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How Does Tarot Affect The Unconscious Mind According To Freud?

The unconscious mind, as Freud termed it, remains a mystical domain, and its exploration has captivated minds for centuries. One such avenue of exploration is the enigmatic world of tarot cards, a deck of vivid symbols that weave tales of the past, present, and future.

Author:Gonga Mwangi
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In the realm of the human mind, lies a wondrous tapestry of hidden desires, fears, and aspirations. The unconscious mind, as Freud termed it, remains a mystical domain, and its exploration has captivated minds for centuries. One such avenue of exploration is the enigmatic world of tarot cards, a deck of vivid symbols that weave tales of the past, present, and future. Beyond mere divination, tarotcards have been contemplated as tools that stir the depths of the unconscious, leaving us to wonder how they align with Freud's psychoanalytic theories. In this fascinating journey, we shall delve into the intriguing interplay between the unconscious mind and tarot, guided by Freud's insights.

Unveiling the Unconscious

Freud believed the unconscious mind to be a repository of suppressed thoughts, emotions, and experiences, influencing our conscious behaviors in mysterious ways. The tarot, like a mirror to the psyche, reflects these hidden facets, providing a unique lens to peer into the depths of one's being. The act of drawing cards, akin to the unfolding of dreams, projects the innermost thoughts onto the tapestry of symbols, laying bare the unconscious impulses that shape our lives.
Unveiling the Unconscious
Unveiling the Unconscious

Tarot Archetypes: Windows to the Psyche

Just as dreams feature archetypal imagery that transcends cultural boundaries, tarot cards too boast a pantheon of symbolic archetypes. The Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, and others embody universal themes and serve as allegorical reflections of the human journey. Freud saw dreams as the "royal road to the unconscious," and similarly, tarot cards are a vivid procession down that very road, unveiling the stories we conceal even from ourselves.

The Tarot Spread: Rorschach of the Psyche

In a tarot reading, the arrangement of cards in a spread acts as a Rorschach test of sorts for the unconscious. As the reader interprets the positioning and interactions between the cards, they draw parallels to Freud's psychoanalysis. Each card takes on a unique role, and just as the conscious mind attaches meaning to random events, the unconscious speaks through these symbolic fragments, forming cohesive narratives. The symbolism becomes a playground where both the reader and the seeker unearth hidden motives, suppressed conflicts, and forgotten memories.

Defense Mechanisms and Tarot

Freud introduced the concept of defense mechanisms, psychological processes that shield the conscious mind from distressing thoughts. Similarly, during a tarot reading, the unconscious may employ these mechanisms to safeguard itself from fully divulging its secrets. Denial, repression, projection, and displacement may manifest in the seeker's interpretations of the cards, revealing not only the mysteries of the tarot but also the intricacies of the unconscious mind's self-preservation.

The Unconscious Dialogue: Seeker and Reader

In a tarot reading, the seeker takes center stage, unknowingly entering into a dialogue with the reader. Freudian psychoanalysis, too, revolves around dialogue, where the patient engages with the therapist to unravel the unconscious knots. This parallel is noteworthy, as the seeker's responses to the cards can be as insightful as the interpretations themselves. A skilled reader, much like a seasoned therapist, can gently navigate the seeker through their unconscious labyrinth, illuminating the shadows and guiding them towards self-awareness.

Freud's Influence on Tarot Interpretation

The pioneering concepts of Freud have seeped into the very fabric of tarot interpretation. The phallic symbolism of the Tower, the Oedipal undertones of the Empress, and the primal instincts of the Devil all bear the imprints of Freud's psychosexual stages. As the cards stir the subconscious cauldron, Freudian concepts intertwine with ancient symbolism, enriching the experience of both the reader and the seeker.

Creating Digital Tarot

In the enchanting realm of tarot and the depths of the unconscious, lies the fascinating fusion with the Vistadesign app. Far beyond its conventional use for creating posters, logos, animations, and stickers, this versatile app now takes on an extraordinary role in the world of divination and self-exploration. As we draw upon the virtual deck within the Vista design app, it unveils a tapestry of symbols that resonate with the seeker's innermost thoughts and emotions. Just as the app's tools craft captivating visuals, its algorithms deftly interpret the seeker's interactions, akin to the wisdom of a seasoned tarot reader. Thus, within the mystical canvas of the Vista design app, the dance of creativity intertwines with the profound journey into the unconscious, inviting seekers to explore the depths of their being through the kaleidoscope of digital artistry.


In the ceaseless dance between tarot and the unconscious mind, Freud's psychoanalytic theories offer a guiding light, illuminating the cryptic pathways of the human psyche. The tarot, a shimmering tapestry of archetypes and symbols, beckons us to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Like an ancient oracle, it whispers forgotten tales and unearths buried emotions, leaving us spellbound by the depth of our own consciousness. As we peer into the cards, we find ourselves mirrored within, reminded that the answers we seek lie not in mystic realms, but in the enigmatic recesses of our very souls.
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