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Numerology House Number 8 - A Perfect Home For Wealth And Proserity

Most people believe that numbers are always important in human life. Fortunately, we can now study Numerology and learn more about its effects.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
Apr 03, 202372 Shares1.5K Views
Most people believe that numbers are always important in human life. Fortunately, we can now study Numerologyand learn more about its effects.
In this article, we will discuss the significance and influence of Numerology House Number 8on you and your home lifestyle.
Life will be full of surprises for those who live with this house number. This house is ideal for those seeking money and prosperity because such houses exude positive energy in terms of desires and goals.
If you happened to have this house number or planning to buy a property with number 8, then we recommend for you read this article to have a better insight into Numerology House Number 8.
This article will tell you all about the traits of people living in a house with number 8, how it can help an individual, and the pros and cons. So, read on and become an expert at house number numerology with us.

Numerology House Number 8 Significance

House Number 8 Numerology [Secrets Revealed You Must Know]

The number 8 represents authority and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Anyone who lives in a house with this number is ruled by wealth and success.
If you want to be known, famous, and popular, house number numerology 8 is a great place to live.
This home is ideal for those seeking wealth and prosperity, as such homes have positive energy when it comes to ambitions and aspirations.
However, the occupants may feel that their home is constantly buzzing with activity and has a very powerful and authoritative vibe, which may not suit everyone.
The house in this number is ideal for those who have lofty goals in life.
You will look forward to bringing authority and prosperity into your life if you live in this house. Because Saturn rules this number, it represents power and influence.
In addition, the planet represents both creativity and hard work. The same holds true for your residence. The apartment with the Numerology number 8 depicts similar characteristics.
The home with the Numerology number 8always exudes ambition and power. And you, as a resident of this house, exhibit the same characteristics. You are typically ambitious and astute.
Furthermore, the indoor environment of this house always encourages you to be extremely busy. As a result, this house is better suited for people who seek power, prosperity, and success in their lives.

People That Should Choose Numerology House Number 8

A blue wall with a number 8 painted on it
A blue wall with a number 8 painted on it
Residents of homes ruled by 8 become highly active individuals who thrive in positions of power and authority. They always get the job done and can always be counted on to deliver.
Of course, the degree to which each resident of house number 8 succeeds in their individual endeavors is heavily dependent on their own personalities. Regardless, this house number has a track record of enhancing people's ability to wield power and demonstrate authority.
House number 8 is ideal for those who enjoy "extreme behavior," which can range from high-energy sports to a resident acting as the sole authoritative figure ruling over a large area.
This house number is also a good choice for investment bankers, stock market traders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.
Also, if you or a family member planning to live with you was born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month, staying in house number 8 could be extremely beneficial. This is due to the fact that the numbers 17 and 26 add up to 8.
Furthermore, house number 8 has been shown to be especially lucky for Capricorns.
This number is ruled by Saturn, making it the ideal house digit for those who enjoy dreaming big and pursuing their goals.
Residents of house number 8 have no boundaries and will go to any length to get what they want.
If you've been having financial difficulties, moving into a house ruled by the number 8 can result in significant financial gains. This is not always guaranteed, but it is highly likely if you play your cards correctly.

People That Should Avoid Numerology House Number 8

A wall with yellow number 8 and words People That Should Avoid House Number 8 on the left
A wall with yellow number 8 and words People That Should Avoid House Number 8 on the left
Individuals with easily swayed morals should avoid House number 8. While this house can certainly promote financial gain, it can also result in moral bankruptcy, which is never a good thing!
It's also important to look after your health when you're under the influence of house number 8.
This is especially true if you or another resident has bone or knee issues. Plant a garden in this house and remember to stay hydrated to keep your health in top shape.
This house can be extremely unlucky for those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month, as well as those born under the Aquarius sun sign.
People who suffer from severe obsessions or addictions should avoid house number 8. Otherwise, they may find themselves in a state of chaos.

Decoration Tips For House Number 8

You can choose trendy home décor with the latest designs and modern gadgets if you live in house number 8 according to house number numerology.
People who live in house number 8 enjoy lavishness and luxury, so they can use bright and bold colors like red with extreme contrasts of white, cream, and beige.
You should also make your bedrooms as peaceful as possible. Houses ruled by the number 8 tend to hold a lot of energy, which can be overwhelming for their residents.
So, make sure you have a relaxing and comfortable place to retreat to whenever you need to rest.
However, you should set aside a quiet and calm corner in your home for yourself. That will be your personal space, where you can unwind and relax.

People Also Ask

What Is An 8 House In Numerology?

The 8-House is for those seeking material success or wealth. The 7-House governs the spiritual plane, while the 8-House governs the physical plane. The 8-House can bring abundance in all areas, whether it is love or money. The number eight represents success, power, infinity, fortune, and fame.

Is 8 Number Lucky Or Unlucky?

According to astrologer Prem Kumar Sharma, the number eight is extremely powerful. "Eight represents Saturn or Shani, so it is associated with misery and gloom," he explains. "Eight has always been misunderstood and is generally associated with bad luck."

Is Number 8 Good In Numerology?

The number eight is a symbol of abundance, wealth, and achievement in numerology. The number eight is considered lucky in some traditions, such as Chinese numerology, which is why it is frequently used for special dates.


In summary, House number 8 numerology, like any other home, has its own set of characteristics. In many cultures, the number eight is considered lucky and is associated with health, wellness, and prosperity. It is ideal for people who are extremely ambitious.
Now that you know more about what houses ruled number 8 can be like, then you can now make an informed decision on whether or not to move into one.
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