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The Difficulties Of Combining Motherhood With A Small Child And Study

Motherhood is hectic, whether you are bringing up one kid or several of them. On their part, studies require all your time and dedication, resulting in a lot of stress and anxiety. Combining the two gives you one of the toughest experiences in life.

Author:Kelly Hayes
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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Motherhoodis hectic, whether you are bringing up one kid or several of them. On their part, studies require all your time and dedication, resulting in a lot of stress and anxiety. Combining the two gives you one of the toughest experiences in life.
Motherhood while studying requires you to split your time between class and the baby coat. Your tutor or the department will not understand that you have a child to care for when you miss the deadline. The child will also cry and demand attention on the day you have had the toughest experience in class. Such situations highlight the difficulties of combining motherhood and studies. Here are the challenges you can expect when caring for a small child and attending school at the same time as well as the solutions to consider.


Class sessions will occupy most of your time during the day on weekdays. In the evening, the child will want to spend time bonding with the mother. Donot panic. Visit Assignment Geekfor all the help you need with homework to allow you to commit enough time to your studies.
Balancing time between child care and class will help you to achieve both goals. Develop a routine that allocates enough time to each of these important tasks. Use homework planners and diary apps to plan your day. Identify priorities when caring for the child and when you need to go to class. With better time management, you can safely juggle between class and the baby coat.


The thought of a crying baby back in the house will take away your concentration. On the other end, a pending assignment could cause you to neglect the baby. You fail to pay full attention to the child and at the same time do not concentrate in class.
Concentrating in class makes it easier to complete assignments and revise for exams. The child will also pick the positive vibes if you give him full attention. The best solution is to develop a routine. Know when the child sleeps and use the hours to study. Organize a babysitter at times when you need to be in class. Once you know the child is in safe hands, you can fully concentrate on your class.


Combining motherhood and studies means that you will be running from class to the house. At a time when your peers are relaxing after class, you will be taking care of the child. Reduced rest hours will result in fatigue and could lead to both physical as well as a mental breakdown. You will soon run out of energy to study or take care of your child.
Develop a routine that allows you to spend sufficient time on studies and caring for the child while still sparing a few moments to relax. Getting homework help to reduce the hours you will be sited at the table working on assignments. Engage a babysitter once in a while to rest. Balancing motherhood and studiesrequires a lot of sacrifices. You can resume an active social life when the child is grown.


The child requires food, clothing, a decent home, and other necessities. You also need to buy school items like books or the gadgets you need like computers and a good mobile phone. However, students face the challenge of limited resources. Take a part-time job to increase your liquidity. You may also start a business. Apply for scholarships and grants that will increase the money at your disposal.
The difficult job of balancing motherhood and studies requires a lot of planning. Get help with homework as well as babysitting to create more time for personal care. Reorganize your life to help you fulfill your most basic responsibilities while still achieving the double goals of motherhood and good grades.
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