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Is HackerNews Safe?

HackerNews has some unique features compared to other community sites. As a result, we ask that you read the following information as well as our official rules.HN is a test subject.Popularity tends to lead to a decline in the quality of a community website.

Author:Kelly Hayes
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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HackerNews has some unique features compared to other community sites. As a result, we ask that you read the following information as well as our official rules.HN is a test subject.Popularity tends to lead to a decline in the quality of a community website. Our hypothesis is that this is not inescapable, and that we can prevent it from happening by actively resisting decline.
Donot post or upvote links that are of poor quality, and do not be rude or stupid when commenting on other people's posts.A bad link is one that is only interesting on the surface.In order to get published on HN, stories don't just have to be about hacking; they also need to be interesting.

Why It Is Called HackerNews?

What is Hacker News? | Best apps for Software Engineers

"Anything that satisfies one's intellectual curiosity" is the general definition of content that can be uploaded. People who enjoy playing with technology are described as "hackers" in "Hacker News," which uses the term in its original sense.

What Is HackerNews Written?

HackerNews Comments From Users
HackerNews Comments From Users
The Arc programming language, created by Paul Graham and Robert Morris, powers Hacker News.

Is The HackerNews Safe?

They're real, I assure you.In addition to their interesting writings, Mohit Kumar, who I've exchanged emails with, seems like an all-around nice guy.
Most of the news in the article is sourced from a credible source, and the story is presented in a clear and concise manner. The bulk of the content is sourced from other sources.
Possibly taken from the well-known United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team website, but that's just my own personal hunch. To be sure, check back when they publish their story again.There is content on authentic and official websites provided by them, however.

What Are Points On HackerNews?

Submissions and comments can be given a "upvote" by other users.
Every upvote helps the item rise in the rankings and gives you karma points. In order to downvote, you must have at least 500 points of karma (currently 500 points) (with a few exceptions).
You lose karma when you vote down an item; the item's karma is also taken away from you.

How Do You Read HackerNews?

While Hacker News is one of my favorite places to keep up with the latest in technology and startup news, navigating the site's simplistic layout can be, shall we say, a chore.That's fine, I get it.
However, when there are a lot of links to scroll through, the all-text interface can be taxing on the eyes.A roundup of some better ways to read Hacker News posts (especially on an iPhone or other mobile device) if you're in the mood for a change.

Way #1 - Hckr News

A simple interface makes it easy to find the most popular stories, and filters can be set to only show articles ranked in the top 10%, 20%, and 50% of all articles.
A great way to stay up to date on the day's top stories while on the go, the simple interface looks great on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
This is great news for Hacker News's daily and weekly readers.

Way #2 - Hacker Newsletter

A fantastic weekly newsletter of the best articles from Hacker News, delivered straight to your inbox, is the Hacker Newsletter.A total of nine subcategories are available for each issue:
Hacker News comments and the original article can be found via a link in the newsletter.

Way #3 - Hacker Bits Magazine

If you want to keep up with the latest technology and startup news, then Hacker Bits Magazine is the place to be each month.The magazine selects the most popular stories and publishes them in an email format for your convenience.

How Many People Reads HackerNews?

Y Combinator, the well-known start-up accelerator, is in charge of it. Y Combinator has previously backed Dropbox, AirBnB, and DoorDash, amongst others. Hacker News has an estimated daily audience of over 300,000and receives over 3 million page views.


HN's most important tenet is to be thoughtful in your posts. Both civil and substantial in their consideration.The substance test is similar to the link test.Is there anything we can learn from your comment?
You can do this in two ways: by bringing up an issue that hasn't been addressed before, or by providing additional information about the subject, such as personal experience.Comments such as "LOL!" or worse, "That's retarded!" on the other hand, teach us nothing.
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