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Soul Urge Number 7 - The Ultimate Guide To Your Soul Urge Number 7

If your soul urge numbers are 7, you are a highly spiritual person who is driven by the desire to discover the truth. You're obsessed with finding your true self. You want to fully comprehend your personality, your abilities, and the forces that motivate you.

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What is Soul Urge Number 7, and what does it mean? The soul desire number is a numerical value in numerologythat represents your actual essence. This number indicates your deepest, most inner motivation. Many individuals spend their lives attempting to figure out who they are, why they are the way they are, and how much this knowledge may change their lives. Whether you've ever questioned why you behave the way you door if you have intrinsic skills you're not aware of, your soul urge number, of which soul urge number 7 is one, has the answers.
Do you know what your soul wants more than anything else on the planet? Or what drives your most critical life decisions? All of those questions can be answered by the ancient mystical science of numerology. Using your birth name, numerology may also help you find your soul urge number.
What is the process of numerology? Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, thought that all things, including God, could be stated numerically. From the ancient Mayas to the Egyptians, societies all across the world have used numbers to try to solve the Universe's deepest riddles. Check out this article about Soul Urge Number 6and Soul Urge Number 8.

What Does The Soul Urge Number 7 Mean?

Number 7 and half moon drawing
Number 7 and half moon drawing
If your soul urge numbersare 7, you are a highly spiritual person who is driven by the need to discover the truth. You're preoccupied with finding your actual self. You want to fully comprehend your personality, your strengths, and the factors that motivate you.
You feel there is more to you than meets the eye, and you are determined to find out what it is. You're also curious about what's going on around you. There's a lot to learn about people, beliefs, traditions, and nature itself. The world has a lot of questions for you, and you're not going to ignore them.
You must know, and this need will lead you on a trip. Your life is a journey filled with unexpected surprises. You're not going anywhere because let's face it, you probably won't be able to figure it all out in one lifetime, but that doesn't stop you. You're determined and focused.
They can be the friend who waves you off when you invite him to a barbecue, mumbling something about this great book he acquired at a flea market. Seven is a seeker at heart, continually exploring deeper for additional knowledge about its chosen pursuit. You may think that persons with soul drive number 7 are all about logic and rationality, but you'd be incorrect.
Yes, they are real intellectuals with exceptional analytical abilities. They also have a strong creative and intuitive side, which they use to balance out the reasoning. Sevens are equally likely to be scientists or artists. Their great minds are capable of both. Many will enter areas that need them to use both sides equally, forcing them to produce as well as evaluate.

Soul Urge Number 7: What Are Your Traits?

Your Soul Urge Number and Heart Desire makes you feel unique. You tend to notice the tiniest things. As a Number 7, you continuously question the norm. In fact, you justify this tendency by saying that if you don't do it, who will? As a result, you are a thoughtful person who requires “me time”. If not, you'll struggle to keep your sentiments hidden from others. You are also a thoughtful person who likes to view the full picture before spreading it. Your wonderful discoveries influence your life! Your largest issue will be integrating your sentiments with what you observe, and you may not know how to express them.

Soul Urge Number 7: Your Biggest Challenges To Face

One of the main obstacles that persons with this Soul Urge Number will encounter in their life is combining high intuitive talents with a need for knowledge and pragmatism, as described above. For all intents and purposes, these two traits are polar opposites, and bringing them together harmoniously can take a lot of thought and deliberate activity.
Isolation and self-doubt are common problems for people with this Soul Urge Number. If this is your Soul Urge Number, it might be difficult to break free from your own thoughts, since many individuals born under this sign are prone to get trapped in their own heads. They place a high importance on alone time, which may be beneficial but also harmful if they don't have the necessary support structure in place.
Of course, these are only shadow attributes. If you calculate that your Soul Urge Number is 7, it doesn't imply you'll have trouble meeting people or getting out of your brain right away. Simply use this part as a guide to help you avoid problems as you go through life.

Soul Urge Number 7: Are You A Social Butterfly?

People will see you as secluded and reserved, which is usually correct. You are not readily trusted since you are aware that others lie. You've met folks who grin for the camera but are actually swindlers and imposters. This causes you to seek solace in your own company.
You're not a lone wolf, and you don't mind having others around, but you'd rather be alone than move with phony people. When you do discover someone you like, you keep them at a safe distance. People who try to push their way into your life become frustrated over time because your barriers are so high and impenetrable. Yet, when you eventually let someone in, you give them your everything.
You lay bare, or at least attempt to, because, let's face it, even you don't know who you are. Let's just say you do your best, but if you're ever deceived by someone you trust, it'll take a long time and a lot of effort to trust anybody again.

Soul Urge Number 7: An Insight Into Your Love Zone


Love is like friendship for you. You are an emotional human, yet you can only trust individuals who like you. Even if you get along with a partner, you want to keep things casual and avoid becoming emotional. You won't be wounded this way.
You spend much of your time analyzing your partner's every move and reply. When they do break through that wall, you want complete disclosure. You need to know they're honest. Trust is hard to come by, and once lost, it may never return. And you're a lover, too. You're a hopeless romantic, which is why you're a multifaceted person who finds the road to self-discovery fascinating.
Despite their reserved character, 7s make terrific romantic partners. For example, they are very faithful and loving in their relationship since they let a few others into their lives. They are less prone to cheat or cause marital strife. As a consequence, they enjoy happy marriages.

Soul Urge Number 7: The Best Career Path That Is Destined For You

To be fulfilled, your work path must be in tune with your inner self. Your quest for the truth will suit jobs in science, data analysis, and fact-finding. You normally like solitude. That doesn't mean you can't work with others, but you prefer working alone. Because of this, you might not trust others readily. So you feel working alone and unsupervised increases your chances of success.
With this in mind, you might wish to try freelancing. You like solitude and seclusion. So you'd thrive in a profession that permitted you to work from home. This includes remote programming, internet business, and data input. Also, you don't have to work only from home. You might also look for careers that don't need much consumer interaction. That stated, avoid occupations that need you to deal with people all day. This covers retail, customer service, and sales occupations. You get irritable with others. Because your rapid thinking and analytical analysis abilities generally put you ahead of the game.


Soul Urge 7is an artist as well as a thinker, fusing the two notions in an unending quest for knowledge and truth. A person with soul drive number 7 is not the kind to be found at a boisterous party; instead, they like to be surrounded by literature, information, and private pursuits. These people may struggle to connect and form genuine relationships, but once they do, all concealment vanishes. They make devoted and loving companions, but they require a keen, clever intellect to keep up with them.
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