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The Astrocartography Connection With Job And Place

Do you know about the astrocartography connection? We all think that there is a particular person, occupation, or location in this world just for us. When we've traveled or moved to a new location, we've each had our own distinctive experiences. But what about when we visit locations that seem a little more important to us?

Author:Celeste Pearl
Reviewer:Michele Sievert
Sep 11, 2022
Doyou know aboutthe astrocartography connection? We all think that there is a particular person, occupation, or location in this world just for us. When we've traveled or moved to a new location, we've each had our own distinctive experiences.
But what about when we visit locations that seem a little more important to us? How do we explain that? You are familiar with that location where, despite having never been there before, you felt at home as soon as you stepped off the airport.
Or, sometimes we are drawn to travel to a particular region of the world without fully understanding why, perhaps because the people or culture there inspire us.
And here's one we can all agree on: falling in love at first sight while traveling to an exotic location and stumbling across someone at a party.
And we locate the location where we can have an incredibly prosperous career.
If we had known in advance where we could discover those experiences for ourselves in any given corner of the world, all of those things might have happened to us or could happen!
That could save us a tonne of time if we decide to make a significant move. A thrilling journey, at the very least...
career. Relationships The main reasons for relocating are holidays, new homes, and, of course, schools. Astrocartography is a great tool we have at our disposal to help us with this.

A Brief History Of The Astrocartography Connection

In 1978, astrologer Jim Lewis established this novel system of astrology. Lewis's book Astrocartography:
The Book of Maps describes this relatively new branch of astrology as "enabling a person to predict which elements of the natal chart potential would be emphasized, highlighted, or brought into consciousness in a new location."
Lewis was aware, as are the majority of astrologers, that the planet associated with a particular life event would be much more potent if it were situated on or near one of the four angles for that experience to be activated (ascendant, descendant, Midheaven, or IC).
As a result, the person's development and evolution could quicken, and the chosen life experience would take on greater significance in the person's life.
Lewis also understood that relocating a person to a location where a planet eventually ends up on an angle will have the same effect as having an angular planet at birth.
(Note: When moving your natal chart, do not change the time zone for that area keep it the same.) When moving the actual astrology chart to a new location that is some distance away from the birthplace, the chart will rotate as well.
After examining the ACG (astrocartography) charts of numerous famous people, it was generally found that this technology is incredibly accurate. Many of them, as well as us, have experienced and will experience significant life changes as a result of moving.
In a later section of this essay, we'll look at some well-known ACG maps and examine how those people's lives were altered as a result of using their ACG maps as a guide.
Coloured Lines ConnectingThe World
Coloured Lines ConnectingThe World

What Do The Lines Represent?

The paths these planets take as they move around the Earth have distinct effects on many aspects of our lives, much as the planets do in astrology. When you have your map, you'll notice lines across it that stand in for the planets. Here are the meanings of each line.

What Is A Sun Line?

The sun is entirely about your identity, ego, and self. Things may feel simple when you are below this line. You feel at ease, self-assured, and in tune with yourself.

What Is A "Moon Line"?

Your emotions, instincts, the subconscious, and feminine energy are all dealt with by the moon. Under the moon's influence, you're likely to feel more emotional sensitivity, vulnerability, and feminine or nurturing energy.

What Is A Mercury Line?

Since Mercury rules both intellect and communication, you can feel extroverted, talkative, or creative when this line is in your natal chart. It's a good spot to start a new project or intellectual endeavor, strike up a conversation, or both.

What Is A Venus Line?

This is the line that lovers should be on the lookout for. Love and beauty are the two main themes of Venus. Along with money, beauty, and sensuality, you might just find romance and an enduring relationship under this heading.

What Is A Mars Line?

Not everyone may be suited to Mars' powerful, passionate, and male spirit. This line tends to be quite stimulating and even belligerent, so you may expect lively, if not combative, moments.

What Is A Jupiter Line?

Jupiter is all about wealth and abundance, so this is a highly optimistic sentence. Because it is the largest planet in the solar system, you can expect blessings, growth, and general success under this line.

What Is A Saturn Line?

You'll undoubtedly encounter difficulties and troubles because Saturn rules structure. Saturn's influence drives you to grow and practice self-discipline, even though it might be a little tiresome.

What Is A Uranus Line?

You shouldn't be shocked if you act a little rebellious while in the Uranus queue. It's all about change and eccentricity on our planet. Its intensity may leave you feeling disoriented.

What Is A Neptune Line?

As Neptune is the planet that deals with imagination—but also delusion—it might give off a somewhat magical, dreamy vibe. The Neptune line can cause a mistaken sense of self despite being profoundly spiritual.

What Is A Pluto Line?

Pluto is concerned with rebirth and transformation. You should anticipate any significant personal concerns to surface under this line and might lead to long-term change.

What Is A Chiron Line?

Chiron, which deals with profound healing, is a comet. Under this line, you have the power to heal both yourself and other people.

The Astrocartography Connection Fundamentals

The main focus of astrology is on how the placements of the planets impact each of our personal lives. Astrocartography, which demonstrates where the planets were rising and setting around the globe at a person's birth, develops this idea further.

The Map

The world is typically covered by an astrocartography map, but you can also get one for each hemisphere. On the map, some lines go both vertically and horizontally.

The Planetary Lines

The Asc (ascendant), Dsc (descendant), IC (immune Coeli), and Medi Coeli, or MC, are the four places that each planet occupies (there are 40 such points or lines).
There are two different sorts of lines on the map, which is a global map with 40 lines drawn over it: the IC/MC lines, which travel north-south, and the Asc/Dsc lines, which curve from east to west.
The planetary nomenclature can also be seen just above and below the map. The location on the map where Pluto would move to your chart's midheaven, for instance, would be PL/MH.
World Map With Horoscope Sign Board
World Map With Horoscope Sign Board

How To Decode Your Astrocartography Chart?

To help in this procedure, you first need to create your customized Astrocartography chart. Although there are several free astrological tools available to get you started, your map must eventually be customized for your astrological self.
Using your birth date, time, and location, you can run your map and get a map of the entire planet with a tonne of intersecting colorful lines on it.
Each of these lines is linked to a different celestial body, and it is thought that if you are near one of these lines, you will act in a certain way.
According to Dubinet, the simplest approach to making sense of it all is to first consider what you're hoping to summon into your life, such as a summer romance, financial success, or artistic inspiration.
Next, locate the planet that your wish is associated with on your Astrocartography map by finding its line. It is believed that areas along or close to that line hold the energy of the corresponding planet.

How to Find Love According to Astrocartography (Travel Astrology)

Love According To Your Astrocartography Map

Many people mistakenly believe that Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and passion, is the finest planetary line in your astrology chart to find love. Wait a minute! It's an assumption to say that. To get more hints, we must examine the natal chart.
Venus's planetary lines are beautiful, reassuring, and peaceful places to dwell, but that doesn't guarantee we'll find the love of our life there.
If you're like me, your astrology map might not show a Venus planetary line in your country. Does this mean your partner won't be there? In no way. Much more is involved.

How To Make The Most Of Your Astrocartography Map?

Due to the complexity of astrocartography, you might wish to see an astrocartographer if you want to use it to improve your luck, love life, or job. When an astrocartographer examines a map, they are viewing a much bigger image than simply a single line.
Kelly adds that to identify the best locations, you must take into account the connections between the several lines.
According to Kelly, "It's a very fantastic visual tool for refining your astrological practice." But unless you're feeling particularly sassy, I'd recommend leaving important decisions to a specialist.
Astrocartography can be used to discover new places to visit, but Kelly also points out that consulting your map after a trip can help you improve your knowledge of astrology.
By positioning our charts on the map and considering our recent route, we can examine the effects of moving close to particular lines.
Moving to a new location is not the only aspect of astrocartography, especially given that this is not always an option.
Astrocartography can be used to your benefit even if you don't travel. As with other types of astrology, astrocartography is a way to help us understand ourselves and our situations by using information from the stars.
You can rely on your astrocartography chart to help you determine whether to move and live in a different city or to understand why you are dissatisfied with life's present events and what you can do to remedy them, adds Naskova, much as you check the weather forecast before traveling.
In the end, you can use the knowledge you gain from it to help you live your best life and discover your happiness.
Stright And Curved Coloured Lines On World Map
Stright And Curved Coloured Lines On World Map

There's No Such Thing As A "Bad" Place

Imagine that you have your Astrocartography map and discover that you are located on a perilous line, such as Saturn or Neptune. Keep your cool, advises Dubinet.
The most important thing, she argues, is to not be afraid of the harder lines, since they all have benefits for us. "If you pick a more difficult path to follow, it's only enhancing you and evolving you; it might be the shake-up you need."
Monahan agrees and adds that there are no tough lines because each person's astrological chart is unique and has a variety of various planets and energies.
Things can be favorable if you reside on an Astrocartography line of a benefic planet such as Venus or Jupiter, but only if those planets are healthy in your chart.
According to Monahan, moving to this line will further exacerbate whatever tough aspects or obstacles that your natal Venus may be facing.
And vice versa, while malefic planets like Mars and Saturn, which have harder energies, might be challenging to manage, they can be highly productive regions for people who have a deep understanding of the planets in their charts.
According to Monahan, Saturn is beneficial for finishing a body of work or starting a serious study. If you are someone who thrives in a bustling, fast-paced environment, Mars may be the ideal place for you.
Again, there is no such thing as a negative location to be; rather, every area has distinctive energy, and astrology enables you to access those energies according to your needs at the time.
To communicate what you want to do with your life going forward, Monacan advises that you "make sure you are moving to [or traveling to] an area that compliments your chart."
A fast-paced, sociable environment, for instance, might have been ideal for you when you were a young, single person, but as you prepare to have children, you might yearn for a slower, more nurturing atmosphere.
The key message is that Astro cartography can help you better comprehend the energy influences of various areas and how they pertain to you and your life in particular. Then you make appropriate plans for your trips (or major relocation).

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Line To Live On In Astrocartography?

It is recommended to employ the lines of helpful planets like the sun, Venus, and Jupiter while performing astrocartography. Mercury has no charge.

What Do The Lines In Astrocartography Mean?

Midheaven (MC), Lower Midheaven (IC), Point of Ascendant (AC), and Point of Descent (PD) are the four lines that, with a small variation, symbolize the energy of each planet (DC).

What Can Astrocartography Tell You?

The astrocartography connection can help with jobs, relationships, and big-move decisions.


The astrocartography connection is not just about movement, particularly in situations where movement is not possible. Astrocartography doesn't require travel.
Astrocartography, like other branches of astrology, utilizes the cosmos to shed light on human nature and the world we live in by revealing patterns and relationships.
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