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Do You Have A Bad Luck Number? Unlucky Numbers From Around The Globe Revealed

People will change their trip plans, postpone purchases, or spend their life savings on lottery tickets based on little more than a narrative, the origin of which is often unknown. Do you know how these numerals got their names or do you have a bad luck number? Continue reading to discover some of the most common numerical superstitions.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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Although numerical superstitions may appear to be nothing more than fantastic stories concocted by desperate people, they affect nearly every aspect of life and have spread far beyond the gaming sector. These so-called fortunate or bad attributes given to numbers, whether inspired by biblical accounts or ancient people's folklore, have actual value for many people.
People will change their trip plans, postpone purchases, or spend their life savings on lottery tickets based on little more than a narrative, the origin of which is often unknown. Doyou know how these numerals got their names or do you have a bad luck number?Continue reading to discover some of the most common numerical superstitions.

Unlucky Numbers In The World

If you reside in the West, you've probably been to a skyscraper without a 13th level or flown on a plane without a 13th row. In fact, you generally don't think about how frequently these numbers are skipped in your own culture, but you might be astonished to see the digits 4, 9, or 17 removed when going overseas.
Superstitions occur in many places in the world, but the numbers linked with ill or good luckvary greatly from one location to the next. While residents in a specific market are familiar with this type of information, newcomers are unfamiliar with it. As a result, when entering a new market, corporations frequently make inadvertent numerical and cultural errors. So coming to the point, let’s discuss some of the most unlucky numbersaround the world.
Man lighting a cigarette
Man lighting a cigarette

Unlucky Number 4

Because the number 4 sounds a lot like the word "death" in Mandarin and Japanese, it is considered unlucky. Therefore, Chinese structures rarely have a fourth level (just as American buildings sometimes skip the 13th).
Similarly, Chinese drivers avoid using license plates ending with the number 4. Whereas American drivers have little control over their license numbers unless they choose a vanity plate, Chinese drivers appear to have a wide range of alternatives with randomly generated numbers. Many people choose a plate that doesn't have any fours on it if at all feasible; if that's not possible, they'll at least choose one that doesn't end in the fatal digit.

Unlucky Number 7

Although 7 is regarded as auspicious in many nations in the west, it is considered unlucky in the east, notably in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. This is because the seventh month is known as the "ghost month." This is the month when hell opens its gates and spirits might come to see us on Earth.

Unlucky Number 8

Because the number 8 is associated with Saturn or Shani, it is frequently associated with doom and gloom. The number 8 has long been misinterpreted and connected with ill-fortune. In Chinese culture, however, the number eight is considered the luckiest. For some, the number 8 represents a fresh start and a new order.
It is considered unlucky in India. As previously stated, it is thought to be linked to Saturn's three stars, or 'Shani.' It is supposed to be a relationship and peace breaker, and numerous natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and terror attacks, have occurred on the 8th or on dates associated with the number 8, bolstering this belief.
As a result, whether you think of the number 8 as a troublesome digit or a symbol of riches is entirely dependent on your perspective and beliefs.

Unlucky Number 9

In most cultures, the number nine is seen as auspicious. In Japan, however, the number nine, pronounced "Ku", is considered bad since the Japanese term for nine sounds like agony and misery.

Unlucky Number 13

The number 13 is by far the most unfortunate number in the world, especially in the West. Many people believe that the Bible is to blame for the number 13's ill fate. Judas Iscariot, Jesus' betrayer, is supposed to have been the 13th guest at the Last Supper. Even today, it's considered bad to sit at a dining table with 13 people, so some people put a teddy bear in one of the seats to bring the total to 14.
In Norse mythology, the 13th guest, Loki, wrecked a gods' dinner party by causing the world to be thrown into darkness. The belief appears to have persisted. Some hotels will not offer room 13, and many big structures will not have a 13th level, jumping directly from 12 to 14. Some airlines also refuse to allow passengers to sit in row 13 on their aircraft.

Unlucky Number 17

Some Italians are afraid of Friday the 17th because the Roman numeral XVII may be rearranged to form the phrase "VIXI," which means "my life is over" in Latin.

39 Unlucky Number

In Afghanistan, the number 39 has a negative rep. According to an NPR story, "Many Afghans claim the number 39 translates to morda-gow, which implies' dead cow' but is also a well-known slang word for a procurer of prostitutes—a pimp," according to an NPR story. As a result, when Afghans see a car with the number 39 on the licence plate, they flee.

Unlucky Number 666

Because it is considered the number of the beast (the devil), it is a well-known number among Christian countries. This is because it is mentioned by John in the Bible and is consequently considered unfortunate by Christians. Scholars recently believe that the number was mistranslated in the King James Bible and that the correct number is 616 in some of the old bibles, although the controversy continues.

What Is The Unluckiest Number In The Universe?

The unfortunate character of the number "13" stems from a Norse tale about 12 gods attending a supper party in Valhalla, according to folklore expert Donald Dossey. The uninvited deity Loki entered as the 13th guest, arranging for Hör to kill Balder with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.

What Are The Most Evil Numbers?

1,000,000,000,000,066,600,000,000,000,001 is the precise number. If you don't notice it straight away, this so-called hellish number consists of one followed by 13 zeroes, the dreaded Beast's number (666), followed by another 13 zeroes, and a trailing one.



Have any unfortunate numbers from throughout the world escaped our list of the most unlucky numbers? Or do you have a bad luck number?
There are definitely more numbers that signify various meanings out there. As you can see, numerals may symbolise various things in different cultures, so don't be too superstitious about them.
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