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Scorpio Childhood Trauma - What Are The Causes?

Scorpios frequently receive a poor rap in astrology, but hey, it's not your fault that you're a complex sign (or that other signs can't seem to deal with you; it's not your problem). After all, a lot of factors contribute to your uniqueness. The obvious factors include your upbringing, past romantic relationships, general environment, and their childhood trauma.

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Scorpios frequently receive a poor rap in astrology, but hey, it's not your fault that you're a complex sign (or that other signs can't seem to deal with you; it's not your problem).
After all, a lot of factors contribute to your uniqueness. There are obvious factors, such as your Scorpio childhood trauma, upbringing, past relationships, and surroundings in general.
There is a lot going on when you add more, let's just say, unusual components of your personality, like your zodiac sign. Just to name a few, you have your natal and advanced charts, moon sign, and Saturn return.
However, the most important factor in astrology is your Sun sign, often known as the sign you glance up at when reading your horoscope.

Cause Of Scorpio Childhood Trauma

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Scorpio has always been very close with their mother. However, they alternate between steadfast allegiance and tender guardianship of her and sour anger at her frailty in the face of more powerful family members.
Conflicts over money, sex, and control of the family were frequent in the relationships between their parents (as well as their aunts, uncles, and grandparents).In the family, alcoholism is prevalent.
Divorce, addiction, sexual abuse, estranged family members, extramarital affairs, premature death, rejection, abandonment, and betrayal from a reliable adult they relied on for love and protection are also risks.
Religion was frequently used to keep them in line and to make them feel guilty about their strong sexual curiosity and wrath. For good reason, Scorpios rarely discuss their childhood.
Almost usually tragic, filled with power disparities, and compelled to train as psychics and psychologists at an early age in order to spot abusive behavior and defend themselves, these are stories of oppression. Expect them to remain silent about it.
Their mother and Scorpio have always had a tight relationship. They switch, though, between unwavering fidelity, tender guardianship of her, and bitter rage at her weakness in the face of more powerful family members.
The relationships between their parents were frequently marred by disputes over money, sex, and control of the household (as well as their aunts, uncles, and grandparents). Alcoholism is a common problem in the family.
In addition, there is a danger of divorce, addiction, sexual abuse, estranged family members, extramarital affairs, early death, rejection, abandonment, or betrayal from a trustworthy adult that they counted on for love and safety.
Religion was frequently employed as a means of controlling them and of making them feel guilty for their intense sexual need and rage. Scorpios rarely talk about their early years, and for good reason.
These are stories of oppression, almost always sad, full of power imbalances, and requiring early psychicand psychological training in order to recognize abusive behavior and defend themselves. Be prepared for them to keep quiet about it.

People Also Ask

What Emotions Do Scorpio Have?

They give off the impression of being secure and self-assured individuals who never let their guard down or display vulnerability. Scorpios have highly sensitive hearts despite the exterior they present to the world.
They must put up a shield over their hearts because they are a water sign and feel all emotions quite strongly.

Are Scorpios Abusive?

Because they feel more powerful when their spouse feels less independent and perhaps more dependent on his Scorpio wife, Scorpios take advantage of compulsion and emotional abuse.
Before the relationship becomes more toxic, the partner must learn to recognize these manipulative characteristics and end it.

What Would Make A Scorpio Cry?

Scorpio weeps to demonstrate that they are the sufferer. Simply put, they deceive people by sobbing. Additionally, they cry if no one is there to watch them when they are left alone. The fear of loneliness is shared by scorpions.


The commotion in their home teaches the Scorpio youngsters to be vigilant and to keep their eyes open. In order to understand what is actually going on within another person's thoughts, they learn to peek underneath the surface.
Scorpios also experience feelings of vulnerability and isolation as children because both of their parents are so preoccupied with their marriage and personal lives which causes their childhood trauma.
In order to safeguard and maintain control over their own emotional security, Scorpios frequently learn to dominate the individuals in their relationships. Others experience them becoming their own abusive partners.
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