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Today’s Prayer - Uplifting And Short Prayers To Use Daily

Prayer is indeed powerful. Daily prayer allows us to share all aspects of our lives with God. Life's circumstances change on a daily basis. In fact, things can quickly deteriorate from good to bad to worse. God invites us to bring our problems to Him for resolution and potential blessing.

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Prayer is indeed powerful. Daily prayer allows us to share all aspects of our lives with God. Life's circumstances change on a daily basis. In fact, things can quickly deteriorate from good to bad to worse. God invites us to bring our problems to Him for resolution and potential blessing.
He also invites us to share our triumphs and joys with Him. He also wants to share with us incredible blessings that we would have missed if we hadn't reached out to Him in prayer. And finally, the Bible tells us to “draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” God wants us to be close to Him all the time. This article will provide you with a collection of today’s prayerthat you can use in your daily living.

What Is The Purpose Of Today’s Prayer?

The Purpose of Prayer (David Wilkerson)

Prayer is the best way to communicate with our creator-God. Prayer is the vehicle for daily dialogue with the One who created us. The vitality of daily communication through prayer cannot be overestimated. It is so important that it is mentioned many times in the Bible. So why is today’s prayer so important? First, prayer gives us an opportunity to share all aspects of our lives with God.
Second, prayer allows us to express our gratitude to God for the things He provides. Third, prayer gives us a place to confess our sins and ask for help in overcoming them. Fourth, prayer is both a form of worship and an act of obedience. Finally, prayer allows us to recognize who is truly in charge of our lives.

How To Say Your Today’s Prayer To God?

A woman praying with the words how to say todays prayer to god
A woman praying with the words how to say todays prayer to god
Praying is the most direct way for us to communicate with and call on God. As a result, we should pray to God every day. Here are some tips on how to Say Your Today's Prayer To God.
  • When we pray with a sincere and concentrated heart-opening our hearts and speaking sincere words to God, our spirits will be moved and we will have peace and joy.
  • Pray to God with a Humble Heart - Whatever happens, we should pray to God with a humble heart, laying bare our true state without pretense and packaging, and not adorn ourselves before God; regardless of the corruption we reveal, we should pray to God and ask for His salvation.
  • Be obedient - We must have reason, assume the role of a created being, have a seeking and obedient heart, and refrain from making our own decisions, demands, or plans.
  • Don't Just Pray for Our Own Needs, But Also for God's Will - When working and preaching, we should pray to God with a burden, asking Him to enlighten and guide us so that we can fellowship about His will and lead our brothers and sisters to practice and experience God's words.

Examples Of Today’s Prayer

A woman praying in the sunset with bible verse from Ephesians 3:16-19
A woman praying in the sunset with bible verse from Ephesians 3:16-19
A prayer at the start of each day brings our heart and mind together in thanksgiving, humility, and love for God. It can be difficult to find the words to pray at times, which is why we've compiled this collection of short today's prayers. Each of these prayers is a great place to begin your prayer time or to pray throughout the day. Look through the collection of today's prayers below to find one you can use every day.

Short Today’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, may our hearts find words to praise you together, and may we all ask you in unison that we be brought into community with you. We come to you with our entire selves, with everything we've experienced and everything you've given us through your leadership. For you have shown us the way to this day, guiding us through right and wrong, the perfect and the imperfect. You have taught us all that we are yours. We are all yours.
You are collaborating with us to realize what you have in mind for each of us as well as the many, many people who hunger and thirst for justice and truth. Be with us in your Spirit. Touch us with Jesus Christ's hand. He is our Savior, and we cling to him in order to praise you in his name. Amen.

Another Day Prayer

Thank you Lord, for another day of life. Thank you for another beautiful sunrise to look forward to. Thank you for the lovely sounds of nature, from the cool breeze rustling through the trees to the birds singing melodies. You are an amazing God, full of grace and mercy. I thank you for giving me an extra day to spend with my family. Father, I adore you! Amen.

Prayer For Tiring Days

Father, wake up my sleepy mind and fill it with anticipation. Awaken my sluggish body and energize my heart through love in action. Ignite my spirit, and set this day ablaze with hope. Make the mundane extraordinary. Engage me, and show me your kingdom in action. Help me to see that because of you, every waking moment is full of promise. Amen.

Prayer Before Going To Work

Lord, I give you everything I am today. Please ease my fatigue so that I can be inspired in my work. Help me to think of new ways to show your love to everyone I meet. Keep my mind clear and focused on everything I need to accomplish, and grant me the wisdom to overcome obstacles and find solutions. I look to you and believe you are here with me today. Amen.

Prayer For Gratitude

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for my family. Thank you to my wife. I love them unconditionally, even when they are weak. Thank you for looking after my children. I smileevery time I hear the pitter-patter of their feet across the house. Father, my joy overflows! Be with my family today as they part ways. I pray that you will bring us all back home safely to each other. Amen.

Prayer In The Morning

Dear Lord, You have led me to the start of a new day. As the world is renewed, so I ask You to renew my heart with Your strength and purpose. Forgive me for my mistakes of yesterday, and bless me to walk closer to You today. This is the day I begin a new chapter in my life; shine through me so that everyone I meet can sense Your presence in me. Take my hand, precious Lord, for I cannot doit alone. Amen

Today's Morning Prayer

Oh Lord, I come before you. May your hope rise up in me as the sun rises. May your love flow out of me as the birds sing. May your joy shine through me as the light floods in on this new day. I come before you, Lord, to drink in this moment of peace, so that I can carry some of your hope, love, and joy in my heart today.

Morning Prayer Asking For Strength

Dear Lord, I ask that you give me the strength to stand up for You in the world today. Lord, you are aware of the difficulties I will face today. Please bear with me as I go through them. Carry me if I am unable to move. Please forgive me if I make a mistake in them. I will thank You when I succeed in them! You are deserving of all acclaim and respect. Amen.

Prayer For Opportunity

Dear Lord, I pray today that I will completely surrender my spirit to You, so that You may use me as You see fit. I pray that You will give me opportunities to demonstrate to others how much You mean to me. Allow me the freedom to decide what to say and how to say it.
Make me courageous enough to proclaim salvation cheerfully and joyfully. I pray that the seeds You give me will grow and mature. Father, I pray that You will water the seeds that You have given me permission to plant today. I will be eternally grateful for the cross; may I bear witness to it in a contagious way today. Amen.

Gratitude For Your Work

Dear God, I am grateful for my job. You have provided me with a consistent source of income, for which I am grateful. I pray that you keep an eye on me at work today and that no accidents occur so that everyone can return home safely.
I am grateful that my job has provided me with an income to support myself and my family. I am grateful for the provisions you have provided for me, including my house, car, and food. I pray for safe travel to and from work, and I ask that you use me today as you see fit for Your Glory. Amen.


Prayer is something that we should all strive for on a daily basis. However, many Christiansfind it difficult to humble themselves in daily prayer. Daily prayer may become stale and lacking in proper conviction or reverence for those who have been walking with the Lord for many years.
Whether one is a new or established believer, prayer should always be regarded as the best way to communicate with God. Today's prayer is a good way to grasp this incredible truth and the wonderful privilege God has bestowed upon us. I hope this article inspires and encourages you to say your prayer for the day.
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