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Here Is A Comprehensive Guide On Unlucky Numbers

Depending on one's opinion or experience with that particular number, an unlucky number can have a detrimental influence on one's life. Many numbers are considered unlucky across the world and should be avoided at all costs. Remember that the articles on the numerals 13 and 666 are different from this one since they are well-known enough to need their own sites. This website is dedicated to the numbers that are less well-known.

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Many numbers are considered unlucky across the world and should be avoided at all costs. Remember that the articles on the numerals 13 and 666 are different from this one since they are well-known enough to need their own sites. This website is dedicated to the numbers that are less well-known.
Numerologyis the study of how a number and a series of events seem to be linked in some way that is thought to be divine, mystical, or unique. This is based on or comes from this.
If you look at the history of different civilizations, you'll see that some numbers have been more important than others because of how important they were to them.
Number superstitions may appear to be nothing more than fantastic stories concocted by desperate gamblers, yet these mathematical folk tales startle people at all stages of life and have spread far beyond the gaming sector.
These so-called fortunate or unlucky attributes given to numbers, whether inspired by biblical stories or traditions of ancient (pagan) people, have actual value for many people. People will change their trip plans, postpone purchases, or spend their life savings on lottery tickets based on little more than a narrative, the origin of which is often unknown. Doyou know how these numerals got their names?
Depending on one's opinion or experience with that particular number, an unlucky numbercan have a detrimental influence on one's life.

Unlucky Number In Japan

In Japan, the number four is considered unlucky because it sounds like shi, which means death when spoken. This is why the number four has two readings, shi and yon. People attempt to avoid using the death one whenever feasible. The ku-nine, which sounds like ku (sorrow, misery, or torment), is the same way. In the same way that four has two readings, nine has two: ku and kyu.
Hospitals, for example, do not have fourth or ninth floors. Room 43 may not exist in maternity wards since it sounds like shisan, or stillbirth.
42, which sounds like shini – to die; 49, which sounds like shiku – to run over; 42-19, which sounds like shini iku – to go and die; 42-56, which sounds like shini-goro – time to die; and 24, which sounds like nishi – two deaths or two out if you're a baseball fan).
Some of the Yakuza's more terrifying members wear the number 4444 on their license plates to signify their disdain for their own mortality. That's a lot of dead people, and you don't want to cut off a car with this plate on the highway.
Black Framed Eyeglasses Beside Notebook on a different colored surface
Black Framed Eyeglasses Beside Notebook on a different colored surface

Unlucky Number In China

Lucky numbersin China have comparable pronunciations to words with lucky meanings. As a fortunate number, the number 8 has a lot of meaning. 2, 6, and 9 are considered lucky to a lesser extent. In China, the number four is considered unlucky. Fengshui and the Chinese zodiac, in addition to these generic number superstitions, predict varying degrees of luckfor different places and people.

Unlucky Number In India

In many areas, the number 12 is followed by 12 A or 14. Specialists claim that the number 13 is also regarded as lucky and auspicious since it coincides with a number of festivals, such as Baisakhi (April 13).
It is also considered unlucky to sit at a table with thirteen people. Friday the 13th has long been seen as an unlucky day. There are several hypotheses as to why the number thirteen came to be connected with ill luck, but none of them has been proven.
The numbers 3, 5, and 8 are regarded as lucky, but the number 4 is considered unlucky. Other countries with a heritage of Han characters have comparable ideas based on these principles. Therefore, these customs are not exclusive to Chinese culture.

Unlucky Number In Western Culture

It also appears that unexplainable apprehensions about the number 13 are mostly a Western construct. Some societies, such as the Ancient Egyptians, regarded the number four as lucky, while others simply switched numbers as the basis of their phobias—for example, the number four is shunned throughout most of Asia.
People in Asheville, North Carolina, say that more than 80% of high-rise buildings in the US don't have a 13th floor, and the number isn't used for rooms or gates at many places like hotels and airports, too.

Most Lucky and Unlucky Numbers for Chinese People

Unlucky Number In World

Here is the list of the world’s unluckiest numbers and people try to avoid them.

Number 4

Because the sound of the number 4is akin to the Chinese word for death, it is considered unlucky in China.
This is why many Chinese structures do not have a fourth level, and some people will avoid buying property on the fourth street.
Many firms avoid using the number 4, such as Fujifilm, which skipped series 4 and went straight to series 5 from series 3.

Number 13

Many people think that the unlucky number 13derives from the Bible, because Judas was the 13th person to sit at The Last Supper.
According to Norse mythology, a "dinner party of the Gods" was believed to be wrecked by the 13th guest, Loki, who subsequently caused the world to be thrown into darkness.
When paired with the last day of the week, Friday, some people believe it's a formula for catastrophe.
The dread of the number 13 is known as "riskaidekaphobia," and it affects a large number of people.
Some hotels won't even have a 13th floor, and some airlines won't fly on Friday the 13th; the list goes on and on.
To cut a long tale short, everyone despises the number 13, which is why it appears in so many horror films and is even named after a terrifying rollercoaster at Alton Towers.

Number 8

Because the number 8 is linked to the three Saturnian stars, it is thought to be bad luck in India.
It's known in Hindi as "Sani," and it's thought to be a connection that breaks harmony, since many disasters have occurred on the 8th or on dates related to the number 8.
The Kashmir earthquake (October 8, 2005), Mumbai floods (July 26, 2005), Gujarat earthquake (January 26, 2001), and the Indian Ocean tsunami are all examples of this idea (December 26, 2004).

Number 9

For the same reason that the number 4 is regarded as a bad number in China, the number 9 is seen as a poor number in Japan.
They actually pronounce the term differently just in case it sounds like the Japanese word for torture or agony.
Because of their bad associations, the numerals 4 and 9 are sometimes pronounced yon and kyuu instead.

What Are The Unlucky Numbers?

Which numbers are the unluckiest? According to universal beliefs, the unluckiest numbers are 12, 17, 13, and 666. Some ages are considered unlucky in Japanese culture, including 25, 42, and 60.

What Is The Unluckiest Month To Be Born In?

According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, May is the luckiest month to be born, while October is the unluckiest.


Luck (and misfortune) beliefs are inextricably related to culture. As a result, there are fortunate and unlucky numbersall across the world. Numbers matter, whether they are tied to a culture's history, language, or religion. A number can sometimes be linked to mythology from the past.
Other times, a number's pronunciation sounds like another term that has something to do with luck or unlucky luck. In Chinese, the word four, for example, sounds very close to the word for death. As a result, it is considered an unlucky number. For many Asian cultures, even being in a hospital room with the number four is bad luck!
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