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Candles Meaning In Witchcraft - Detailed Guide For Beginners

Candles are such a vital aspect of witchcraft and occult practice that they have formed an entire branch of magic all their own. Candle magick is arguably one of the simplest forms of witchcraft to conduct. Candle magic seeks sympathetic magic by using different colored candles to stand in for the people and objects its spells are intended to affect.

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Candlesare such a vital aspect of witchcraft and occult practice that they have formed an entire branch of magicall their own.
Candle magick is arguably one of the simplest forms of witchcraft to conduct. Candle magic seeks sympathetic magic by using different colored candles to stand in for the people and objects its spells are intended to affect.
Each color stands for distinctive quality, influence, and emotion. Here, we'll examine the fundamentals of candle magic.
Think of the information as a guide rather than a set of rules because each magical tradition or style uniquely interacts with candles.
This is a significant fact because if you don't, you might not understand why different parts of our website tell you to use candles differently.
You unknowingly made your first wish while blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, which was probably your first use of candle magick.
The three tenets of magick-concentration, willpower, and visualization form the foundation of this discipline. You focused on the candles, blew them out quickly, and thought about your wish coming true.
Lighted candles on black metal candle holder
Lighted candles on black metal candle holder

Candles Magic

Candle magic is incorporating candles into rituals and spells for a variety of purposes.
We'll talk about how different colors and scents can be used to achieve particular goals in a moment.
Candles allow us to combine color frequency with fire frequency, according to color therapist Walaa AlMuhaiteeb, who speaks to mbg.
When you combine these two things, you are creating a big frequency exchange and cleanse.
And according to contemporary mystic Imani Quinn, author of AstrologySOS, candle magic is also quite effective for conversing with the universe, guides, and spirits.
You may watch the candle burn and acquire insights, she claims, much like getting a reading. She continues,
With candle magic, you're going to have an intention set. So, candle magiccan help with facilitating manifestation, and it's a ritual practice that allows you to connect with the divine.
A person holding a cattle skull surrounded by squash and candles
A person holding a cattle skull surrounded by squash and candles

Using Candles In Ritual

After choosing a candle, dress or oil it before lighting it. Doing this will create a telepathic connection with the candle itself.
In other words, before lighting the candle, you send your intention into the wax and charge it with your energy and vibrations.
You'll need a natural oil to dress a candle; because grapeseed has no odor, many practitioners choose it.
You could also use special candle magic oils from one of the shops that sell metaphysical supplies. Rub the oil down to the middle of the candle, starting at the top.
After that, start at the candle's base and rub the oil up toward the center, stopping where you started.
Some cultures dothe anointing the exact opposite way, starting in the middle and working their way out to the ends.
If the work requires the use of herbs as well, roll the oiled candle in the dried herbs until it is completely covered. However, it's critical to keep in mind that a candle is merely a tool.
It is not inherently magical but a way to create magic using the element of fire to set one's intention into motion.
Candles need to be spiritually cleansed before they may be used in a spell, much like other instruments used with magical intent.
A piece of colored paper that complements the purpose of your candle is used in the most basic type of candle magic. Write down your aim on the piece of paper after you've decided what it is.
If you were to perform a money ritual, you would write down your intention, such as "I will flourish financially."
In some cultures, you might write down your objective using a magical alphabet like Theban or Enochian.
This is a financial-focused activity, so choose either a gold or green sheet of paper and a candle of the same color. While you write it down, visualize yourself accomplishing your goal.
Consider the various ways in which your goal might materialize, such as by receiving a promotion at work.
The person who owes you money may suddenly show up to pay you back. You can also receive a sizable tax return check!
After you've written your objective on the paper, fold it, keeping your intention in mind the entire time.
Some folks choose to utter a little invocation while doing this. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Place a folded corner of the paper into the flame of the candle and watch it burn.
The paper should be held for as long as you can without getting burned, and then it should be placed in a fire-safe bowl or cauldron to finish burning on its own.
Let the candle burn down. Instead of preserving the candle to be used again, throw it away after it has melted.
Usually, all that's left of a candle is a stub of wax, which you can either bury outside or get rid of however you like.

Candle Magic For Divination

Red and gold baubles on white and black floral textile
Red and gold baubles on white and black floral textile
Candles are employed in some magical traditions as a kind of divination. Reading the wax and observing how the candle burns are the two most popular techniques for candle divination.
To make a prediction based on how a candle burns, you must watch how it burns, including how high it gets, how fast it flickers, and how many flames it has. Two flames could indicate assistance from the afterlife in achieving your objective.
You might be able to determine the potency of your spell just by looking at the colors of the flame. However, there is no agreement on what these indications signify.
While some practitioners hold that a candle that burns tall strongly indicates that one's request will be granted, others draw attention to the fact that the wick's length and quality, as well as an air vent, can affect how the candle burns. Prioritize your intention over the candle's burning process.

Analyzing The Flame From The Candle

A large flame, as you might expect, indicates that the reading is extremely energizing. If it's modest, it can be a sign that you're experiencing a "slow burn" problem that will take some time to resolve.
This also applies to how quickly your candle burns. There aren't many energy blocks or restrictive belief systems if a candle burns quickly and cleanly.
It may take a while to burn, which indicates that you are overcoming several obstacles to achieve your purpose.
If the candle burns black on the transparent glass, it also indicates that you need to work through a lot of energy and belief systems to achieve your intention.
(Always use a long candle lighter and light it from above to prevent this from happening; just be careful not to confuse this with the black on the glass left from your lighter.)
Also, pay attention to the wax. Wax tunneling, also known as resistance, can happen when you encounter obstacles or "stuckness" on the road to your objective.
Finally, pay attention to the candle wick as well. If it begins to split or if you observe it going in a particular direction.
Purple and white heart shaped stones
Purple and white heart shaped stones

How To Charge A Candle?

A candle is charged when the magical intention is infused into it. Your intention spreads out into all four elements and the heavenly realm through a charged candle, filling your personal space with it.
Ritual candles are selected based on their color correspondences and are then carved, "dressed," or anointed with unique oils selected for their specific energy.
Once your objective has been made clear, purify your candles by letting them travel through sage or incense smoke. Carve a symbol into the wax to give your candle more energy.
You can use a lit match to warm the tip of your ritual knife before carving your entire intention into the candle wax.
As you inscribe the necessary magical words onto the candle, you are infusing it with energy as well as the intention and hope of your spell.
I have used and watched several very effective examples of this in circle meetings, such as: "Healing for my buddy who is in the hospital; she will recover with renewed and increased health."
In the upcoming season, new true love will enter our lives. Blessed be. The next step is to "dress" your candle with a particular oil.
Every essential oil possesses a power that originates from the plants and flowers that were used to create it.
To improve mental clarity, you can anoint yourself with oils at the third eye or the crown of your head.
By using the natural properties of essential oils, you can increase and multiply the energies of your tool and yourself, in this case, the candle, by anointing both.
Essential oils are very concentrated extracts of flowers, herbs, roots, or resin that are sometimes mixed with a neutral base oil.
Make an effort to only use natural oils; synthetic perfume oils are made with chemicals and lack true energy. Be cautious when handling oils and avoid getting them in your eyes.
For handling delicate items, it's a good idea to keep a pair of clean cotton gloves in your witch's kitchen. You can avoid any Use of oil droppers to clean up the mess and save your magical equipment.
Use essential oils sparingly throughout the first trimester of pregnancy and get the advice of an aromatherapist if you decide to use them later on.
Find a reliable herbalist at your neighborhood metaphysical store; they frequently have a wealth of useful information to share.

How to Preform Candle Magic! Spell Candle Basics!

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Magic Candles are another name for relighting candles.

What Is The Meaning Of Burning Candles?

Candle-burning magic symbolizes mystery, romance, security, warmth, hope, and desire.

What Is The Meaning Of Different Colors Of Candles?

Candles that are crimson or deep red symbolize passion, vigor, love, lust, relationships, sex, and courage thus every color of candle has a unique message.


Concentrate on the aura of the candles (the light that surrounds the flame) and imagine it expanding until it fills the space. After that, visualize it spreading out into the cosmos and sending a signal to bring your intention to you.
Keep this image in your memory for as long as you can. Blow out the candle when you feel your focus slipping or when you begin to get sidetracked.
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