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What You Need To Know About Tarot For Techies In 2023

You should design your own deck rather than repurpose an old one, even if the names of the cards are preserved, if you want to reinterpret the Tarot for the modern age.For the uninitiated, that is how Crowley updated the old Tarot for the modern era with his Tarot of Thoth.

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You should design your own deck rather than repurpose an old one, even if the names of the cards are preserved if you want to reinterpret the Tarotfor the modern age. For the uninitiated, that is how Crowley updated the old Tarot for the modern era with his Tarot of Thoth.

Is Tarot Reading Hard?

What you don't see coming and how it will impact your life soon! ✨😲🤩✨| Pick a card

When it comes to learning the Tarot it's not difficult, but how you learn it matters. The Tarot's symbolism is studied by many for a long time. It's like a "DaVinci Code" in the making! First, familiarize yourself with the meanings of each card.

The Crowley Deck

The three Magus (Magician) cards included in the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck were illustrated with instructions from renowned occult scholar Aleister Crowley.

What Does The Lust Tarot Card Mean?

Lust Upright Meaning

Symbolizing nature, the Strength Tarot carddepicts our subtler, finer self—our feminine side, our inner self.Rather than breaking our instinctive nature, we should refine and awaken it so that all of creation can live in harmony with one another.
It is the feminine soul-force that has a persuasive power that can nurture and instill cooperation from others, stilling disruptive energies by harmonizing differences in the spirit of collective good will.

Lust Reversed Meaning

You are in a position of powerlessness if you have the Strength card reversed. In the face of an untamed, out-of-control force, no amount of modeling, persuasion, or leadership can bring it under control.

Lust Advice Position

The Strength card suggests that you maintain a firm sense of self-discipline and keep your ego at bay in order to gain enlightenment. Even if it goes against your willful ego's desires, deliberately identify with your intuition.
Others who have sway in this situation should be held to the same standard. If you haven't already done so, you can't challenge them to live up to a higher standard. Set a good example for others by acting with honesty and decency. Your self-esteem will rise in direct proportion to your level of success.

What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean?

The Tower Upright Meaning

Disaster strikes or has just struck in nearly every Tower card. A society is thrown into chaos when the demons of madness and despair are unleashed from their long-hidden hiding places.
The upheaval affects us all in the same way. Let us not forget that these images were intended to serve as a reminder to the well-educated nobility and clergy that they stand to lose the most if the established order is overthrown.

The Tower Reversed Meaning

The Tower card reversed indicates that the situation is over.Towers that lean to one side have been demolished.Don't think about or dwell on the problems or feelings that led to this.
Once you've ruled out everything in your past, ask yourself, "What else can I do?"You'll have a renewed sense of purpose when you get back up and try again.

The Tower Advice Position

Think of yourself as a transformative force with the Tower card. Stressful situations are likely to arise in this self-sacrificing role. It is clear to you that a major shift in the world has already taken place, and you are no longer resisting it.

What Is The Lucky Tarot Card?

The Sun Lucky Tarot Card With Other Cards On The Table
The Sun Lucky Tarot Card With Other Cards On The Table
Major Arcana card ten, the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizes change in fortune. When it's upright, you can look forward to good fortune and favorable outcomes.

Best Tarot Cards For Good Luck

Ace Of Pentacles

Card suits in the Minor Arcana include pentacles.Pentacle cards, also known as "coins," represent money and material wealth. Chances and abundance are represented by the Ace of Pentacles.
There are a number of ways in which these elements can come to fruition:
  • Increasing one's salary
  • Obtaining a new position
  • Making the leap to self-employment

Ace Of Cups

Minor Arcana cups, also known as chalices, are another suit. There is a strong connection between cup cards and the psyche and emotions. Overflowing intuition and insight are symbolized by the Ace of Cups, which depicts a cup that is overflowing with its own juice.

The Sun

According to destiny psychics, drawing the Sun for the "outcome" portion of reading is one of the best decisions you can make. A garden ablaze with color is bathed in the rays of the sun.
A youngster is having a good time while riding a white horse. Youngness and abundance are reflected in this card's design.

What Tarot Cards Mean Engagement?

A Woman Holding The Sun Tarot Card On Her Hand
A Woman Holding The Sun Tarot Card On Her Hand

The Empress

Symbolizing marriage, the Empress is a great card.As the card for motherhoodand pregnancy, it can also represent marriage and starting a family with your partner or spouse.

The Emperor

The stern-looking stability and commitment can be found in the Emperor card. While his demeanor may suggest otherwise, this man is focused on creating something that will last.


Making it legal is a sign of the law. A marriage in a courthouse or court-ordered union. A legal marriage is one that is recognized by both parties.

The Hierophant

It is possible that a wedding or a religious ceremony is taking place in this church setting. When it comes to marriage, the Hierophant is all about tradition and formality, so you can expect a committed relationship from him.

Ten Of Cups

It's a happy ending!To represent marriage, nothing beats a card that depicts a happy, secure home life (and a happy one at that).

What Is A Tarot Deck Used For?

A type of cartomancy known as tarot cardreading uses tarot cardsto glean information about the past, present, and future. They start with a question and then answer it by drawing cards and analyzing the answers.

What Is The AI Card In Tarot?

The first trump or Major Arcana card in most Tarot decks is the Magician (I), or The Magus or The Juggler. The magician is the lowest trump card in a card game, also referred to as the touts or honors.
The trump cards in the occult context are renamed the Major Arcana and given esoteric significance. Magician in this context is seen as the first numbered and second total card of the Major Arcana, following Fool (which is either unnumbered or marked 0), which is unnumbered or marked 0.
Power, potential, and the unification of the physical and spiritual worlds are all associated with the Magician.

What Tarot Card Means Soulmate?

Only a few cards in the tarot can reveal the identities of long-lost soulmates. Depending on the situation, the lovers, the 2 cups, or the star look to the cards around them for confirmation.
Justice, card number 11 in the major arcana, is often referred to as the "twin flame" because it depicts a perfect equilibrium of energy. The six cups can also stand for soulmates.


Howe believes that despite the practice's sometimes-exclusive rules and practices, "anyone can read tarot."When it comes to buying a deck of cards, you have heard that it's best to get one from a friend or family member, rather than from a store.
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