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Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022

When we're feeling parched in the middle of an arid desert, having actual, trustworthy advice to turn to seems like a pleasant oasis in our lives. It's possible that online psychic reading hasn't worked for you in the past, but that's just because, like with any product or service, certain unverified and untrustworthy firms have tarnished the industry's reputation.

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Life is always shifting. It's completely unexpected. It has the ability to take you completely by surprise at the most inconvenient times. Restless evenings, replete with tossing and turning, might be caused by unresolved issues in the mind. On rare occasions, we may awaken to find ourselves facing an apprehensive morning.
It is easy for our thoughts to occupy all of our attention and focus on days like this. As we all know, this kind of stress may have a bad impact on one's interpersonal connections. Our friends and family are there to support us, but if all we speak about are our problems, the situation may become overwhelming for everyone involved. On the other side, it may even force us to withdraw from others, which only serves to exacerbate the situation.
When we're feeling parched in the middle of an arid desert, having actual, trustworthy advice to turn to seems like a pleasant oasis in our lives. It's possible that online psychic readinghasn't worked for you in the past, but that's just because, like with any product or service, certain unverified and untrustworthy firms have tarnished the industry's reputation.
Going to a confirmed psychic, on the other hand, may help you regain your confidence, get more insight into your circumstance, and most significantly, give the assistance you require to go forward in your life.
It is possible to be a psychicin various distinct ways, each with a unique set of abilities. Furthermore, the topics on which you can question are virtually limitless. You may be at a crossroads in a relationship or in your professional life and want a little nudge in the correct direction to keep you from becoming stuck.
Your relationship with your spouse may be in a tough state, and you may be in need of divine intervention.You may perhaps have misplaced a family treasure that you need assistance locating!Whatever your problem is, there is a psychic who has been endowed with the power to solve it for you.

Our Short List: Top 3 Breakdown

  • Keen - Best Overall
  • Kasamba - Industry Veterans
  • MysticSense - Good Reviews

Online Psychic Reading Sites - Brand Reviews

Keen - Best Overall

Keen psychics banner benefits
Keen psychics banner benefits
If your thoughts are racing with "what if" possibilities and you're not sure which way to turn, a psychic from Keen can assist you in navigating your current circumstances. Anyone who wants to help you on your journey of self-discovery is available, no matter what sort of information you're looking for or where you're seeking. You may ask questions about your job path, your relationships, and even your financial situation, and you will receive a nonjudgmental, detailed reading that will shed light on your future options.
There are three simple actions to take in order to contact with a psychic who can provide you with the answers you seek:
  • Select your preferred psychic from Keen’s network.
  • Choose your method of communication (phone, email, or chat).
  • Get all the juicy details about the topic you’re inquiring about.
It is possible to get a reading from a psychic at any time of day or night since Keen's network is made up of gifted individuals from all over the world who are available to you at all times. Search by subject, psychic talents, or psychic tools to see your psychic's photo, get a brief introduction to them and compare their price for different types of readings and services. You may browse over their qualifications on their profile page, as well as study their phone schedule and look through prior client evaluations on their website.
  • No membership fees and free introductory minutesScreened and verified psychics
  • 24/7 access to psychics
  • Email, chat, or phone options
  • No prepayment is necessary
  • Only 3 free minutes

Kasamba - Industry Veteran

Kasamba is committed to providing 100% client satisfaction. If for any reason your chosen psychic turns out not to be a suitable fit for you, they will refund your money and let you to contact customer support immediately to resolve the situation.
It just takes a few minutes to realize when you and another person aren't on the same page, and then they can believe that you know what you're talking about when you decide to cut short a reading early. They will turn around and give you credit for the first five minutes of your conversation, allowing you to refocus your attention to someone with whom you are actually comfortable conversing.
Savings are also encouraged by the fact that they give introductory packages to all of their new clients, which feature a discounted cost that is 15 percent lower than the usual price. Their website is quite easy to navigate.
Simply choose a psychic from their site or explore by category, adviser type, or pricing to get started. Each psychic has a featured photo as well as a brief overview of the categories in which they specialize, the language(s) in which they communicate, and their qualifications.
They also provide information on their per-minute rates as well as whether or not they provide any free minutes to first-time guests. Finally, you can check how many years of experience they have, what their astrological sign is, and whether or not they are available to work with you at the moment. After seeing their entire profile, you will be able to discover more about the psychic, make an appointment with them, and read reviews from prior readings they have conducted.
  • Free daily horoscopeand access to astrologyarticles
  • 3 minutes free with selected psychics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Save big with introductory offers
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • A bit expensive

MysticSense - Good Reviews

Mysticsense logo and benefits
Mysticsense logo and benefits
MysticSense provides readings that may be tailored to match the individual requirements of the client. Whether you're looking for direction while making a life-changing decision or need a prediction for a future event, their psychic readingsare customized to your specific needs and provided by some of the most talented psychics in the world.
They provide tarot cardreadings, spiritual readings, astrology, and love readings to help people find the answers to their most pressing issues. They are available 24/7. Whatever issue you're struggling with, you'll be able to locate a psychic that is suitable with you and who can provide answers.
Each of the psychics listed on MysticSense's website has been extensively verified, as they must go through a rigorous screening procedure and maintain their services in compliance with the company's severe standards of conduct. Through this method, they ensure that any psychic you interact with through their website is not only fully qualified, but also has a considerable amount of experience under their belts.
They put in a lot of effort to guarantee that they have a diverse selection of psychics accessible, so that you can always obtain the sort of help you want. We have psychics that can assist you with anything from tarotreadings to helping you gain insight into your love life.
There is a skilled psychic accessible to assist you. Every psychic mentioned on this website possesses the energy-reading talents necessary to aid you with problems of the heart as well as matters that need supernatural foresight in order to make sound decisions in difficult circumstances.
At one point, the only method to receive a trustworthy reading was to locate a local psychic whose office you could physically visit. With the advent of the internet, you may obtain the assistance you want from the convenience of your own home or office.
Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the individual with whom you would be working rather than being forced to rely entirely on your local psychic. It's a terrific option to acquire the answers you need without having to meet with a psychic in person if you've been hesitant or worried about asking your burning concerns to a psychic.
Your laptop, tablet, or phone may be used to swiftly and securely connect to the internet, and you can finish your whole reading over chat, phone, or video. You have complete control over how you communicate with your selected psychic and how short or lengthy your session will be.
  • You’re in control of the length of the session
  • Customers reviews are readily available
  • Multiple psychic and reading types are available
  • 5 free minutes and phone, chat, and video options
  • Each psychic has recent reviews
  • Newer, less history in the industry

What Are The Different Types Of Psychics?

Spirit communicators claim to be experts in connecting with spirits that have passed on. Those who work in this field want to act as a link between the visible and the invisible, allowing you to better process your griefand find closure when a loved one has passed away.
While it is often believed that mediums "communicate with the dead," they really function from a different point of view than the general public. They frequently assert that they are just intuitive and sensitive enough to feel, hear, and occasionally see information that is sent by spiritual beings on the other side of the world.
Someone who foresees future occurrences without having any knowledge from which to make even an informed guess is known as a clairvoyant. Their intuition is said to be visual as if it has been given to them by a higher force than themselves. As soon as they have been given a vision, they will be able to communicate this knowledge to you.
It is the ability to hear intuitive aural signals from the spirit realm that is referred to as clairaudience. Cleric audients can receive signals in a multitude of forms, ranging from basic words to phrases and sentences, as well as music or another sound. Their intuition can be inconsistent; they may believe that the noises are coming from inside their minds at times while believing that the sounds are coming from someone standing directly next to them at other times.
Clairsentients are people who utilize their feelings to get insight into their surroundings. They assert that they have been endowed with the ability to feel energy in their environment; this is a more sophisticated talent than intuition. They are able to understand meanings by tuning into the vibrations, energy, and emotions that are present in their environment.
Their lessons are conveyed in a number of different methods. Others describe it as memories being pumped into their minds and allowing them to catch glimpses of them; at other times, they may rely on noises, tastes, and their own sensations to help them understand.
Remote Viewer is a program that allows you to view something from a distance.
In order to get verified information about a faraway place, the remote viewer must doit without the use of their bodily senses or any other physical instruments.It is sometimes equated to clairvoyance due to the fact that the knowledge gained appears to have sprung out of nowhere, as if from thin air.
As a continuation of that comparison, when you sense the air surrounding you, it appears to be empty space. According to a faraway observer, however, that space is densely populated with electromagnetic information (something as simple as your Wi-Fi signal). In order to enhance their talent, remote viewers must first learn to tune out the background noise of their busy thoughts and tune into these seemingly unseen sources of information.
Psychic mediums, also known as channelers, are those who utilize their psychic abilitiesto promote communication between humans and other entities, such as angels, non-physical creatures, and even animals. As with translators and interpreters, a channeler's role is analogous to that of a channel.
This requires that they clear their brains sufficiently to intuit the nonverbal message that is being delivered and then convert it into human language for your benefit. Channelers have the ability to choose who they connect with, and as long as all people involved consent to the contact, channelers can establish a link and begin channeling their information to others.
Automatic writers (Psychography)
Automatic writers create written words without the use of conscious or purposeful thought. Psychography, on the other hand, is created when the automated writer's attention is diverted elsewhere. This can be accomplished through the use of an induced trance state or even when awake. Automatic writers are known to generate poetry excerpts, phrases that appear to be unconnected, well-organized prose, and even obscenities in their writing.
Emotional empaths describe themselves as very sensitive psychics who have an incredible capacity to perceive what others are feeling and thinking about them. Often, empaths might become overwhelmed because they genuinely feel the emotions of others and can easily take on the troubles of others if they do not take steps to safeguard their own emotional well-being.
Emotional empaths are those who can symbolically enter into your world to assist you in understanding your own feelings and emotions, as well as guiding you toward answers to your difficulties.

What Subjects Can I Inquire About?

Love and Relationships
This is a well-liked subject and with good cause. Relationships and love may suffocate you if you choose the wrong spouse, and being in love can prevent you from recognizing the reality of a situation that isn't in your best interests. If you choose the wrong partner, love can suffocate you even more.
You have every right to seek clarity and guidance in your love life because you have invested so much time and effort into them and need to know when your match will be beneficial and welcome on your journey.
Another prominent issue for which people consult with psychics is their professional lives. Career pathways are similar to love and relationships in that they need a significant investment of time, energy, and effort. The act of asking for and getting divine direction as you progress toward the desired vocation or must decide whether to accept a promotion or embark on an entrepreneurial venture is analogous to having a mystical glimpse into the future so that you may make an informed decision today.
When you are in a condition of concern and bewilderment and have no notion which direction to go in, you have the impression that the world is moving all around you while you remain still. Insight into your life path can provide you with the clarity you require to identify the purpose of your existence and the fate that awaits you.
Knowing that you have this little nudge when you've been stuck may help you go forward and make decisions that are in accordance with your life's purpose, which in turn allows you to flow more easily through the world.
Money and financial matters
When you're about to make a significant financial decision, such as acquiring a car, a home, or investing in a business, you could find yourself overwhelmed with uncertainty, leaving you questioning if you're making the proper option. It is possible to gain insight into your financial situation through money and finances reading.
You may use this information to either be more careful moving forward or dive in with divine confidence since you think your financial actions are in alignment with your intended path.
It is possible that your pet is exhibiting unique behavior that you are unable to determine the source of. It's possible that you've gone through all of the physical exams and checked around your house and come up short.
You may improve the general health and well-being of your pet by consulting with a pet psychic, who will interact with your pet and inform you of what is truly going on in his or her life. For no other reason than to find out what your pet is thinking, a pet psychic might be a very useful aid from time to time.
Past Life
If you've ever had the sense of déjà vu, you'll understand how unnerving it may be. It frequently leaves you perplexed as to why a circumstance or someone you've never met before has such a strong sense of familiarity with you. It's possible that they are only flashes of a previous existence.
In the event that you've ever entertained the concept of reincarnation, you might be interested in learning more about your previous existence. In fact, taking a look back at your prior life might help you better grasp your current situation. Because your history has an impact on your future, understanding what happened can assist you in resolving current problems.
It is possible that we have traumas and phobias from a previous life that we do not require in this existence. Knowing where they came from might assist you in releasing the load and moving on with greater assurance.
Those Who Have Passed Away
Receiving a message from a loved one who has gone over to the other side may be a tremendous source of peace and consolation for the recipient's soul. Not only does this communication reaffirm that death is only a transition, but your loved one also has the opportunity to provide you comfort from a place of peace where they are no longer subjected to the suffering of this physical world, which is a comfort in and of itself.
If the loss is severe and unexpected, and many things are left unsaid, it is very useful. Knowing that your loved one is safe, that he or she forgives you and loves you, and that he or she hasn't abandoned you might aid in your recovery from the clutches of grief and loss.
Objects that have gone missing
In the event that you misplace anything valuable, you may not even consider consulting with a psychic to assist you in locating the lost object. Psychics, on the other hand, seek to access your subconscious, which is where all of your memories are stored.
When it comes to your conscious mind, recall is frequently limited, and if you can't manage to calm your thoughts long enough to remember exactly where you left an item, you can turn to a psychic for assistance. There are a variety of powers and methods that psychics may use to assist you in locating your misplaced item, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and even pendulums poised over a map.
Persons who have gone missing
Psychics, often known as psychic detectives, may be called upon to aid in criminal investigations by using their extrasensory ability to find missing individuals. Postcognition, which is supernatural insight into previous occurrences, is something that these psychics may use from time to time. They may also employ techniques such as psychometry, telepathy, and remote vision to help in missing people investigations.
Spiritual Guides are those who provide spiritual guidance
If you look back over your life, you may have seen unique occasions in which you were protected by a supernatural force. This is known as supernatural protection.For example, it might be something as simple as nearly avoiding a vehicle accident or obtaining a large quantity of money that you weren't expecting.
Some believe that these occurrences are organized by your spirit guides, who have been entrusted to you for the purpose of providing direction and protection. Psychic readings for spiritual guides have the goal of introducing you to your spiritual guides, allowing you to meet the disincarnate spirits who are always working for your highest welfare. Then you may build a stronger bond with them and continue to have respectful interactions with them throughout your life.

How Are Online Psychic Readings Conducted?

The convenience of online psychic readings is unmatched, and they can be obtained in a variety of ways, all from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Readings over the phone -All you have to do is get on the phone with your selected psychic and start asking all of your burning questions.
  • Readings through Online Chat -If you prefer textual communication, an online chat may be the best option for you.
  • Readings through video -If you prefer the personal touch that video provides, simply request a video chat with your favorite psychic to connect with them.
Requesting a reading through email is a great option when you have a lot of questions but don't have the time to meet with a psychic in person.

What Tools Do Psychics Use For Readings?

Tarot cardsare a deck of cards (often containing between 44 and 80 cards; the most popular deck has 78 cards) that each carries its own set of stories, symbols, and images. Despite the fact that the picture varies from deck to deck, they all tend to have similar messaging, which lends a feeling of consistency to this sort of deck.
Astrologyis the study of how the cosmos, including planets and stars, may have an impact on the lives of human beings and is a branch of science.
In numerology, information about persons and the world is revealed via the use of a sort of universal language that is regarded. Number theory is, at its core, the study of numbers as a fundamental part of existence.
A variety of crystalsare utilized to increase psychic skills, evoke healing energy, and shift energy through the opening, balancing, or strengthening of certain frequencies. The color, minerals, and forms of crystals are all important factors in determining how well they perform their functions.
Oracle cardsare a deck of cards that has a more free-flowing feel to them than tarot cards, which have more organized features. The total amount of cards can be found in a greater range of 12 cards to 100 cards, depending on the game. Each deck has its own unique look and feel that is not consistent across all of the cards on the board. This deck is regarded as appealing since it delivers information on a larger scale than most others.
Runesare a type of oracle reading technique that is used for psychic readings. The word "rune" implies "mystery."There are a variety of materials used to create these artifacts; the majority of them are stone, and each is etched with a sign from the runic alphabet.
The I-Chingis an ancient divinationscripture that psychics utilize to extract a specific meaning for you, which they then interpret on your behalf.
The pendulumis a tool that is used to access intuition and can answer basic yes or no questions by moving the pendulum.Its purpose is to enhance your higher self in order for messages to be received more effectively.
Some psychics choose to do readings without the use of any instruments or no tools, instead choosing to tune into the energy that is present in their environment. They may use their skills to attempt to communicate with spirit guides and departed loved ones, and they may choose to send messages in this manner.

How Accurate Are Online Psychic Readings?

You should choose a psychic who is both qualified and experienced. This is why it's critical to seek out a psychic who has been well investigated and who is forthcoming about their qualifications and expertise. Your chosen psychic's credibility will eventually be revealed, and this will have an impact on how accurate your reading will be.
If a client is not there to manually shuffle the cards in a tarot card reading, some may wonder if the reading will still be accurate in this situation. Although doing something online has its disadvantages, there are some advantages as well.
It is possible for certain psychics to experience unpredictable energy when they are bombarded with inquiries and overwhelmed with doubt and confusion. This can result in an uneven output that can impair the clarity of the reading. However, when you consult with a psychic online, your psychic can remain calm and offer a message that is unaffected by your own turmoil.

What Should I Ask During My Psychic Reading?

You have a few options when it comes to how you approach your psychic reading. You may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed when the door to the answers you seek is finally opened and they're ready to assist you to find them! The following are some things you might want to think about before continuing with your reading:
General Reading
Occasionally, you may not be dealing with a specific issue that seems like a thorn in your side. However, this does not rule out the possibility of receiving a psychic reading in the future! Simply said, the questions you ask are much bigger in scope, and the responses you receive give insight on a much broader scale. Consider posing queries such as:
  • What insight would be helpful for my life at this moment?
  • What advice would be most helpful for me as I move forward in life?
  • What type of energy do you perceive around me?
Love Reading
You may benefit from a love reading whether you're single or in a relationship (or torn between two lovers). A love reading can provide you with the information you need to view your current situation and your future more clearly. Consider posing queries such as:
  • Which path in my love life leads to the highest good for all?
  • What important information should I know about my current partner?
  • What must I focus on prior to meeting my ideal life partner?
Reading for a Career
Career, like love, is a complex subject that requires a significant investment of your time, attention, and energy. When it comes to your professional development, it's only reasonable to have questions. If you're just starting out in your job or have been in the same field for decades, it's a breath of fresh air to get greater clarity in this area of your life. Consider posing queries such as:
  • What important information should I know about my career path?
  • In what areas should I grow to advance in my career?
  • Am I maximizing my usefulness in my chosen career path?
Health Reading
Keep in mind that psychics are not competent to diagnose medical ailments or to offer medical advice to their clients. Although they cannot see or feel your energy, they can tune into it and may be able to give insights that may help you better understand your physical and emotional health. Consider posing queries such as:
  • How can I help my physical and mental health?
  • What type of energy do you perceive in my physical body?
  • What message do my guides have that can be beneficial for my overall health?
You may obtain advice that will assist you in moving forward in your life, no matter what your current circumstances are. The ability to leave your queries open-ended allows the knowledge intended for you to flow through your psychic and arrive inside your comprehension.
You have three online psychic reading sites to pick from in the list above! Choose from a variety of communication methods, including chat, email, phone, and even video conversations, to connect with a psychic who is ready to provide the answers you need. Check out their ratings and compare prices to select the most compatible psychic that will make you feel comfortable throughout your session.
Your replies are at your disposal. All that is required is that you inquire.
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