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Christian Astrologer On The Age Of Aquarius

What is a christian astrologer on the age of aquarius? The world is undergoing a spiritual metamorphosis. More individuals are open to alternative teachings and questioning religious systems and beliefs passed down from generation to generation.

Author:Celeste Pearl
Reviewer:Georgia Ashcroft
Aug 15, 2022
What is a christian astrologer on the age of aquarius? The world is undergoing a spiritual metamorphosis. More individuals are open to alternative teachings and questioning religious systems and beliefs passed down from generation to generation.
A significant number of Christiansbelieve that we are currently living in the "end times" and that the return of Christ is drawing ever closer.
The media never stops showing us images of earthquakes, starvation, and warfare. Is this a moment in history that will never be repeated, or are we simply more aware than we were before?
These kinds of natural disasters have always occurred, but in this period of history, we are much more aware of the impact they can have on our lives.
There are hundreds of books that have been written to inspire this teaching, such as the Left Behind series.
This series focuses on the fact that one day all of Christ's followers will be taken off earth physically, which is also known as the rapture, and will disappear, while the others are left behind to survive on earth.
There are hundreds of books that have been written to inspire this teaching. Are we currently living in the age that Jesus prophesied would herald the return of the Messiah?

What Is Aquarius?

Christian astrologer on the age of Aquarius is the idea of is based on astrological and new age ideas about the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac.
A brief look at the astrological symbols for Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius can help one comprehend current new-age thoughts on the subject more fully. 4.
The 11th of the 12 constellations, Aquarius, is designated as the 11th Zodiac sign and is represented by the Water-Bearer, a man who is pouring water from an urn or pitcher.
The four elements of earth, water, fire, and air are used to categorize the twelve signs. Despite being referred to as the sign of the Water-Bearer, Aquarius is an air sign, making it a mental sign.
As opposed to the characteristics of a cardinal (initiating) or mutable sign, Aquarius is a fixed sign (dissolving). It happens in the middle of its season, making it more focused and unyielding overall.
Due to its placement in the final zodiac quadrant, Aquarius is linked to groups, organizations, large-scale businesses (both societal and global), humanitarian causes, creativity, and group identity.
The characteristics of creativity, dismantling structures, revolt, visionary aims, new technology, equality, and common good are infused into Aquarius through its ruling planet, Uranus.
Saturn, who is now regarded as co-ruler with Uranus, was Aquarius' ruling planet before Uranus was discovered in the 18th century, giving Aquarius aspects that are frigid and unyielding as well.
These characteristics are founded on an astrological worldview, which draws inspiration from Carl Jung and psychology as well as traditional and modern astrology.
Phases Of The Moon
Phases Of The Moon

Age Of Aquarius

Few modern ironies are more dramatic than a generation's involvement in the occult to the tune of millions of dollars while claiming to be the most sophisticated in other areas.
One is prompted to explore deeper explanations for this perplexing dichotomy in contemporary life by the emergence of mystic systems in an age of electronic circuitry and the allure that astrology retains for the avant-garde.
It appears to have become a status symbol for rock bands to have an astrologer-psychicin their entourage since it was revealed that the cast of the rock musical Hair featured an astrologer.
More significantly, Hair has a song that celebrates the Aquarian Age's arrival. It appears that this mania may displace Scientology as the subject of the psychiccommunity's curiosity. It undoubtedly reflects changing mentalities.
Let no one imagine that the Aquarian Age's motif is just silly or outlandish to its followers. There is strong evidence that many of the people responsible for creating modern pop culture take the classification of history into periods governed by zodiacal signs quite seriously.
The historical philosophy here is rough as follows:The Age of Aries, represented by a ram and considered to depict God the Creator, spanned 2,000years and ended with the beginning of the Christian era.
The Age of Pisces, which spans the next 2,000 years, is represented by the fish and is known as the Age of Sorrows.
It is signified by Christ's death and is characterized by dissolution, with water (tears) acting as its solvent.
According to one idea, the Age of Aquarius, which has variously been estimated to have started in 1904, 1933, or more recently, is now entering its dawn.
Air is the symbol of the Aquarian Age, which is thought to represent a fresh spiritual beginning.

A New Age Of The Holy Breath With The Paraclete And Aquarius

The beginning of the Aquarian (the one carrying the water pitcher) Age was stated in the gospel as follows:
"And then the man carrying the pitcher will go across an arc of heaven." In the eastern sky, the Son of Man's signet is visible.
The wise will then raise their heads and see that earth's redemption is drawing near. (157.29, 30.) And the footnote that accompanied it stated:
"More and more people will endeavor to understand the spirit of the Gospel rather than just obeying its word from the beginning of this age, i.e., from this point on.
" Mankind will surely be in the Aquarian Age when the majority of the population has been affected by the spirit to which this book contributes. The Aquarian Gospel was given its current name for this reason.
A Person Reading a Bible
A Person Reading a Bible

The Age Of Aquarius Meaning In The Bible

The foundation for astrology was set in ancient times, during the Babylonian era, when zodiac signswere identified by actual constellations of stars in the sky.
The same constellations that the Sun passes through each year were noted by early astronomers.
During the springtime, the Sun's path crosses the Aries constellation. Additionally, throughout the autumn, the Sun's path crosses the Libra constellation. The beginning of an astrological year occurs at the vernal equinox.
The vernal equinox happened in the constellation of Aries when the Babylonians calculated the Zodiac in the past.
The spring equinox fell in the constellation of Pisces during the time of Jesus Christ's birth, which also marked the start of AD.
Astrologers also note that the vernal equinox started to occur in the constellation of the Aquarius era in the year 2000 A.D.
Because we are currently living in the Age of Aquarius, it is unclear exactly when it started.
However, the most widely held opinion is that it did so somewhere in the 1990s or possibly at the start of the 21st century.

The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

We must take cues from the Aquarius zodiac signif we are to understand what to anticipate from the coming Age of Aquarius.
The Aquarian era stands for notions of expansion and progress, as well as fraternity and unity.
Modern astrologers believe that in the future, the idea of distinct nations will become obsolete and that instead of being divided into several nations, humanity will unite as one race.
Astrologers have projected that within the next two thousand years or so, humanity will succeed in achieving its objective of world peace.
But right now, this concept seems like a pipe dream. In truth, the Aquarius Age began on the wrong foot in the first place, with people and nations in conflict with one another.
There have been many kinds of wars and conflicts, from the major ones (like the most recent one between the United States and Iraq) to the civil and cold wars, to bombings and internal confrontations.
Widespread terrorism, which is mainly thought to be a by-product of Islamic extremism, is the second most hazardous phenomenon the world has seen since the beginning of the Aquarius Age.
The truth, however, is that a much larger and wider network, which includes the wealthy and so-called advanced countries and continents, is responsible for this horrible action rather than just the adherents or promoters of one religion.
In addition, for a variety of reasons, there has been a sharp rise in human hostility and resentment, which has contributed to unrest, the Cold War, political turmoil, and even war.
Smaller nations and previously undiscovered (because of these factors) regions of the globe, including Gaza, Israel, Bali, Ukraine, Syria, Rwanda, Egypt, Kyiv, Somalia, and countless others, have been drawn into, bombed, or left to struggle in all these deadly circumstances.
Knowing what to anticipate from a career and business is particularly important because they play such a big part in our current society.
Click Of Beautiful Galaxy
Click Of Beautiful Galaxy

Age Of Aquarius Spiritual Meaning

In actuality, the globe is split in two today: The rest of the world and terrorism/destruction. The perpetrators of terrorist acts donot practice any religion; in fact, they have no religion at all.
Instead, they seek to cause as much havoc as possible to attract attention, find a location to continue their destructive deeds, and continue to exist until they vanish from the face of the earth.
Greed, violence, immorality, and mass murder of people who follow a specific race or religion are just some of the sins that sin in the world.
The unequal distribution of wealth among all individuals is another problem in the world. On top of that, a significant portion of the world's population experiences hunger, poverty, and unemployment.
And many of these individuals lack the financial means to cover their basic needs, including housing, food, and access to healthcare.
People are more divided, irritated, and furious as a result of the starkly widening wealth gap and the resulting economic unrest.
However, this is only the start. And, before a significant shift, there is always conflict, challenge, and struggle at least, that's how the world works and how the idea of evolution works.
According to the enormous amount of time that astrology allows to age, this is just the start of the Age of Aquarius.
Things will soon become so clear that a rebellion will erupt indeed, it has already begun! People will be forced to change their ways to survive once everyone, including the so-called Super Powers, realizes that their current way of life and leadership is leading them to their demise.
The beginning of the Aquarian Age is the Sign of Humanity, with the entire global human race as its focal point.
Thus, various efforts to improve the world may be made in the future during the Age of Aquarius.
Nations and groups may realize that to advance their interests, they must cooperate towards a common goal.
The eradication of diseases, poverty, ignorance, lack of education, mistreatment of children and women, gender inequity, infant malnutrition, and other ills may also make significant progress.
A child born under the sign of Aquarius will be sincere and obedient, but will also seek a lot of freedom in life. For more information, read about how an Aquarius child will interact with you.

Astrological Ages And The Age Of Aquarius

The average astrological age, according to astrologers, is 2,150 years. There are numerous different ideas and methods for calculating it.
While some astrologers think that the ages have an impact on humanity, others think that they are related to the rise and fall of powerful civilizations and reveal cultural patterns. It is thought that the Age of Pisces was inaugurated by Jesus and Christianity.
The fish, the astrological sign of Pisces, is connected to Christianity and was once utilized by Christians to covertly identify themselves. Jesus was known for using fish as a metaphor and referring to himself as the "Fisher of Men."
Pisces usually rules faith, sacrifice, compassion, and other people's needs. All of these things were powerful in the Piscean Age, which also saw the founding of one of the world's biggest religions.
Close-Up Shot of a Gemstone
Close-Up Shot of a Gemstone

Opening The Mind And Heart

Many individuals say that the present is a time of uncertainty and gloom. The energy of change is tied to the uneasiness that many of us experience. Humans struggle with change, and it takes them time to acclimate.
The globe has seen a great deal of technological and spiritual transformation. The speed of these developments was startling.
The Aquarian Age is about to begin or has already begun. In any case, it is the perfect time for all of us to start thinking critically about our beliefs and to be open to the wisdom of Christ and the great religions.
Instead of concentrating on who is right and wrong and which religion is true or incorrect, it is now important for society to join together and support one another.
Now is the moment to practice what Christ taught. "Take up your cross and follow me," he commanded.
Christ intended us to "follow the road" and emulate him, not only debate the merits of our positions.
He urged us to follow the example he set by forgiving, loving our neighbors, accepting people for who they are regardless of their financial condition, and cooperating in harmony.
The Aquarian Age is all about that. We should all continue to channel this Aquarian energy by asking questions and examining Christ's teachings from all angles, rather than just accepting what is said to us.

Science Behind Age Of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is all about enlightenment and symbolizes the fusion of spiritualityand science.
Religion and science must collaborate more than ever to develop better medical advancements and technology that will benefit humanity.
Instead of arguing over the "creation theory," we may now use science to support religion and God.
There are numerous publications written by scientists today that demonstrate the existence of a soul residing in the body, including What the Bleep Do We Know?
A lot of research is being done to show the connection between feelings, meditation, prayer, healing, and physical ailments.
There is evidence that our thoughts are powerful and can create illness in the physical body. These are the benefits of living in the Aquarian Age.
Holy Bible on Stand
Holy Bible on Stand

The Waterbearer In The Bible

Due to a cuspal impact or orb of influence, some astrologers think that the New Age occurs before the Aquarian Age does.
Other astrologers think that we are now living in the Age of Aquarius and that the advent of Aquarian events heralds its actual arrival.
"A man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the home where he enters," said Jesus, heralding the Age of Aquarius in Luke 22:10.
Aquarius is one of the fixed signs of the zodiac and has been referred to throughout history as the "water-bearer." In the Book of Revelation, the face of a man represents Aquarius.
Since ancient times, a man carrying a water jug has been used to represent Aquarius. Jesus' instruction to "follow the water-bearer" is intriguing.
Jesus was urging his followers to enter the house he entered and to follow the Aquarian Age, which may imply that he was assisting us in getting ready for the future by advising us to do so.
Jesus was giving the disciples information and warnings about this important time in history so that they would be ready for it.

People Also Ask

What Is The Aquarius?

The concept of the age of Aquarius is based on astrological and New Age theories regarding the traits of the zodiac signs.

What Is The Age Of Aquarius In The Bible?

When zodiac signs were recognized by actual constellations of stars in the sky during the Babylonian era, according to the Bible, the foundation for the age of Aquarius was laid.

What Is The Astrological Ages Of Age Of Aquarius?

Astrologers estimate that the average astrological age is 2,150 years. There are many different theories and approaches to calculating it.


Christian astrologer on the age of Aquarius focuses on astrological and new age ideas about which signs of the zodiac have certain characteristics
Regarding the current spiritual crisis that is affecting humanity, there are many diverse points of view and ideologies.
People are changing, growing, and expanding their horizons. Christians are becoming more skeptical and seeking explanations for both the suffering in the world and the deaths in their own families.
Christians are reporting an increase in inexplicable psychic encounters that they are unable to explain using their religious principles.
People are in pain and looking for explanations for their own experiences; many are resorting to "new age" beliefs.
Medical technology is outdated, and the treatment we are receiving frequently does not improve our health but rather makes it worse.
To treat their medical concerns, many people are turning to alternative therapies such as visiting chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture experts, energy healers, and new-age practitioners.
To help humanity survive in these difficult times, we must question, explore information, deepen our spirituality, and concentrate on technological advancements.
There are many different perspectives on when the "Age of Aquarius" began, and some people think that we are currently living in it.
We are all experiencing a high level of energy right now, but what exactly are we feeling?
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