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Crystal Biblical Meaning - What Does It Represent?

In Revelation 4:6, 21:11, and 22:1, the word 'crystal' is used in Bible. Crystal is the purest variety of quartz and a stone of the flint order. So, what is the crystal Biblical meaning?

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In Revelation 4:6, 21:11, and 22:1, the word 'crystal' is used in Bible. Crystal is the purest variety of quartz and a stone of the flint order. So, what is the crystal Biblical meaning?
Many people are fascinated by crystals, believing that they have mystical powers that can be used for healing. Some people think that crystals might promote spiritual development and alter one's perspective on life. Is it OK to actively engage in crystal power and healing? What advice does the Bible provide on this subject?
Crystals are undoubtedly wonderful things since God made them. The New Jerusalem, God's majestic celestial metropolis, will have crystal construction in some areas. In the Bible, specifically in Revelation 21:11 and 18-20 NIV.
It's crucial to keep in mind that most professionals who advocate crystal healing are active in the occult while assessing if utilizing crystals for treatment is appropriate. The definition of the occult is "hidden."
The study and use of supernatural forces, abilities, and events that are typically imperceptible to the five physical senses and are widely regarded as outside the purview of conventional scientific investigation are the focus of occultism.
Occultists hold that mysterious, unseen forces permeate both human beings and the environment in which we live. They think that "holy stones," like crystals and other talismans, may focus and guide these energies in order to bring about both bodily healing and spiritual enlightenment.
Other mystical activities such as astrology, numerology, divination, tarot cards, psychichealing, mediumship, spirit channeling, Eastern religions, ritual magic, and sorcery are also connected to occultism in addition to the connection with crystal power.

Meaning Of Crystal In Bible

The term "rock-crystal" or "crystallized quartz" is most likely intended for crystal Biblical meaning in the English translations of the Bible. The Greeks referred to this as "ice," or krustallos, and thought that it was created from water by extremely cold temperatures.
So either "crystal" (EV) or "ice" (Greek, krustallos) fits the context in Revelation 4:6, 21:11, and 22:1. In the same way, the word translated as "crystal" in Ezekiel 1:22 (qerach) is unclear (the Revised Version, margin "ice").
The context of Job 28:17 favors the word "crystal" in the King James Version over the word "glass" in the Revised Version (zekhukhith).
Finally, in Job 28:18, the Revised Version (British and American) reads "crystal" whereas the King James Version reads "pearls" (Hebrew gabhish); despite the parallelism that the King James Version suggests, the Revised Version (British and American) is the more reliable translation.

People Also Ask

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of The Name Crystal?

The biblical meaning of the name crystal is "clear, unblemished".

Where Is Crystals Mentioned In The Bible?

Crystals are mentioned in the Bible in the Apoc., iv, 6; xxi, 11; xxii, 1.

What Crystals Are Named In The Bible?

At least 22 gemstones are mentioned by name in the Bible. These include agate, amethyst, beryl, carbuncle, chrysolite, chrysoprase, coral, crystal, diamond, emerald, jacinth, jasper, ligure, onyx, ruby, sapphire, sardius, sardonyx, and topaz.

Is The Name Crystal In The Bible?

Yes. The 12 stones in the book of Revelation are the inspiration for this name.


The Bible mentions crystals as one of God's many exquisite creations. The New Jerusalem, God's heavenly city, is described as dazzling "like a precious stone, like jasper as bright as crystal" and radiating "with the glory of God" in Revelation 21:9-27. (verse 11). Job 28:18 says that wisdom is considerably more precious than precious stones and crystals.
Crystal Biblical meaning is nearly translucent quartz, both literally and metaphorically. Crystal is frequently equated to water in the New Testament: "Before the throne was as it were a sea of glass, like crystal."
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