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False Twin Flames - Most Challenging Part Of Your Spiritual Journey

Most people refer to their twin flame relationship as their "soulmate" relationship. You can have many soulmates in your lifetime, but only one twin flame. Because of this, there are false twin flames relationships that you may meet in life.

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Aug 26, 2022222 Shares3K Views
Most people refer to their twin flamerelationship as their "soulmate" relationship.
You can have many soulmates in your lifetime, but only one twin flame.
Because of this, there are false twin flamesrelationships that you may meet in life.
This is what happens when we meet someone who appears to be our perfect match but is really there to assist us in identifying and then clearing karma and patterning.
False twin flames occurred in order for us to be prepared for the real thing.
In this article, we will further discuss the meaning of the False Twin Flames' relationship and signs to identify it.

False Twin Flames Relationship Meaning

A woman holding a broken heart shaped paper with words False Twin Flames Relationship Meaning
A woman holding a broken heart shaped paper with words False Twin Flames Relationship Meaning
When you find your twin flame, you will have an experience unlike any other.
This is a person you will love more deeply and passionately than you could have imagined, and they will feel the same way about you.
But be cautious. You're bound to come across some false twins on your quest to find your true twin flame.
You may believe they are your true flame at first, but their inconsistencies, lack of commitment, and lack of support will cause you to doubt them.
A false twin flame is someone who appears to be your twin flame but is not.
A twin flame is someone who has a personality that is similar to yours.
You may share some of the same characteristics, flaws, and expectations.
In the case of a false one, an individual appears to be compatible with you at first, but as you get to know them better, you discover that this is not the case.
This can be difficult especially if you have a strong desire to meet your twin flame.
False twin flames may resemble true twin flames in appearance, behavior, and energy.
But something will always feel off in a relationship with your false twin flames.
Your false twin may have a soul connection, but it is not a twin flame soul connection.
These relationships are intense and can involve intense feelings of love and passion, which may lead you to believe it's your twin flame.
When it comes to false twin flame characteristics, it's possible that your false flame will resemble your true twin flame once you meet that person.
They may have similar characteristics or exhibit some of the same behaviors.

Signs Of False Twin Flames Relationships

FALSE Twin Flame Signs ⎮False Twin Flame vs. True Twin Flame - How to Identify False Twin Flame

False twin flame relationshipscan be one of the most difficult and painful aspects of your spiritual journey.
You believe you have met your twin flame, have fallen head over heels in love, and have begun an incredible relationship that seems to last forever.
Then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything falls apart. Your partner ends the relationship and tells you that you are not the right person for them.
Here are some False Twin Flame relationship signs to help you distinguish between a False Twin Flame and a Real Twin Flame.

You Can’t Get Out Of The Runner-Chaser Phase

In a false twin flame relationship, one of you is always chasing the other.
You may even end up taking turns chasing each other, with one of you simply not feeling right each time the opportunity to settle presents itself.
Even if it is because one of you makes a concession to accommodate the other, a genuine twin flame relationship will settle down for periods when you will feel like you are in a relationship.
It will be balanced, there will be genuine communication flow, and you will both recognize that you are in a relationship.
The status of the relationship is always in doubt in a false twin flame relationship.

They Are Toxic

They appear to be kind, but they are harboring a lot of negative emotion, regret, resentment, and frustration beneath the surface.
They may choose to ignore you.
They carry that so much that it seeps into your relationship, making you believe they are negative about your life, needs, and emotions.
They say things that make you wonder if they're all in.

Your Zodiacs Are Incompatible

The Zodiac can definitely help you determine whether you're in a twin flame relationship.
They have an impact on how you connect with one another in terms of communication, love, emotions, sex, and personality.
For example, if you are an Aries, the emotional connection you will have with Leo and Sagittarius is excellent.
While a Gemini will be drawn to Aquarius and Libra men because they will easily tap into your intellectual, confident nature.

They Don’t Talk About The Future

They may confess their love and doeverything correctly, but a false twin flame cannot commit to making future plans.
They see a future that may or may not include you, and they do not wish to harm you.
It appears innocent enough, but what people don't say often speaks volumes.

You Don’t Support Each Other

You don't know if they'll be there for you no matter what life throws at you.
They will work hard to pull you out of your abyss and stay with you until you recover.
That is what true twin flame relationships do, not false twin flame relationships.
They are there for each other even when times are tough.
You know that even if your relationship is rocky, they will still support you because your love for each other is much more profound than a surface relationship.

A False Twin Flame Will Give You Anxiety

Fights are common. In fact, a lack of fights usually indicates a bond that has yet to reach its full potential.
The most sign that your partner is a false twin flame is when they cause you anxiety.
If you're constantly worried about something going wrong, you should know that this is not a normal part of being in a loving relationship.

There Won’t Be A Purpose

The purpose they inevitably arrive at on the road to enlightenment, by each other's side, is the most defining factor of a twin flame bond.
They exhibit all of the characteristics of a healthy relationship and agree on all of the fundamentals.
But if the goal of your dynamic is to make it to the one-year mark so you can finally have the 'best' relationship in your friend group, it's time to reconsider.

Things To Do Upon Meeting Your False Twin Flames

A man and woman facing against each other while standing in the field
A man and woman facing against each other while standing in the field
The main purpose of meeting false twin flames is to guide you through some negative experiences and bring about some positive changes in yourself, ultimately assisting you in reaching the point of awakening.
You can now determine what works for you in a relationship and what didn't in the previous one.
You may believe there is no hope for your relationship now that you know your partner is unlikely to be your 'other half.'
Whatever decision you make, whether with the help of friends or after an ungodly amount of thought, make sure you stick to it.
If you decide to leave, do so with sincerity and don’t contact your ex.
Life goes on, and constantly striving to learn and evolve is the only way you’ll develop greater emotional and sexual compatibility with the partner you eventually decide on.
Don’t get too fixated on the idea of a twin flame; try to find someone who makes you feel good. It can so simple.

People Also Ask

Why Do We Meet False Twin Flame?

You meet a false twin flame to truly appreciate the real ones, just as there are bad days in life to appreciate the good ones.
You will meet many false twin flames in your life, and if you don't, you won't be able to tell when the real one appears.

What Is The Purpose Of False Twin Flames?

Many people believe that false twin flames appear to shatter your heart.
They do, however, enter your life when you need them and help you through an awakening phase when you regain control of your power.

What To Do If You Meet Your False Twin Flame?

If you meet your false twin flame and recognize them, your next steps will be determined by how you feel about your relationship.
If you're happy in the relationship, you should stay; if you break up, be respectful, don't blame them for deceiving you, and consider both of your feelings.


At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason.
The term "false twin flames" does not do them justice because they also help you awaken and push you towards your true twin flame.
So, they do play an important role in your life, but the label always causes us to misunderstand them.
Learn to find your true twin flame and work hard to be your best version, and your paths will soon cross when you're both ready.
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