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How To Charge A Crystal?

In this article, we will discuss how to charge a crystal. Running your crystals under water for one minute at a time while rubbing them with your fingers to remove any associated bad energy is one of the easiest ways to charge them.

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In this article, we will discuss how to charge a crystal. Running your crystals under water for one minute at a time while rubbing them with your fingers to remove any associated bad energy is one of the easiest ways to charge them.
Take a teaspoon of rock, pink Himalayan, or regular table salt and pour it into a basin of water to rest any crystals that may be immersed. When determining how long to keep them underwater, use your judgment. A fantastic approach to revive a crystal's innate vitality is to sing sage to charge it.

Why You Need To Charge Your Crystals

Crystals may get drained and depleted of energy when used often or for extended periods of time. However, avoid throwing them in the trash! All they need to be as good as new is some vigorous R&R.
Your intention-setting and manifesting practice will become more intense and your crystals will get an energy boost from being charged. Charging the rock will reset it to provide a clean slate for your new intention if you have already established one and would prefer to doso. Thus, there won't be any confusion between the two goals, which might result in ambiguous outcomes.
Additionally, crystals have a propensity to take in and retain the energy present around them, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Crystals may sometimes absorb harmful energy, which can taint your intentions and your own energy. Any negative energy your crystals may have picked up while traveling to your house or from their surroundings will be removed by charging them.
A Woman In The Dark Holding A Large Crystals
A Woman In The Dark Holding A Large Crystals

What Does It Mean To Charge Your Crystals?

No matter what you do with your crystals, eventually, they will first gather up bad vibrations (and require cleaning) and then run out of energy (and need recharging), much like a battery. If you want to continue using them, you will need to recharge them. As a result, you will first need to wash the crystal before charging it.
A crystal's innate power and characteristics may be restored via the cleansing and charging processes. Cleaning eliminates negative energies. You can't get your crystals into the greatest form without doing both of these things.

How To Charge A Crystal - 8 Methods

Crystals are crystalline lattices made of dissolved minerals. Salts are an example of a crystalline chemical that may be beneficial or detrimental to health. It is believed that crystals may improve health by rebalancing the electromagnetic field of the body. You must charge your crystals beforehand to make sure they are prepared for a healing session. Ensuring your crystals are sparkling clean and of superior grade is also useful.

1. Soak Them In Water Or Hold Them Under Running Water

The method that is the most efficient and widespread is to charge the crystals with water. You have three options for charging the crystal: you may either totally immerse it in water, hold it under flowing water, or place it in a bowl of water that is powered by the moonlight. The crystals should be rinsed for around one minute, as this will assist to naturally re-purify the crystals and eliminate any poisonous energy.

2. Expose Them In The Sunlight Or Full Moonlight

You may energize and recharge your crystals by placing them in the appropriate area in your house or workplace that gets direct sunshine or moonlight. This is another approach you can follow to energize and recharge your crystals.
The penetrating light will saturate the crystals with beneficial energies, cleanse them, and prepare them for use in the healing process. It is possible that you may need to expose the crystal to light for twenty-four hours, or perhaps for a few days and nights in a row.

3. Place The Crystals With Plants Around Or Bury Them In The Soil

Since it has been shown that stones possess qualities that are inherited from the earth, it follows that the most effective method for charging crystals is to bury them in the earth or place them in the company of living plants. To imbue the crystal with the vitality of the planet, first drill a hole in the center of a container of soil then lay the crystal within the hole, and then cover the crystal with more dirt.

4. Charge The Crystals Through Prayers

It is common knowledge that the prayers you offer carry a significant amount of power, which facilitates your communion with the Supreme Lord. In order to guide your thoughts toward the crystal, all you need to do is establish your objectives, shut your eyes, say the mantra, pray to whatever you believe to be your guiding force and keep your mind entirely concentrated while doing so.

5. Immerse The Crystal In Salt

Salt is the most common substance since it can be found in almost every kitchen, and it is an incredible commodity that can be used to clean crystals. You should get a dish full of salt, bury the crystal in the salt, cover the crystal with additional salt, and let it sit like this for approximately an hour. In addition to this, you may dissolve the salt in water that is lukewarm, put the healing crystals in the solution for a few minutes, then rinse the mixture, pat it dry, and use it.

6. Burn Incense Sticks Or Herbs

The crystals may also be cleansed and charged with the help of herbs or incense sticks. This task will take you around three to four minutes, but it will provide incredible benefits. Burning the incense, Santo Palo, Sage, or Cedar, holding the crystal above the smoke, and allowing it to soak in the smoke for a few minutes can purge the crystal of any bad energy that may be there.

7. Surround Your Crystal With Plants Or Bury It In The Soil

If you want the energy of the earth to permeate your crystal, you should either set it in your garden or bury it in the ground. Either one of these options will allow the crystal to absorb the earth's vitality. It is possible to infuse your crystal with earth energy by placing it in an environment that is rich in vegetation and dirt.[4] If you choose to bury your crystal, you should first set a marker at the location so that you won't forget where you put it.

8. Direct Other Crystals To The Crystal You Want To Use

A crystal may also be charged by using other crystals in the process. In order to do this, you will need to arrange a number of crystals into the shape of a circle and then position the crystal that you need to have charged inside the center of the circle. Keep the crystal in the middle of the circle for the next twenty-four hours approximately.
Crystals Charging With Eachother
Crystals Charging With Eachother

Removing Negative Energy From A Crystal

Here are several ways to cleanse your crystal of bad energy.

Clean Crystals With Sound

It has been believed that sounds like chanting, humming, singing bowls, and bells may cleanse things, people, and locations. One of these practices, like putting a crystal inside a singing bowl while it is being rung, is said to be able to clean the crystal. If you don't have a singing bowl, you may hum or sing loudly while holding your crystal in front of your lips. Your voice should be able to cleanse the crystal by penetrating it.

Use Smoke

It is widely believed that the smoke produced when some plants are burnt has cleansing properties. Sage, Santo Palo, and Cedar are all regarded as having these qualities. It is believed that negative energy may be banished by covering the crystal in smoke produced by burning these plants.
Try holding your crystal over some smoke while burning some incense or a sage stick. For a few minutes, let the smoke surround your crystal to aid in its purification. To spread the smoke, birds' feathers are sometimes employed. Be aware that it may be unlawful to possess some bird parts. Burning plant materials inside requires caution. Just smoke is what you want, not flames. Smolder it, not burn it.

Get Some Holy Water

Holy water is readily offered to visitors at many Catholic churches. It is often feasible to carry a small container that may be filled with water, especially in churches that are popular with tourists. After that, you may use it to rid your crystal of negative energy.
Even some tourist-friendly churches have little gift stores where you may buy containers to use.
Placing your crystal in a small bowl and applying a tiny bit of holy water can help a crystal become pure. Holy water should not be completely submerged in the crystal; only enough should be poured on it to moisten it. After that, take the crystal out of the basin and dry it off.

How To Activate Your Crystal

Your stone can benefit from a little energetic activation if it seems heavier than you had anticipated or if it has lost its luster. Consider giving it some of your own energy by talking to it, singing to it, or breathing life-force energy into it. A little interaction may make a big difference!
Consider bringing the stone outdoors if you have intentions there. Many individuals discover that letting the stone absorb energy from nature at a park or on the beach has a powerful impact. Alternatively, you may encircle the stone with its more energizing equivalents to create an activation grid.
Rubies, pure quartz, apophyllite, kyanite, selenite, and carnelian are popular options. You are free to use the stones you are attracted to. Just make sure they completely encircle the primary crystal so it can soak up all of their vibrations.

What’s The Best Way To Charge Your Crystals?

The good newsis that sunlight is the method is both the simplest and most effective way to cleanse and charge your crystals at the same time. If you put them on a windowsill in direct sunlight for half an hour, even on a gloomy day, the sun will be able to kill the bacteria on them.
Even while not everyone considers the light of a full moon to be a source of power that is strong enough to charge a crystal, there are many who choose to charge their crystals when it is shining.
You may charge a big crystal cluster, such as quartz, selenite, or amethyst, and then set smaller crystals (such as tumbling stones or jewelry) on top of it so that they can absorb the energy of the cluster and recharge.

People Also Ask

Can I Charge My Crystals Anytime?

You may place your stone out at any time to cleanse and recharge, despite the fact that ceremonial cleaning is sometimes focused around certain periods in the solar or lunar cycle.

What Crystal Cannot Go In The Water?

Malachite, Calcite, Hematite, Fluorite, and Selenite stones should stay away from water.

How Do You Charge Rose Quartz?

Bathing your rose quartz in the moonlight is the ideal method to charge it.


The aim of this article is to explain different methods for how to charge a crystal. When you take proper care of your crystals, you are also taking proper care of yourselves. In a way that is at peace and conducive to healing, you are facilitating the departure of energy that is discordant with your life and your goals. When you take these very little steps, you are able to engage with the stones, with yourself, and with other people with a greater degree of mindfulness.
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