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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The devil tarot card meaning, represents our human ambitions, particularly those related to the material world. This card depicts a poor relationship with others or with oneself at its heart. It also reflects some of our most profound and darkest human emotions.

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The tarotisn't affiliated with any one religion, although it does contain a number of religious motifs, including the Devil.
The devil tarot card meaning, represents our human ambitions, particularly those related to the material world.
This card depicts a poor relationship with others or with oneself at its heart. It also reflects some of our most profound and darkest human emotions, but don't worry.
As demoralizing as this card may appear, it doesn't always mean doom in a reading.
Rather, it encourages you to examine the areas of your life where you feel out of control and seek to change them.
The Devil card depicts Baphomet, also known as the Horned Goat of Mendes, a half-human, half-goat monster.
Baphomet was originally associated with the balance of good and evil, male and female, human and animal; and
However, in recent years, he has become associated with the occult and a scapegoat for all things considered "bad."
The Devil's wings are those of a vampire bat, an animal that feeds on its prey's blood, symbolizing what occurs when you give in to your primal impulses.
He possesses a captivating look that "magnetizes" and enthralls any who get close to him, subduing them.
An inverted pentagram hangs over him, symbolizing the darkest side of magicand occultism.
He lifts his right hand in the Vulcan Salute, a Jewish benediction popularized by the Star Trek film series. He has a bright torch in his left hand.
The devil tarot cardmeaning represents a man and a woman standing at the Devil's feet, both nude and bound to the podium on which the Devil sits.
They appear to be being kept against their will, yet closer inspection reveals that the shackles around their necks are loose and readily unfastened.
Each has little horns on their heads, similar to the devil's, indicating that the more they stay here, the more they resemble him.
Both have tails, which are symbols of their animalistic impulses and primal instincts, and the grapes and flames on their tails represent pleasure and passion, respectively.
Cute Girl in Devil Costume Holding a Trident and Balloon
Cute Girl in Devil Costume Holding a Trident and Balloon

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

The devil tarot card meaning in the reversed card may appear in your reading when you're on the verge of a breakthrough or a new phase.
You must first let go of any poisonous attachments or restricting ideas that are blocking you from reaching your full potential.
When you want to embrace optimism and accomplish greatness, you often have to confront your own darkness first.
Whether it's an addiction, a lousy relationship, boring work, or anything else, there's always an issue.
Allow yourself to let go of any self-imposed constraints that are impeding your advancement. It turns out that it's a lot easier than you may expect.
The devil tarot card meaning invites you to confront your deepest fears and concerns in order to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs, harmful relationships, and unneeded commitments.
Take care of the things you know are harmful to you and your inner awareness to take care of yourself and your inner consciousness.
Small lifestyle adjustments may help you achieve more of what you want in life, whether it's eating healthier, exercising more, or spending more time with family and friends.
Concentrate on the basic goal of liberty, which is to make a good change in your life.
Whether you're ready or not, a Reversed Devil card might appear when you're going to explore your deepest, most secret inner worlds.
You acquire strength, confidence, and bravery in your actions when you make a conscious decision to take this path.
You're on a mission to have a deeper knowledge of your deepest self so that you may either let it go or utilize it to help you in your everyday life.
It's possible that you'll discover that you're not quite who you thought you were. However, you must doit unwittingly or against your will.
You may have anxiety or despair, or you may have unpleasant thoughts that you don't completely understand.
If any of this rings true for you, please seek the advice of a qualified therapist.
It's possible that the Devil Reversed is a sign that you're keeping your deepest, innermost nature hidden from others.
You may be embarrassed or ashamed of certain thoughts, desires, addictions, or behaviors that you don't want people to know about.
You might feel better if you could tell at least one trustworthy person about your darker side, as holding secrets might make you feel guilty.
It is also vital to accept and forgive one's own viewpoints. If you are at risk of hurting yourself or others, you should get professional treatment right away.
Man with black and gold body art
Man with black and gold body art

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning In Love

In a love tarot reading, the Devil represents lust and temptation. With this card, there might be a sense of hedonism and a selfish drive for fulfillment.
It can also just mean pursuing all of life's worldly pleasures under less serious conditions.
There's nothing wrong with having a good time, but be sure you're not harming someone or giving them the incorrect idea.
It is your responsibility to inform your dates if you are merely searching for hookups.
Make sure you don't put any pressure on others if they decide your way of life isn't for them. Communication will be crucial now, more than ever.
Alternatively, the Devil tarot love interpretation can indicate addiction, as well as co-dependency in the context of love and relationships.
This may be damaging to both couples' personalities and sense of self over time.
Be cautious, and make sure that you and your partner stay strong people in your relationship.
Sensual male with dramatic black body art
Sensual male with dramatic black body art

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Career

These days, the Devil card is commonly seen in tarot readings dealing with work. Corporate culture's pervasiveness might be blamed for this.
A nasty job or supervisor is frequently indicated by the Devil in a career reading. It may be a job that you're stuck in.
Because the Devil card represents the material world, it frequently represents a job that you are unable to leave due to financial constraints.
The answer to the appearance of this card is difficult.
The existence of such a powerful character as the Devil means that your health will be harmed as a result of your work environment.
When a job crosses the line from "poor" to "toxic," there's usually nothing you can do to change it.
Even though it appears to be the ideal job for you on paper (pays well, has fantastic perks, etc.), the harm it causes to your soul is not worth it.
The Devil card represents an invitation to discover your way out of this scenario.
Allowing pessimism to keep you from taking care of yourself and finding a better way to improve your health is a mistake. Money and status aren't everything.
This card can also be used to resolve a problem at work.
It might imply that you, or your employer, are being overborne or using fear as motivation as the problem in a tarot spread.
Don't be a taskmaster with your team. Allow people to have more independence and freedom.
You'll see happier, more inventive, and more productive teams as a result of your efforts. Surprisingly, this card might also emerge as a solution to a problem.
In this instance, your workplace may have grown too casual and laidback.
It's possible that you'll be tasked with becoming the "bad guy" who executes a more systematic and ambitious approach.
The Devil card might imply extremely competitive fields such as Wall Street investors or finance in terms of future employment.
It conjures up images of classic corporate employment.
It can also refer to labor in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, or criminal investigations, which are all tied to the darker side of society.
The latter two are occupations that need steely nerves and a strong stomach.
Of course, labor that crosses the line into the forbidden, such as paid sex work, falls into this category.

How to Read the Devil Card | Tarot Cards

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Yes Or No

When you need a quick, basic answer and don't want to see into the future or the past, one-card readings are ideal.
You simply need a specific answer to the question in regard to a present situation that is bothering you.
You shuffle the cards and then choose only one card or read the one card that falls out during the shuffling process.
Regardless of how you pull the card, the following are some of the questions and answers you could get if you choose The Devil.
The Devil is all about negativity. Anger, anger, temptation, anxiety, and uncertainty are just a few of the terrors that this card may bring.
It alludes to being stuck in an unpleasant relationship, an addiction, or a falsehood. This card is emphatically telling you No.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning In Love Reversed

The Devil card's upside-down meaning might represent the time when a person becomes self-aware and breaks free from the shackles of addiction and bad habits.
It's possible they're wary of going around in circles and need a change.
The reversed Devil tarot love interpretation may indicate that you are breaking away from harmful emotional patterns or addictions that have been impeding your ability to form meaningful partnerships.
You may feel more in charge of your love life than you have in the past.
In certain cases, this card can also represent breaking out from a controlling spouse or a co-dependent relationship that was preventing you from expressing your true self.
You may have seen that the ties that bound you to your relationship were unhealthy and unsupportive.
Continue to cultivate your independence and be proud of your accomplishments.

People Also Ask

What Does The Devil Mean In A Relationship?

In a tarot reading about love or relationships, the Devil depicts someone who is egotistical, deceptive, and disloyal. Concerns about addiction and mental health might possibly have contributed to the relationship's demise.

What Does The Devil Card Mean In The Tarot?

It symbolizes being lured by the physical world and its pleasures. Personal and commercial concerns should be handled with prudence while living in dread, dominance, and bondage, as well as being enslaved by an excess of a luxury.

What Does The Devil In Tarot Cards Mean?

The Devil Tarot depicts your inner darkness (shadow self) as well as the bad forces that are stifling your growth and stopping you from attaining your full potential.


The feelings differ depending on whether the card is in an upright or reversed position.
In an upward position, The meaning of the devil tarot card is that undesired emotions are high. However, in a reversed position, the unpleasant emotions are a little less and there is a transition from more negative to less negative.
Furthermore, one must understand how the Devil tarot guide functions.
We believe that one should not rush to memorize the cards because it all depends on one's mental condition.
The more patience and composure you have, the stronger your connection to the card will be.
When it comes to communicating with the cosmos, science is pretty clear. You will feel more connected to universal energy if you have a more optimistic outlook.
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