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The 7 Most Rare And Expensive MTG Cards Of All Time

MTG has won the hearts of millions of players all across the world with its deep lore and strategic gameplay. But it's not simply the action that entices us; there's also the appeal of expensive, uncommon cards that have great value among MTG players. There are numerous well-liked TCGs played all over the world, but Magic The Gathering is unique in many ways. In this article, we will discuss about the most rare and expensive mtg cards of all time.

Author:Aurora Smith
Reviewer:Ava Martinez
Aug 22, 2023
Are you interested in learning about the most expensive Magic: The Gathering cards ever? Since its release in 1993, Magic The Gathering, which was developed by mathematician Richard Garfield and distributed by Wizards of the Coast, has changed the way that collectible card games are played.
MTG has won the hearts of millions of players worldwide with its deep lore and strategic gameplay. But it's not simply the action that entices us; there's also the appeal of expensive, uncommon cards that have great value among MTG players.
Numerous well-liked TCGs are played worldwide, but Magic The Gathering is unique in many ways. In this article, we will discuss the most rare and expensive mtg cards of all time.
Playing Cards Wih Black Background
Playing Cards Wih Black Background

What Are MTG Cards?

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a collectible card game that has captivated players around the world since its inception in 1993. Central to the game's allure are its iconic MTG cards, which serve as the fundamental building blocks of gameplay. These cards encompass a wide range of spellcasting, creatures, artifacts, and enchantments, each offering unique abilities and attributes that shape the strategic landscape of each match.
MTG cards are divided into five primary colors: white, blue, black, red, and green, each representing distinct magical philosophies and strengths. The interplay between these colors fuels the game's depth, enabling players to create decks that align with their preferred style of play whether it's aggressive, control-oriented, or a blend of strategies.
Each card possesses a mana cost, denoted by colored symbols, which players pay using mana produced by lands. This mechanic underpins the game's resource management, as players must carefully balance their use of mana to deploy spells and creatures effectively.
Beyond the five colors, the game also features various card types such as instants, sorceries, creatures, enchantments, and artifacts. These cards often have abilities that can dramatically shift the course of a game, leading to tense decision-making moments and strategic triumphs.
MTG cards are released in sets, with each new set introducing a unique theme, mechanics, and art style. The art on MTG cards is renowned for its attention to detail and diverse range of artistic interpretations, which add to the immersive experience of the game.
The collectible nature of MTG cards has fostered a vibrant trading and secondary market, where cards can hold significant monetary value based on their rarity, power level, and demand within the player community.
MTG's enduring popularity can be attributed to its complex yet accessible mechanics and the ever-evolving nature of its card pool. From casual kitchen table play to high-stakes competitive tournaments, MTG cards continue to inspire players to strategize, innovate, and explore the vast world of magical possibilities that these cards offer.

The Rarest Magic The Gathering Cards

Here’s our list of the 7 most rare and expensive mtg cards of all time.

Black Lotus

The value of the Black Lotus is $149,999.99. Even those who are unfamiliar with Magic are aware of the notorious Black Lotus card. The Black Lotus is not only one of the game's most uncommon cards, but it's also one of its most potent.
Around the Black Lotus, you can create a Magic deck that is incredibly strong. The Black Lotus has no mana requirements. You can offer the Black Lotus in sacrifice to increase your available mana by three of any color. This is effective since you can get up to 4 mana overall if you draw the Black Lotus on round one. You might use a powerful spell to possibly end the game right away.
Similar to Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus is effective because it wins on turn one. These are cards that have the potential to win the game right away. It might not have seemed particularly strong at first, but when used extremely early in the game, it can have a significant negative effect.
The Black Lotus is the most costly and valuable Magic card in existence as a result of this luckof the draw. There are reportedly around 5,000Black Lotuses in existence, but naturally, this time around, not all of them have been located. Unopened packs may include a lot of them. Some individuals have achieved fame online by pulling a Black Lotus.

Ancestral Recall

Ancestral Recall is one of the most rare and expensive mtg cards of all time. The price of Ancestral Recall is $29,999. Simply said, ancestral recall is invalid. It is not only one of the rarest and most powerful cards, but it is also difficult to fight against. The target player may draw three cards thanks to this instant card. All done. You can play a four-drop on your first turn with Ancestral Recall.
You can use a combo to destroy your adversary. Richard Garfield eventually changed his mind and changed the card's name to "Ancestral Memories" (making it a rare card instead of a common one). There are no restrictions on Ancestral Recall outside of Vintage, where it is a banned card. It's a highly potent Magic card that could aid in the one-turn death of your adversary.
Three cards in a glass casing.
Three cards in a glass casing.

Mox Sapphire

Mox Sapphire is worth $28,999. Another artifact with no mana cost that simply adds mana to your pool is the Mox Sapphire. It is prohibited, just like the other Mox cards, so if you have it in your deck, you can't play many different games, including Commander.
The Mox cards are extremely rare because, in addition to being strong cards, anyone can use them to achieve a distinct advantage. Of course, the fact that it's one of the game's rarest cards doesn't hurt either. However, you'll need to play an unauthorized game if you wish to use the Mox Sapphire and the other Mox cards in your deck.

Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb has a value of $21,999. The Chaos Orb appeals to everyone, right? The Chaos Orb from the Unlimited Edition costs two mana. You can flip the Chaos Orb onto the field from a height of at least one foot if it is already on the battlefield. You can destroy any non-token permanents it touches if the Chaos Orb flips over entirely at least once. You then extinguish the Chaos Orb.
It is understandable why this novelty card would rank among the most costly Magic cards. One of the most enjoyable cards to draw in the game is The Gathering. Technically speaking, it's also one of the strongest cards, but your dexterity also plays a part in it.

Alpha Timetwister Psa 10

This Timetwister Alpha card has stunning artwork. Mark Tedin, an illustrator, created a complex image that vividly conveys the enormous power the Timetwister wields. Many of the others on this list, including Timetwister, are from the original limited edition "Power Nine." One of just three PSA 10s in existence, this gem recently sold for $84,000.

Time Walk

Time Walk is available for $17,999. The Time Walk from the Vintage Masters expansion simply allows you to take an extra turn. The Time Walk card has a 1U mana cost.
Of course, Time Walk is a very potent card, and it is one of the Magic cards that the Commander forbids. But it's simple to understand why this card is so potent. One of the Power Nine is Time Walk, which allows you to pay a colorless and a blue and then simply take an extra round. It makes sense that it is a costly Magic card because it is one of the strongest and rarest cards available. The fact that Commander forbids it, however, also gives it some limited utility.
Although it is hard to determine exactly how many cards are in play, considering the enormous secondary market for Magic, anyone can make an educated estimation. These cards are uncommon because there are never more than a few of them available. As we examine older cards, a condition also comes into play.

Mox Jet

An artifact from the Unlimited Edition called the Mox Jet allows you to increase your mana pool by one black mana.
Additionally, you can tap the object to play it as an interruption. Except for the type of Mana, it is the same as the Mox Pearl.
Of course, mox cards have tremendous power. Due to their extreme strength, they are prohibited in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. The fact that they require no mana to cast them plays a role in this as well. If you come across one of the Mox cards, which are extremely uncommon Magic cards, you should grab it.
The pricing is based on the cards that are in the best condition, and they tend to alter if there are substantial changes, like new releases, so keep that in mind as well. It's not a closed system, magic.

How To Play Magic: The Gathering With Mtg Cards?

Here is a beginner's guide on how to play Magic: The Gathering with MTG cards:

Game Objective

The objective of Magic: The Gathering is to reduce your opponent's life points from 20 to 0 using a combination of creatures, spells, and other cards.

Card Types

MTG cards are divided into three main types: lands, spells, and creatures. Lands are used to generate mana, which is required to cast spells and summon creatures. Spells are used to perform various actions, such as dealing damage or drawing cards. Creatures are used to attack and defend against your opponent.

Deck Building To Play Magic

In The Gathering, you need to build a deck of at least 60 cards. Your deck can contain any combination of lands, spells, and creatures, as long as you follow certain rules regarding card types and colors.


At the start of the game, each player draws seven cards from their deck and takes turns playing cards and attacking their opponent. Players can play one land card per turn and use their mana to cast spells and summon creatures. Creatures can attack and block, and spells can be used to disrupt your opponent's strategy.

Top 10 Most Expensive Magic the Gathering Cards

Winning The Game

The game is won by reducing your opponent's life points to 0. This can be achieved by attacking with creatures, casting spells that deal damage, or using other card abilities.

Playing Magic

The Gathering with MTG cards can be a fun and rewarding experience. By building a strong deck and using strategic gameplay, you can become a skilled player and enjoy the game with friends and opponents alike.

People Also Ask

What Is The Black Lotus Card's Significance?

The Black Lotus is a powerful and rare MTG card that provides significant mana advantage, making it highly sought after.

How Does Ancestral Recall Affect Gameplay?

Ancestral Recall lets a player draw three cards instantly, enabling rapid card advantage and strategic plays.

What Is The Function Of Mox Sapphire?

Mox Sapphire is an artifact that provides additional mana and is part of the Mox series, known for its potent abilities.

What Is The Chaos Orb's Unique Ability?

Chaos Orb, when flipped from a height, can destroy non-token permanents on the battlefield, adding a fun and skillful element to the game.

What Makes The Alpha Timetwister Psa 10 Card Valuable?

The Alpha Timetwister PSA 10 card's rarity, artwork, and association with the "Power Nine" contribute to its high value.


The seven most rare and expensive mtg cards of all time highlighted here, from the legendary Black Lotus to the strategic Time Walk, represent not only incredible gameplay potential but also the legacy of the game's history.
These cards transcend mere collectibles, becoming symbols of strategy, artistry, and the intricate balance that defines MTG. The value they hold, both in terms of monetary worth and gameplay impact, underscores the enduring fascination that players have for the game.
As players continue to explore the vast world of MTG, these rare and expensive cards remain as prized artifacts that bridge the gap between the realms of fantasy and reality, uniting the Magic community across generations.
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