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Venus Retrograde And The Myth Of Inanna

Venus retrograde is a celestial event that occurs when the planet Venus appears to move backward in its orbit. It is an optical illusion that lasts for 40 days and 40 nights and occurs every 18 months. Venus is the planet of romance, love, wealth, beauty, and the arts, and its retrograde is often associated with changes in romantic relationships and monetary choices.

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Venus retrogradeis a celestial event that occurs when the planet Venus appears to move backward in its orbit. It is an optical illusion that lasts for 40 days and 40 nights and occurs every 18 months. Venus is the planet of romance, love, wealth, beauty, and the arts, and its retrograde is often associated with changes in romantic relationships and monetary choices.
People may experience a change in perspective and be asked to rethink romance, aesthetics, friendships, self-esteem, resources, wants, enjoyment, and creativity during Venus retrograde.
Venus retrograde is a time for introspection and personal development, and depending on the sign of the zodiac, it may have various effects on people's lives. It may also present obstacles, including troubles with self-esteem, technical difficulties, and social anxiety. In the article, we will explore the definition of Venus retrograde, its dates and duration, astrological significance, myths and symbolism, coping strategies, and more.

What Is Venus Retrograde?

If we had a Venus archetype living inside of us, it would be the parts of ourselves that are concerned with beauty, desire, love, intimacy, relationship, and connection. If we had a Venus archetype living inside of us, it would be those parts. These elements of who we are would represent the planet Venus.
Venus entices us into pleasure, creative expression, and amorous undertakings, and it reveals to us how much significance we place on ourselves, other people, ideas, places, and monetary things. Venus is ruled by the sign of Libra.
When Venus is in the sign of Leo and traveling through its retrograde phase, these are the subjects that will be stressed, reviewed, noticed, reframed, visited, and maybe even healed. This time also affords us the chance to reflect on our connection with money and earnings, the significance we place on our skills and creative potential, the way we evaluate works of art and aesthetic appeal, and the degree to which we are confident enough to openly express who we are.
This retrograde may appear like a mirror in the sense that it gives insights into earlier experiences that are seeping into the present by recreating certain connections. It may also seem like a mirror in the sense that it illustrates how our present replicates our history by continuing narratives that began many years ago.
Venus Planet Surrounded By A Pink Zodiac Wheel
Venus Planet Surrounded By A Pink Zodiac Wheel

Dates And Duration Of Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde, an astronomical event when Venus seems to move backwards in the sky from its regular direction, has a big impact on astrological interpretations and individual experiences. The planet of love, relationships, beauty, and creativity retraces its route around the zodiac during this time, which usually lasts for roughly 40 days.
For astrologers and people who are interested in the impacts of Venus retrograde, the crucial dates and degrees are very important. These dates serve as markers for reflection, reevaluation, and possible changes in relationships. When Mercury is retrograde, we often feel compelled to examine our feelings and relationships.
During the roughly 40-day period while Venus is retrograde, there is a noticeable energy change. Relationships may face difficulties, requiring patience and a breakdown in communication. Similar to this, obstacles encountered during creative endeavors may prompt us to reconsider our artistic focus.
Although Venus retrograde is often linked with caution, it also presents excellent prospects for development. A deeper sense of self and more genuine relationships might result from thinking about our emotional needs, reevaluating aesthetic preferences, and resolving interpersonal dynamics.
Individual experiences with astrological events may vary, but the cyclical nature of Venus retrograde continuously prompts us to stop, consider, and improve how we handle issues of the heart and creativity.

What Is Venus Retrograde And The Myth Of Inanna

Venus' Sumerian equivalent is Inanna. The most revered deity of the period was Inanna, the goddess of fertility and plenty. Inanna's mythical journey into the underworld is only an analogy for Venus' retrograde cycle.
The story begins with Inanna choosing to see her sister Ereshkigal, the Goddess of the Underworld, in the underworld. Venus's disappearance behind the horizon, according to the Sumerians, signaled that she had entered the underworld.
Inanna must enter the Underworld via seven gates, at each of which she must take off a piece of jewelry or clothes. This forces Inanna to let go of her previous sense of self. She ultimately enters the underworld, but her sister chooses to murder her. At this time, Venus is conjunct the Sun, signaling the beginning of a new Venus cycle. A piece of us must die for us to begin again.
Earthly emissaries arrive to save Inanna and revive her. Venus reappears in the sky during this phase, this time as a morning star, when Inanna is revived and returns to Earth. Venus's retrograde transition from evening star to morning star is depicted in the tale of Inanna.
There are two things concerning Venus retrograde that you should be aware of. Venus transitions from being an evening star to a morning star; its retrograde motion is a transformation of one condition into another. Venus begins a new cycle, and its retrograde motion causes the heart to rebirth. A new you will appear, much as Venus is born anew, this time in the morning sky.

Planet Venus Retrograde And Women

If a woman's birth chart shows that the planet Venus is in the retrograde position, it is quite likely that she will have a personality that is highly aggressive. This is because of the nature of the planet Venus. These kinds of women use their power and control over their partners in such a way that it suffocates them within the context of the relationship.
Even when the love relationship has come to an end, they continue to keep tabs on their exes because they have developed an unhealthy obsession with them, which is the worst conceivable case. They are making the most of every moment in their lives.

When Planet Venus Is In The Benefic State

The characteristics of the planet are considered significant in astrological interpretations. If the planet Venus is in a benefic condition in your birth chart, then it is probable that you will have success in the endeavors you undertake.
Many people believe that Venus is the planet that rules over love and pleasure. If the planet is located in the seventh house of your birth chart with another planet, then it bestows upon you harmony and tranquility in your relationships with your spouse and your family.
If the planet Venus is located in the 12th house, it indicates financial success and the ability to enjoy life's finer things. If a guy has the planet Venus in a benefic condition, then he is likely to have a strong appreciation for style and is likely to put a lot of effort into improving himself.
If the behavior of the planet Venus in one's birth chart is shown to be malefic, then it is probable that one will have a financial setback at some point. To keep from falling into abject poverty, you would have to put in a lot of hard labor. Unfortunately, you will also experience a decline in respect, and there is a strong likelihood that those who are married will face a delay in marriage or an imbalance in their marital life.
All of these things will occur in the lives of those who are married. During this period, some people may also have issues with their health. If the planet Venus is in its malefic form, then you, as a man, may have issues relating to reproduction. On the other hand, women may experience intense mental strain as a result of this.
Venus Retrograde In With Aquarius Signs On Both Side
Venus Retrograde In With Aquarius Signs On Both Side

Venus Retrograde And Aquarius

As Venus moves backward through the area of your chart that controls issues of the heart, Aquarius, your love life will be challenging during this retrograde. If your sweetheart seems aloof or tense, try not to take it personally and be aware of these traits in yourself.
When Mercury and Venus unite on July 27, providing an opportunity to improve relations, think about calmly addressing any simmering conflicts you have with a loved one. Making the most of these energies will require compassion, so don't be afraid to bring up unsolved matters from the past.
Your home life may face difficulties on August 9 when retrograde Venus squares up with disobedient Uranus. You could deal with misplaced belongings, broken dishes, and cranky roommates in addition to emotional ups and downs.
When you sense that harmony has vanished from your surroundings, start by finding your core. You could also feel as if the person you want to help or nurture is pushing you away, but if they are just asking for space, try not to go too far.
Throughout this planetary backspin, August 13 will shine brightly because the Leo Sun and Venus will work together to increase your charm, self-assurance, and drive to get along with others.
It will be easier to resolve disagreements, set up dates, and flirt since people will be more willing to respect one another and compromise. Additionally, you'll be required to consider how love affects your confidence, so it's critical that you figure out how to feel proud without other people's approval.

Harnessing The Energy Of Venus Retrograde For Personal Growth

Utilizing Venus retrograde energy may be a life-changing path towards self-discovery and personal progress. Although Venus retrograde is sometimes seen as a period of difficulties in love and creativity, it also presents a rare chance to go deeply inside and make profoundly constructive changes.


Venus retrograde pushes us to examine our beliefs, aspirations, and goals more carefully. This is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate what is genuinely important to us and determine if our present decisions are consistent with who we truly are. Writing, meditation, or therapy may all be helpful in this process.

Realignment Of Relationships

Relationship difficulties at this stage should not be feared but rather seen as possibilities for improvement. Venus retrograde encourages open communication and the resolution of hidden problems that may have gone unnoticed. This may result in greater comprehension and emotional bonds.

Creative Reawakening

Artists can use this time to reflect on past endeavors, look into novel concepts, and break out of creative ruts. The retrograde energy inspires original thinking and new insights. It's an opportunity to rediscover the enthusiasm that inspired our creative activities in the first place.

Developing Self-Love

Venus's retrograde motion encourages us to develop our self-relationship. It may be very helpful to engage in self-care, self-compassion, and self-acceptance at this time. Positivity may be spread outward by engaging in things that make us feel good about ourselves.

Letting Go Of Attachments

Venus's retrograde motion might act as a prompt to remind us to let go of ties that no longer benefit us. Toxic relationships, financial items, and even outmoded ideologies may all be let go of in this way. Accepting the concept of cleaning our lives may make room for fresh possibilities.

People Also Ask

What Are The Effects Of Venus Retrograde?

Venus retrograde can bring challenges and introspection to relationships, communication, and creative endeavors.

How Does Venus Retrograde Impact Relationships?

Venus retrograde can trigger communication breakdowns and prompt reevaluation of relationship dynamics.

Can Venus Retrograde Be Positive?

Yes, Venus retrograde offers opportunities for self-discovery, growth, and rekindling creativity.


Astronomers and astrologers alike are fascinated by Venus retrograde, a celestial phenomenon that offers a special opportunity for reflection and personal development. There may be difficulties as a result of its impact on creativity and relationships, but it also presents an opportunity to strengthen bonds, rekindle creative endeavors, and increase self-awareness.
We may use the energy of this cyclical cosmic event to our advantage by embracing it. This helps us to clarify our ideals, foster genuine connections, and ignite original creativity. Venus retrograde challenges us to use its potential for personal progress and to traverse the complex dance of life's complexities, whether as a phase of recalibrating or as a catalyst for change.
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