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Justice Tarot Card - A Symbol Of Balance And Compromise

Have you ever been wronged or even victimized by someone in your life? Accept responsibility for your actions and allow the dust to settle before proceeding. The Justice Tarot card meaning represents Major Arcana, Number XI.

Author:Ava Martinez
Reviewer:Georgia Ashcroft
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Have you ever been wronged or even victimized by someone in your life?
Accept responsibility for your actions and allow the dust to settle before proceeding.
The Justice Tarot card meaningrepresents Major Arcana, Number XI.
Justice's goal is to right wrongs, collect debts, and deal with the ramifications of karmic actions (both positive and negative ones).
However, not all disagreements will be resolved in court.
Karma and justice have a way of teaching everyone life lessons.
One of the most beneficial aspects of the Justice tarot cardis that it always results in a level playing field for all.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

Justice Tarot Card with arrow beside it and word Justice on top of it
Justice Tarot Card with arrow beside it and word Justice on top of it
The Justice tarotcard depicts a figure sitting between two pillars, similar to the Hierophant and High Priestess tarot cards.
The pillars represent law, balance, order, and structure.
A loosely hanging purple-colored veil behind the figure represents compassion and empathy.
She displays the rational, orderly attitude required to administer appropriate punishment while holding a sword (weapon) in her right arm.
The sword's double-edged blade denotes that our decisions always have consequences, and the upward-pointing sword denotes a firm and definitive decision.
The scales in her left hand (intuitive) serve as a symbol of her impartiality, demonstrating that intuition must be balanced by logic.
Justice is shown wearing a red crimson cloak, a green mantle, and a crown with a tiny square on it to represent well-ordered thoughts.
She wears a tiny white sneaker hidden beneath her clothes as a constant reminder of the metaphysical ramifications of her actions.

Keywords for Justice Tarot

A quick review of the key phrases associated with Justice in the Major Arcana, both upright and reversed, is as follows.
Check below to get into the deeper meanings of the cards and how they affect your life.
  • Upright – Upright Attitude, Clarity, Truth, Transparency, Cause & EffectReversed – Prejudice, Injustice, Lack of Accountability, Dishonesty
  • Numerology– 11
  • Planet – Venus
  • Element – Air
  • Yes or No – Neutral
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Libra

Justice Upright Card Meaning And Instructions

A Justice tarot Card with a plant and candle behind it
A Justice tarot Card with a plant and candle behind it
The Judge in an upright tarot card represents justice, honesty, and the rule of law.
You have been summoned to account for your past actions, and you will be held accountable.
If you have acted in accordance with your Spiritual Self as well as for the collective good of others, you have nothing to fear.
You will be confronted and forced to accept responsibility for your actions if you donot.
If you're trembling in your boots, the Justice card isn't as black-and-white as it appears.
You might have done things you now regret.
This card emphasizes the importance of justice being served impartially and without bias.
Prepare to own up to your mistakes and face the consequences.
The Justice tarot card indicates that if you seek it, justice will be served.
Legal proceedings involving you may be ongoing, and you may be awaiting the outcome of those proceedings. Soon, a decision will be made.
When the upright Justice card appears, no second chances or retrials are permitted. As a result, you must accept the outcome and move on.
The Justice card is likely to appear when you are faced with a decision that could have long-term consequences.
Consider the implications of your actions for yourself and others.
Choose the path that best serves the greater good by communicating with your innate guide (your intuition) and seeking advice.
Your choices will be scrutinized, so be prepared to defend them.
"Do I stand by my beliefs and accept the consequences of my actions?" is a critical question to ask yourself.
Explore the depths of right and wrong until you find a place where you can stand with integrity and strength in your heart.
Justice, at its core, is a search for the truth.
As you investigate your own truth, you'll realize that things aren't as simple as you'd hoped.
Take a deep breath and prepare to learn what the term "truth" means to you.
Consider what you believe is right and what you believe to be honest and fair, and then act on it.
Don't get too comfortable in your own skin because this may not be as easy as you think.
Be prepared to face challenges to your belief system.

The Meaning Of The Justice Reversed Card

Justice Reversed can indicate that you are aware that you have done something wrong on the inside.
Because others may not have noticed it yet, you do have a choice.
It is your choice whether to own your flaws and take decisive action to correct them, or to keep quiet and hope no one notices.
When making a choice, go with what you believe is best for your own well-being.
Furthermore, if you are unwilling to accept full responsibility for your actions, Justice Reversed indicates that you may attempt to avoid responsibility by blaming others.
Thus, you're deceiving yourself and others, and you're unable to see the big picture.
Reevaluate your situation, this time with the goal of identifying areas where you can take responsibility for your actions.
As soon as you admit to making a mistake, do everything in your power to make things right.
You will be able to make sound decisions once you have released yourself from any feelings of shame or guilt.
It's possible that the reversal of justice is an indication that your subconscious mind is fully operational.
You constantly evaluating your actions and slamming the brakes when things go wrong.
If this rings true for you, start by forgiving and accepting yourself as you are.
Recognize that everyone makes mistakes and treat them with sensitivity and compassion.
Please thank your inner voice for drawing your attention to this and trust that you can now let it go.
Consider whether you have any prejudices or biases that might unfairly influence your decision-making process.
Especially if you are about to make an important decision that will affect others.
To reach a well-informed conclusion, you may need to gather additional information or examine your own personal judgments.
If you are involved in a legal case, you may be concerned that the outcome will be unfair, or you may be disputing the final verdict, which would call the legal process into question.
It is possible that legal issues or some other factor will complicate the administration of justice.

Justice Tarot Card Reading For Love And Relationships

The Justice card represents making decisions and making choices in the context of love and relationships. What are you worth?
Whether you're single or in a committed relationship, settling for less than you deserve is never an option.
Staying single is often the only option, even if everyone around you is getting married or engaged.
There are times when you must say goodbye to a wonderful relationship that you may have treasured for years.
According to justice, you must first be honest with yourself before you can move forward.
If your partnership is ending, a court battle may be on the horizon.
Nobody can guarantee that things will go your way (or not).
Even if the outcome is unfavorable, it is still possible to learn valuable lessons from justice.

Justice Tarot Readings For Health And Spirituality

This Justice card interpretation is fairly straightforward in terms of health and spiritual development.
To achieve justice, one must seek harmony in all aspects of one's life.
The most important question to ask yourself is, "Am I taking good care of myself?"
We tend to take "self-care" for granted when we hear it.
Looking after your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to proceed, take it one step at a time.
Take small steps toward each of your three goals, and you'll be in a state of equilibrium before you know it!

Justice Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

The Justice tarot card is an extremely beneficial card in financial tarot readings because it will deliver exactly what you expect.
Professional and interpersonal issues are not dissimilar.
Prepare to be publicly justified if you have been harmed.
The Justice card, in terms of a warning or caution, advises you not to engage in any dishonest or deceptive activities.
Despite their allure, quick money schemes always come with a karmic cost. At all costs, avoid them.

Yes or No Tarot Reading Justice

The concept of justice requires fairness, balance, and objectivity.
As a result, it is rarely used to respond to yes/no questions.
If this is all you're interested in, consider the following questions.
What is the point of doing this?
Is this going to be harmful to me or someone else?
Will I be satisfied with a yes (or no) response?
If you spend some time thinking about these questions, you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Drawing The Justice In Tarot Reading

That brings us to the end of our examination of the Justice tarot card's interpretation.
Is the meaning of the Justice tarot card relevant to where you are in your life right now?
Why am I always drawn to the Justice Tarot Card?
You've made a point of keeping the issue open, which has caused you to pay close attention to it.
Your spirit guides or subconscious mind are assisting you as a result.
I hope this was useful. If you keep receiving the same card, a message is attempting to reach you.

What Is the Meaning of A Justice Card?

The Justice card suggests that a fair decision will be reached.
Justice, like a sword, will not be swayed by the outward appearance of a situation when making a decision.

Is The Justice Card a Sign of Karma?

The Justice card, on the other hand, isn't just about karma in the "reap what you sow".
This card could be a warning to those who have shown cruelty and brutishness that karma is about to come back to them and they will have to pay for their misdeeds.

What Does The Justice Card In The Future Position Indicate?

The Justice card depicts a situation in which you must make a decision right now.
If this card appears in the future position of your Tarot reading, what you're working on now will eventually lead you to make a major decision.

Is Justice A Favorable Card?

When it comes to employment issues, the Justice card can indicate that if you've been genuine, honest, and fair, things will eventually work out in your favor.

What Is the Definition of Justice In A Relationship?

The Justice card emphasizes the ability to comprehend and accept one's partnership, express one's sentiments, and evaluate one's feelings in a way that leads to mutual happiness in relationships.
Your contentment is driven by a strong sense of self-awareness and self-worth.
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