on a daily basis without any apparent meaning attached to these sightings.
Every angel number is a whisper from the angelic realm conveyed to us by angels and has a positive or negative side to it. If a person sees any number constantly in his/her life, they should learn about what that number means in the language of numerology and consequently align their life with messages conveyed to him by angels via angel numbers.
So if you see angel number 66 appearing in your life at various places, you should have a clear idea about numerological meaning of angel number 66. This article will help you understand the basic understanding of angel number 66, numerological meaning of number 66 in a literal sense, as well as a plethora of symbolic meanings attributed to this angel number.
Also, the article will enlighten you about the perspective of Doreen Virtuewho is considered to be a wizard of Angel therapy and is considered to be one of the few select people who can “see” and “communicate” with angels including the guardian angels that watch out over all of us”. Also, the meaning of angel number 66 in twin flame relationshipswill also be explored.

Basic Understanding of Angel Number 66

If you come across number 6on a daily basis, you might panic because 6s are often associated with evil. However, angel number 66 is a good thing if it’s appearing in your life. Overall, its appearance in your life means that you are loving and compassionate. You have the ability to get connected with people easily and can live up to your full potential.
It also means that you have either connected with your loved one or are about to come across your beloved in the near future. Angel number 66 appearance in workplaces has also positive meanings attached to it. It means that you need to stay sincere to your passion. And by doing this, you can not only live up to your full potential but can also contribute positively to the overall organization.
Angel number 66 meaning
Angel number 66 meaning
Therefore, the appearance of 6 at the workplace is a message that in order to ensure the positive contribution to the organization of which you are part, you should pay heed to your passions too. Also, it emphasizes family relationships and its message is that, in order to excel in other worldly pursuits, you need to have a strong bond with your family. It also talks about creating harmony between the spiritual world and the material world. (Influence Between the Spiritual World and the Material World)
Overall, angel number 66 gives a message of compassion, empathy, belief in spirituality, belief in oneself, a strong bond with family and being receptive to new ideas.

Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 66

In order to understand Angel number 66 meaningin the literal sense, we need to dissect this number into its constituent digits and find out the meaning of that original digit so as to make a sense of its overall meaning.
So the original digit constituting 66 is 6. 6, in itself, is the most powerful number. In the language of numerology that is spoken in the angelic realm, it stands for maternal archetypal instincts like love, protection, and nurturance. The message of 6 digits is that if you want to be well connected with your twin flame, about which we will be talking about in the later portion of this article, you need to take good care of yourself first. You need to nurture and care for yourself in order to be in a position to give something like this to others. (7 Steps To Nurture Your Inner Self)
Double number like 66 is very significant. It emphasizes the message encrypted in digit 6. Upon reducing the number 66, the digit we get is 3 (6+6=12; 1+2=3). Number 3represents the inner child. It means that if there is an unresolved puzzle left inside you from your past, you need to resolve it now. Otherwise, it will ruin your relationship with the twin flame if you bring it into the relationship without resolving it. So, angel number 66 is an angelic message talking about the resolution of past wounds.
Last but not least is 666. After understanding 6 and 66, it’s easy to understand the message of 666. It stands for archetypal instinctive behaviors in the likes of love, self-care, nurturance, service, and creativity. Thus, angel number 666is a message from the angelic realm to push you for your self-care and that will enable you to care for others.

Symbolic Meanings Attributed To Angel Number 66

Following are symbolic meanings attributed to angel number 66. Their appearance in your life can have different meanings based upon how your life is going on but some of the commonly observed angelic meanings of angel number 66 have been mentioned here below.
Angel number 66 doreen virtue
Angel number 66 doreen virtue
• Angel number 66 gives a message of love and compassion. The number asks you to bring harmony in your life with respect to the family, spiritual world, relationships, self-care, and career pursuits.
• It asks you to focus on domestic life. According to the number, the renewed happiness you will get from staying connected with your loved ones will help you excel in other spheres of life.
• The number asks you to repose your trust in high powers like the spiritual world and believe that angels will help you in figuring out a solution to your problems.
66 angel numberasks you to not repress your emotions and express all your inner wounds so that you can live fully without any part of yourself in repressed form.
• Its message is to love and that can only happen if you love yourself.
• Angel number 66 also implores you to be grateful for what you have and inspire others for living up to their full potential.
• One of its meanings is to be happy and peaceful in your life because through this way, you inspire others in positive ways.
• The number also warns about getting dragged into the clutter of materialistic world so much that you start forgetting how to live in the present. It preaches living in the present.
• Its message is to keep your heart and mind open and believe that the best is yet to come. When you see the number, you are encouraged to visualize your ideal self and keep working for it relentlessly.
• The number could also be telling you that your loved ones are honest with you and love you.
• Its appearance in your life means either you have met your beloved or you are about to meet him/her.
• Yet another one of its messages is to impress upon you that you need to keep a balance between your worldly life and spiritual life.
All in all, the overall message is that you need to follow your heart.
All these are the inner messages that angel number 66 wants to impress upon you in different situations. In order to understand its message, you need to keep yourself receptive and intuitive.

Angel Number 66 According To Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is considered to be one of the renowned names in the field of Angel therapy. Her take on angel number 66 is as follows.
According to her, when you see this number, it means that your thoughts are presently out of balance and dwell too much on material things. When you see the number, it is about time to pause and reorganize your thoughts.
Like the famous “Sermon-on-the-Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.”

Angel Number 66 In Twin Flame Relationships

Twin flame relationship is a relationship that is stronger than the relationship existing between soul mates. The appearance of angel number 66 in twin flame relationships means that you need to be more protective of and loving to your beloved.
But for this to happen, you need to be loving toward yourself first because you can only love your twin flame if you truly love yourself. So, the message of angel number 66 in twin flame relationship is that you need to love yourself first before you love another half of your soul which is your twin flame.

Number 66 and Harmony in Your Life

When you are happy at home, you are happy at work too. When you are feeling safe and loved, all areas of your life are seeing tremendous improvement.
This is the message the Angels are sending to you. Seeing Guardian Angel 66 is a symbol of harmony and love in your domestic life and you should know that lots of love and peace will about to come in your domestic life. You and your loved one will enjoy happiness and love like never before. Your relationship will grow and strengthen like you always dreamed of.
Have faith in what the Angels are telling you and accept from them all the signs that will guide you to your perfect relationship.
Let go of control and start experiencing the miracles of life!


In a nutshell, the angel numbers appearing in our lives are not merely by coincidence rather they are the language of the angelic realm. Angels are around us. They can’t enter our lives without permission only except at the point when we have to depart from this world.
However, they, in subtle ways, guide us about our lives and want to help us to live our lives up to our potential.
They want to help us to reach our best version. If we acknowledge their inner messages and make choices as per their directions, we can have them working for us in all other spheres of our lives. It’s important for all of us to understand the language of numerology in general and angel number 66 in particular if we want our lives up to our full potential.
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