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Angel Number 838 - Tell Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them

Angel number 838 also tells us to praise loved ones more often. It is time for you to tell someone that you love them and sincerely show them how much.

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Seeing 838 Everywhere

In our lives, we go through things in our lives that cause us happiness, joy, pain, sorrow, sadness, just to name a few. We also have signs or omens presented to us in our lives, many times, during very dark periods in our lives. There are many ways that we are shown these signs. One way we are shown is through numbers, particularly, angel numbers. This article will examine the meanings behind the angel number 838.
We will look at its meaning to carry with us in our lives and with love. Angel number 838 is definitely a sign from an angel, simply trying to reach out and tell us something important.

Angel Number 838 Meaning

What does this number mean? If you keep seeing this number somewhere, it pops up in the grocery store, or the clock always says 838 when you look at it, there may be a reason for this. So, what is the meaning behind this 838? If you see angel number 838 everywhere you go, it’s because someone is trying to send you a message.
The message is about love and it’s a supporting message from your angels. The “divine realm” is trying to get you to notice the messages that are being sent to you. You have guardian angels, and these angels are trying to tell you that they are happy with what you’re doing in your life. They support you and all that you door will do in the future. 838 is also directly about someone in your life that you may have been disregarding a lot lately. Your partner in life.
Angel number 838 meaning
Angel number 838 meaning
You may have gotten so busy with your life, that you have forgotten about your partner, and what they are going through, and what they are feeling. Often times, we get so caught up in life that we forget things and forget that our person that is there always, needs some attention too. We need to grateful and appreciative when it comes to our loved ones. (10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude)
You may be disconnecting yourself to your partner because life is taking over. You cannot let this go on any longer, because your partner will only take so much and once, they feel neglected, they’ll take action. So, take a moment to reevaluate some things in your life that are wasting precious moments that you and your partner need together. You will make time for your partner and your guardian angels see it and support this.
When 838 pops up, take notice in that. Look around, think about where you are and what is happening at the time. The number 838 can tell you that your time management needs to be fixed. You have got to manage your time, work, friends, and life better than right now. Do not end up losing sleep, friends, and loved ones because you work too much. Make your schedule for you and your loved one. Do not leave anyone out.
The partner that you have is extremely caring and patience. They understand what you’re going through, and they will support you, but only for so long. You must keep them happy as well or they will get tired and leave. If 838 comes to visit you, this also means that you need to be more considerate of others. Don’t push anyone’s limits. Pay close attention to them. Watch their body language too.
Angel number 838 also tells us to praise loved ones more often. It is time for you to tell someone that you love them and sincerely show them how much. When you are constantly seeing 838 in your life, your guardian angels are telling you that you need to be thoughtful in your life. Apparently, this is something you are not practicing much of these days. You are not praising your partner as much as should or if any at all. This will end badly if you fail to see what you’re doing to the person who is always by your side.
Angel number 838 doreen virtue
Angel number 838 doreen virtue
The guardian angels are telling that you have to be more selfless because right now is a critical point in your life that could go both ways as far as the endings go. It’s all up to you how to plat the relationship with your partner out, but the angels are telling you that you must think about how you’re treating the people around you.
838 Angel Numberis made up by Angel Number 8, Angel Number 3

Angel Number 838 Doreen Virtue

If anyone knows about the angel numbers, it is a famous Numerologist, Doreen Virtue. She has been studying numbers for years, especially the angel numbers and their patterns. Doreen Virtue has been interpreting numbers for a very long time. She has a meaning for each number. Let’s look at the number 8, if you just see 8 alone, this is a sign that there is money coming your way, and a lot of it.
The number 3 alone symbolizes joy, growing, impulsiveness, confident thinking, courage, imagination, individualism, and communication. The number 838 is definitely a message that you will get from your guardian angels to make sure that you are staying along the path that you are on at the moment.
They want you to modify how you treat others on this path, but the path of life is a good one. They just want you to fix a few things on it. The angels also want you to be true to yourself. Help your peers and partner along this journey and teach them some things you know and let them do the same for you.

Angel Number 838 Spiritual Meaning

The number 8 has been called the number of karma. The main premise behind karma is what goes around comes around the type of situation. Karma is also related to spiritualityand cause and effect. For example, when you do nice things for people, one thing these things will come back in the form of something good for you.
If you are constantly being rude to people or hurting someone’s feelings, eventually, something mean or bad will happen to you because of your actions. Many times, when people steal from anyone, karma has a way of taking something of theirs too. 838 tells us to be good to one another because we are all each other has.

Numerology Facts About Number 838

The number 838 combines the attributes and influences of the numbers 8, 3 and the number 1 which is the sum of these three numbers (8 + 3 + 8 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1+ 0 = 1). The number 8 appears twice, which doubles its influence in the energy and symbolism of the number 838.
The number 8 signifies the success of business endeavors, success in general, achievements, karma, giving and receiving, reliability, realism, personal authority, and confidence. It also symbolizes manifesting abundance and wealth.
The number 3 symbolizes creativity, freedom, talents, abilities, gifts, optimism, enthusiasm, manifesting, growth, progress, increase, expansion, joy, happiness, adventure, independence, individuality, travel, and communication.
The number 1 signifies initiative, ambition, new beginnings, new endeavors and new projects, creativity, success, progress, movement forward, achievements, leadership, confidence, determination, and creating your reality through the force of your positive thoughts and beliefs.


Often, when this number appears in your life, it announces expansion occurring in some areas of your life. The Universe asks you to prepare for a new phase in your life. Be grateful to all the people who support you, regardless of how impossible your goals and ideas might seem to them. Say thanks to them, for being in your life and willing to devote themselves and their time, to help you.
Don’t take their acts of sincere help and support for granted just because they are your partners, parents, siblings, friends or other people that are close to you. It is not their duty to help and be there for you, but an act of sincere love and selflessness.
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