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Soul Urge 1 - You Are Driven To Be Independent And Direct Your Life As You See Fit

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, you were born with a soul urge 1. Many numerologists may figure out your soul urge number by adding up the values given to the vowels in your name, but this isn't always the case. Number one indicates that you have many good personality attributes, such as creativity, leadership, and independence.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
Apr 19, 2022
If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, you were born with a soul urge 1. Many numerologists may figure out your soul urge number by adding up the values given to the vowels in your name, but this isn't always the case. Number one indicates that you have many good personality attributes, such as creativity, leadership, and independence.
This indicates you want to be the best at whatever you doand succeed at everything you do. When your soul desire number is in sync with your personality, it indicates that you are driven, ambitious, and, to some degree, a control freak.
You're likely to be described as motivated by your friends and family. However, a person with a soul urges 1 isn't always a Type A personality. Their ultimate ideal is likely to be success and achievement. However, other aspects of your personality may create roadblocks to your success. Because of this, some people may have inferiority complexes or be too hard on themselves. This feeling of inner unhappiness is what drives some people with a soul desire number of one.

Soul Urge 1 Meaning

If your soul drive number is 1, you are always the leader and never the follower. You want to be the best at whatever you're doing, whether it's work, friendship, or romance. People with this soul desire are goal-oriented and work hard to attain their objectives. It's always about climbing the rungs of the ladder for a person with soul number one.
They will never be satisfied or perform well in a mid-level position, regardless of their career path. They have a strong urge to climb higher till they reach the summit. However, this does not imply that they constantly look down on others. It's simply that they're competitive by nature; they'll never be satisfied till there's nowhere further to go, at which point they'll set a new goal.
Silhouette Photo Of People on top of a mountain Above The Clouds
Silhouette Photo Of People on top of a mountain Above The Clouds

Soul Urge Number 1 Relationship

Soul number 1is a good buddy who is fair and loyal, but he lacks emotional intelligence. Neither of them is paying attention. Number 1 is more concerned with the larger picture than with the people who make it up. Whether it's a commercial partnership or a romantic one, one must take the lead to succeed. As a result, they may find it hard to accept when they're wrong or compromise with their partner if their wants don't line up with their own.
To be successful in a relationship with soul number 1, the spouse must be highly supportive and understanding, as well as content with being second in charge. Soul number 1, on the other hand, finds it far simpler to accept reality as it is and deal with it appropriately.
They are perfectionists who despise making errors yet are surprisingly forgiving of others'. When things go wrong, they stay supportive and devoted even if they don't want to. Number one is a self-motivated individual who strives for achievement. They are continually active and eager to take another step toward their objective.
However, they want to share their accomplishments with their spouse as well. Now, one loves their spouse but recognizes that they may not be providing them with enough time or attention. Because people like their wealth, they will lavish it on their relationships as well, but this may be reckless and impetuous.
Rather than frivolously spending money, they should remember to tell their loved ones how much they appreciate them and that their accomplishments would not be possible without their partner's patience, support, and affection.

Soul Urge 1 Numerology

People who are born with the numerologysoul drive number 1 are endowed with clarity of thought and purpose. As a consequence, they might be a little stubborn when it comes to their views. It would take a lot of work to get them to change their minds or actions.
They seldom need to modify their minds, though, since they frequently have a firm grasp on how life works. The number one soul is also associated with creativity. As a consequence, people with soul desire number one are often gifted with extraordinary creative abilities.
Exceptional performances are often fueled by creativity. People who are number 1s need to do things that are creative, like painting or playing a musical instrument, to use all of their unique skills and abilities.
One may also help themselves by being one with nature. Simultaneously, practicing spiritual activities such as yoga and daily meditation may help you live a better life. Overall, the numerology meaning of soul number 1 is centered on a desire to be self-sufficient and successful.

Soul Urge 1 Career

The first soul is a warrior, a specialist in their field, and a person with a lot of untapped potentials. They have a unique aura around them, which includes a lot of creative "juices" that make them feel like they can do any job! While this group may not feel bold or capable of taking the lead, they do have the capacity to do so. People who are creative, autonomous, unique, leaders, authoritative characters, efficient, and ambitious are some of the adjectives used to describe them.
As a result, they make excellent entrepreneurs. Ones, as previously said, are creative and have a great deal of drive and desire. As a result, they can come up with a plan and follow it through to the end. The best way to reach your full potential is to run your own business and hire your people. As a result, owning a company is in a person's best interest since they get to be the boss/leader and make all of the important choices that lead to success.

What Does Destiny Number 1 Mean?

When you are under the influence of the fortunate number 1 in numerology, you confidently and voluntarily step ahead of everyone else. If you live your life with honesty, integrity, and dignity, you will rise to the next level. A deceptive road, on the other hand, will never provide results for you.

Is 1 An Angel Number?

On your spiritual journey, angel number 1 is quite likely to appear to you. Because it is the first number, the number 1 signifies a fresh beginning. If you often see number 1, you should know that the universe is pressing you to start a new chapter in your life.



In numerology, soul urge 1 is a sign of male energy, and the sun rules over it. Owners of the car feel like they have a lot of pride, confidence, and a strong sense of who they are, just like the car has a lot of great power. Their objectives are clear and explicit, and they are not prone to change.
They shine like a bright star, illuminating the straight path to the intended outcome. The number one is seen as a sign of power and the yearning for unrestricted liberty. She gives her agents an inner fire of desire and a desire for new things to enjoy. This vibration is represented by remarkable people who need respect and acknowledgment from others. Fortune's favorites are those who will not squander their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
They are not only able to depend on luck, but they are also able to work long and hard to achieve their desired outcome. People with a soul urge 1 have a creative, imaginative mind that is full of original thoughts.
Despite the challenges ahead, they effortlessly enter into new businesses. Failures are faced with steadfastness rather than fear or undue worry. These characteristics enable units to get to the top of the corporate ladder and in society. Soul number 1 may create decadent feelings, dissatisfaction, and sadness in consecutive people.
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