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Simple Synastry - How To Check For Astrological Compatibility

Along with gaining a better knowledge of oneself, the most prevalent reason for a person's interest in astrology is to find out if they and another person are a good match.

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Along with gaining a better knowledge of oneself, the most prevalent reason for a person's interest in astrologyis to find out if they and another person are a good match. With over 30 years of experience studying astrology and people as a pastime, I can confidently state that astrology may provide valuable insight into whether or not you are compatible with someone. In the same way that astrology cannot answer all of your questions, it may be astonishingly accurate and give crucial insights into the workings of interpersonal relationships. Check this Simple Synastry: How To Check For Astrological Compatibility.

Simple Synastry: How To Check For Astrological Compatibility

The concept of astrological compatibility extends well beyond the zodiac sign. Every planet in your birth chart is represented by a distinct sign, each of which represents a different aspect of your personality and interests. Synastry is the practice of comparing and contrasting the birth charts of two people. To doa complete connection analysis, you don't even need to know how to read a chart, which is a welcome relief. The planets must be understood, as well as how the signs are related to one another, in order to be successful.
It's possible to find out what signs your own planets occupy in your chart by using one of several free programs available on the internet. When it comes to novices, I personally favor Astro-Seek because it provides a free interpretation of the planets as well as their signs and the houses they are located in. When it comes to birth charts, it is helpful to think of the Planets as the energy that is being applied, the Signs as the characteristics and qualities that are being applied, and the Houses as the area of life that the energy and characteristics are being applied to.
Synastry may reveal a great deal about a person's connections with friends, family, business partners, and love partners. Focus on the inner planets and take note of the signs they are in for both yourself and the other person in order to have a better understanding of how a relationship may develop. These are the personal planets, and they come into play when we engage with other people or situations.
The Rising Sign (Ascendant) is not a planet, but rather a precise point in the sky that represents the beginning of the birth chart as well as the first house of the individual's personality. This zodiac sign has an impact on our social demeanor, physical attractiveness, and the way we hold ourselves.
  • The Sun: Core identity and how we act around close friends.
  • The Moon: Emotions, reactions, and inner-self.
  • Mercury: Communication style, mindset, and intelligence.
  • Venus: Romance, values, tastes, and attraction.
  • Mars: Passion, ambition, drive, and sex.
When it comes to friendships, you'd want to pay close attention to the relationships between the Sun, Rising, and Mercury signs because these are important social positions. When it comes to business, the planets Mercury and Mars are extremely essential since they reveal a great deal about a person's ambition, thinking, and mode of communication. Last but not least, if you're looking for love, go no farther than the celestial lovers, also known as your Venus and Mars signs. It goes without saying that emotional feelings (represented by the Moon) and communication (represented by Mercury) is important in any romantic relationship, but it is Venus and Mars who really ignite those passions and the initial attraction, as well as govern the overall chemistry of the relationship.

Quick Synastry Check: The Four Elements

The quickest and most straightforward method of determining your compatibility with someone is to compare aspects. The twelve zodiac signsare broken into four elements, each of which represents a different element. The majority of the time, personal planets may be classified into one of many elements. When looking for compatibility between two planets, you would effectively compare all of the components that exist between them. You and your spouse will be on the same page when it comes to sexuality and desire, as long as both of your planets are in the same element. For example, if your Mars is in Cancer and your partner's Mars is in Scorpio, both of your planets are in the water element.
Certain components have a more straightforward time getting along with one another. Because they are both expressive, dynamic, and impulsive, air and fire are a fantastic combination of elements. Water and earth are a good match since they are both a little more laid-back, calculating, and receptive than the other. In other words, if your Venus is in the fire sign, someone with a Venus in the air sign will undoubtedly attract your eye and retain your attention. This same notion applies if you had an Earth Mercury; communication would flow freely with a Water Mercury, and they would both be able to comprehend each other completely.
It's possible that one aspect is particularly prevalent among your buddy group or coworkers. In a similar vein, you may discover that your workplace is dominated by a certain pair of factors. In my own experience as a fire sign, I've discovered that my work settings have been densely populated with other fire and air sign personnel.


Don't be concerned if your elements aren't quite lining up. When it comes to synastry, there is another group with which you can collaborate. Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are the three categories that are used to classify all twelve signs. These are referred to as Modalities or Qualities, and each one comprises a symbol representing each element.
Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the four Cardinal Signs. These signs herald the beginning of a season and serve as the zodiac's eponymous initiators. These indicators are the ignitor, and they can inspire some very remarkable ideas. Following through, on the other hand, might be challenging, which is where the fixed indicators come into play.
Those born under the Fixed Signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These zodiac signs are known as the planners and doers of the world. They put forth the effort and take pleasure in it. While they enjoy having a plan, working towards something, and seeing it through to completion, they may be obstinate and resistant to change in general. This is where The Mutable Signs come in.
These are the Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, to name a few. These signs save the day as the fixed signs are slamming their heads against the wall in an attempt to stay alive. They come up with answers and help to bring about the adjustments that are required. The fact that they are natural problem solvers and frequently thrive in times of change is due to the fact that they recognize that change is just a form of advancement and development. These are the seasonal indications that appear at the conclusion of a certain season.
Cardinal Mercury initiates the dialogue, followed by fixed Mercury, who elaborates, and variable Mercury, who shifts the subject entirely. The aspects of cardinality, fixedness, and mutability all function together; they are all interconnected in some manner.
If you are lacking in a modality or element in your personal chart, particularly among the personal planets, an ideal spouse should be able to compensate for your absence of that element or mode. You may be drawn to persons who have an abundance of a specific element or modality that you are interested in. They'll infuse new vitality into your daily routine. When it comes to synastry, balance and harmony are just as significant as the commonalities and similarities between the signs.


This is where the phrase "opposites attract" comes into play, as well as one of the most extensively used synastry tactics. Even though it's typically used to refer to sun signs, it's important to note if any of the planets between two individuals are activating any particular axis. When signs are aligned on the same axis, they have the same modality, for example, Aries and Libra are both cardinal signs. As far as orientation, fire always lies across from air, and water always lies across from earth when it comes to the axis. Astrology describes planets that are in opposition to one another as being on the same axis. This might create some difficulties at first, but ultimately leads to a deep affinity between two individuals. This is due to the fact that they have a lot to learn from each other, which will lead to growth in both partners.
You shouldn't be alarmed if your synastry does not line up according to these categories. Although a relationship may be in trouble, it may only require more effort and deeper dedication to better knowing one another in order to survive. It's conceivable that you have some supporting characteristics that you're not aware of. The use of a composite chart, which is essentially combining two charts into one, and looking at the aspects (angles) of all the planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, might provide information about similar values, finances, and long-term compatibility, according to Astrologers.
If the synastry between two persons appears to be flawless, this is not a positive omen. A number of hard characteristics or positions are beneficial since they allow for growth when there would otherwise be none. A relationship can become stagnant if it does not experience progress, which can lead to a dead end.

About Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Kait's head is not in the clouds, but rather amid the constellations of the night sky. Her ultimate objective, after years of utilizing Astrology as a tool for self-awareness and acceptance, is to spread the joy of this ancient profession to as many people as possible. Those interested in seeing more of her work should visit the Digest Online, where she produces monthly horoscopes and covers key astrological transits. Follow Kait on social media to stay up to date with her and the planets and to see more cosmic material.

Planets And Luminaries

The most important planets/luminaries in synastry are the Moon, Venus and Mars. The Moon rules the emotions and the way each individual responds naturally, making it an important factor in love relationships. Venus rules the love nature and determines what type of partner a person is attracted to. The sex drive is represented by Mars, making this planet extremely influential when determining sexual compatibility.
The Sun and Ascendant are also critical factors in synastry. The core personality of each individual is expressed by the placement of the Sun sign, while the outer demeanor is expressed by each person’s Ascendant. What makes the Sun and Ascendant so important in synastry is that they are more immediately recognizable than any other planets when two people first meet. In the beginning, people are attracted to each other based on the interaction between their Sun signs and Ascendants. It is only after the two people have interacted for a while that the traits of the Moon, Venus and Mars sign become apparent. Basically, the Sun and Ascendant attract two people to each other while the Moon, Venus and Mars determine whether the attraction is strong enough to sustain a relationship.

How Do You Know If Two Signs Are Compatible?

In general, signs belonging to the same element are compatible with one another; for example, the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all compatible with one another.
Couples from outside your element may be able to offer a little additional spark — the Air and Fire signs are a great match. They have a positive, extroverted energy that helps to keep the connection alive. Earth and Water signs are also a good match since they may create a sense of security and comfort with one another by being themselves.


If we keep it simple, astrological compatibility refers to how happy two people are together when their horoscopes are taken into consideration. What is the definition of this? The usage of natal charts is common in many situations. A picture of the stars taken on the precise day, time, and location of your birth is depicted in this photograph. It can assist you in identifying your personality features, behavioral inclinations, hidden aspirations, and the many courses your life may go. And, of course, it′s used to determine which zodiac signs are the best suitable with you. In a nutshell, compatibility astrology charts may aid you in guiding your life by providing you with a clearer picture of what′s going on in your life and highlighting the areas that you should pay attention to.
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