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Warfare Prayer Points With Scriptures - Empowering Your Faith

Looking for warfare prayer points with scriptures? Find powerful and scripturally-based prayers to strengthen your spiritual armor and stand against the enemy.

Author:Ava Martinez
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Spiritual warfare is deeply rooted in many religious traditions, emphasizing the battle between good and evil in the spiritual realm. Christians, in particular, believe in the power of prayer to wage war against the forces of darkness and to protect themselves and their loved ones from spiritual attacks.
These warfare prayer points with scripturesare designed to help believers tap into the strength and guidance of the Word of God in times of spiritual struggle.

Warfare Prayers And Scriptures


Congratulate God for displaying his attributes in these lines. Spend some time thanking God for His revealed qualities.


Consider how these verses highlight sin, unfaithfulness, or fear. Spend some time humbly confessing such issues to God.


Query in line with the Bible. Based on what you have read, offer prayers for yourself and others.


Spend some time discussing your plans for using what you've learned with God.
A Man Praying while Holding Something in Both Hands
A Man Praying while Holding Something in Both Hands

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points With Scriptures

Spiritual warfare prayer pointsare the form of prayer that achieves victory through Jesus Christ, your Lord. If you want to win, you must pray to defeat the wicked.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, arise and extinguish every evil abode inside me.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, grant that every evil incantation spoken against me be revoked.
  • Father, When the followers of the real God are together, it is forbidden for forces of darkness to appear. In the mighty name of your Lord Jesus, I slay every demon and group of devils in this region right this second.
  • In the firm name of Jesus, Father, send every demonic gathering opposing the gathering of God's children scattering.
  • In the name of Jesus, I ask the Father to send lightning to disperse every sinister alliance working against the glory of this home.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost, arise in Your might and wage war against my enemies.
  • In the name of Jesus, I demand the serpent forces to vomit whatever they have ingested from my life by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • In the name of Jesus, I pray to the Father, "Show me where the enemy has hidden or buried my blessings."
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, I ask you to arise and drive away every bad dog chasing me.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, I release my virtues, blessings, glory, ministry, and calling to every force of darkness operating under the high seas.
  • In the mighty name of Jesus, I ask the Father to direct my spirit to escape from every evil cell.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, rise and release my heart from the grip of demonic strongholds.
  • In the name of Jesus, I, therefore, announce to the Father that I have released my life from the confines of a demonic stronghold and have placed my life and destiny on the road of advancement.
  • In the name of Jesus, I ask the Father to put an end to any demonic activity that is taking place in my life that is against what He has planned for me.
  • In the name of Jesus, I pray, "Father, my life is not for sale, and any demonic power will not sell me."
  • In the name of Jesus, I order anybody who has eaten my glory and honor to vomit them up by thunder.
  • In the name of Jesus, I ask the Father to send fire before me to burn up the horde of all my foes.
  • In the name of Jesus, Father, send fire to disperse every evil stranger nearby.
  • Father, I firmly lay my right hand over my head and announce, "The Power of Promotion Rests Upon Me, In the Name of Jesus."
  • All flesh and devils before YOU now, Father, be quiet by your mighty strength. In the name of Jesus, speak immediately so Your servant may hear You.
Person Holding Open Book
Person Holding Open Book

Dangerous And Powerful Prayer Points For Spiritual Warfare And Protection

You may place Jesus at the forefront of your prayers and enable Him to combat the devil on your behalf, whether you pray by yourself or with other Christians.
You may be guaranteed to continue to triumph over the internal and external fights that will undoubtedly be launched at you if you have these potent prayer points for spiritual warfare and protection.
  • Rise, Lord; you are my fortification. Fight against those who oppose me and make them know that you are the Lord of Hosts, the All-Powerful God.
  • Deliver me like a doe out of my captors' trap by scattering my adversaries around the globe, sending intense bewilderment into their camp.
  • I invoke the name of the Lord in my hour of need. My adversaries attempt to overwhelm me, but you, Lord, are more robust than they are. Lord, please help me and save me from their crimson hands.
  • By the blood of the Lamb, O Lord, vindicate me. Deliver me from the grasp of my adversaries.
  • I am encouraged by the fact that the Lord is leading the struggle. O Lord, shame the adversary and make all the mountains in my life disappear.
  • I affirm that Christ is keeping watch over me. I am impervious to the weapons and charges of my adversaries who want to see me destroyed.
  • I enslaved every spirit that conflicted with me. In the name of Jesus, I proclaim myself successful.
  • On this terrible day, Lord, I pray to you. O Lord, hear my prayer and save me from harm by your goodness.
  • I exercise the dominion God has given me over my surroundings and lands. I am limitless, and I surpass all satanic norms.
  • I announce that no demon or spirit can prevail over me because God in me is much greater than he who is in the world.

Warfare Prayer Points With Scriptures Against Enemies

God has already provided all you need to defeat the devil and win an everlasting triumph over him. According to the Bible, God will allow your adversaries to be defeated in front of your eyes. He said that everyone who gathers against you would perish for your cause. It implies that God and the adversaries of your soul are at war with one another.
Victory is inevitable since the conflict is your God's. Additionally, you are informed that they will approach from one way and then disperse in seven other directions. This indicates that the devil and his minions will find you too hot to handle because you are concealed with Christ in God.
They see the Highest God as they approach, turn, and run. Below is a list of prayer points to assist believers in praying and turning their fights over to God. Warfare struggles include ardent prayers and fasting.
  • Lord, I come to you today because my adversaries have collected in great force to oppose me. Lord, save me with your mighty hand. In the name of Jesus, I command that any person or demon plotting against my life will fail. In the name of Jesus, let the Holy Spirit's fire go before me and disperse my adversaries.
  • In the name of Jesus, I demolish any altar built to restrict my ancestry. In the name of Jesus, let the Lord's judgment fall against every generational foe and pattern in my family.
  • Oh Lord, I declare that Every adversary sent to prevent my advancement or positioned to thwart my success should perish in flames. In the name of Jesus, let the fire of God burn against every evil trying to steal my prosperity.
  • In the name of Jesus, let thunder from heaven strike every force that seeks to destroy me and render my destiny meaningless. In the name of Jesus, may God miraculously remove from me any man or woman who would prevent me from achieving my purpose.
  • I confront all of my foes, O Lord. Make your angels fight for me by causing them to rise. In Jesus' name, let death visit them.
  • In the name of Jesus, every adversary who has refused to allow me to live in peace is distressed. Let the Lord's light consume them. In Jesus' name, I am set free.
  • In the name of Jesus, O Lord, may there be casualties against the demonic forces active in my area and family ancestry.
  • In the name of Jesus, send a catastrophic storm from heaven to thwart every evil conspiracy against me and my family.
  • In the tremendous character of Jesus, O enormous God caused shaking and dispersion in the enemy's camp.
  • In the name of Jesus, Lord God, may all evil deeds against my advancement be destroyed by fire.
A Man Reading Quran
A Man Reading Quran

Midnight Warfare Prayer Points With Scriptures

The night has a gorgeous yet scary quality. At night, many things good and bad happen. Nevertheless, the Word is one of the practical tools God has given Christians for battle. It is more potent than all of the world's carnal weapons combined.
According to the Bible, the Lord's Word is more cutting-edge than any two-edged weapon. You are sure that it can destroy your opponents because of this. Start utilizing the following verses as prayer points for your nocturnal battles:
  • In the name of Jesus, I fervently pray that my spirit man is active and ferocious, repelling every assault from the adversary.
  • In the name of Jesus, send Holy Ghost Fire to strike at the core of my family and my life, destroying every demonic presence that is bringing my family and me before wicked altars.
  • Lord, make your Word in my spirit a two-edged sword so that my spirit man may fight when I'm sleeping.
  • In the name of Jesus, I proclaim that my spirit man is awake and engaged even though I'm asleep.
  • In the name of Jesus, I hope my sleep will provide a chance for ongoing visions from God Almighty. In the name of Jesus, I am protected from every wicked plan the adversary has for me as I sleep.


What Is Spiritual Warfare, And Why Is It Important For Christians?

Spiritual warfare is the belief in the ongoing battle between good and evil in the spiritual realm. It's crucial for Christians because it underscores the need for prayer, faith, and reliance on God's strength to combat spiritual challenges and protect against negative spiritual influences.

How Can I Effectively Put On The Armor Of God, As Mentioned In Ephesians 6?

To put on the Armor of God effectively, you should familiarize yourself with each piece of spiritual armor and its significance. Meditate on Ephesians 6:10 - 18 and pray for God's help in living out these principles daily to stand against spiritual attacks.

What Are Some Practical Ways To Break Strongholds, As Advised In 2 Corinthians 10:4-5?

Breaking strongholds involves surrendering to God, renewing your mind through His Word, and seeking deliverance through prayer and fasting. It also includes seeking accountability and support from fellow believers.

Can Prayer Protect Loved Ones, As Mentioned In Proverbs 18:10?

Yes, prayer can protect loved ones. Praying for their safety and well-being expresses your love and concern. Trust in God's protection and commit your loved ones to His care through prayer.

How Can I Break Generational Curses, As Discussed In Exodus 34:7?

Breaking generational curses starts with acknowledging them and seeking God's forgiveness. Repentance, prayer, and seeking spiritual counsel can help break these negative patterns and release your family from their effects.

How Can I Find Guidance And Wisdom, As Advised In James 1:5?

Finding guidance and wisdom requires seeking God through prayer and reading His Word. Ask Him for wisdom in specific situations, and trust He will provide it. Seeking advice from mature believers and mentors can also be helpful.

What Is The Significance Of The Prayer Of A Righteous Person, As Mentioned In James 5:16?

The prayer of a righteous person is considered powerful and effective because it is rooted in a right relationship with God. When you pray with sincerity and righteousness, your prayers are more likely to align with God's will and bring about positive change.

How Can I Teach My Children To Engage In Spiritual Warfare Prayer?

Teaching children about spiritual warfare prayer can begin with age-appropriate explanations and discussions about the importance of prayer, faith, and relying on God's protection. Encourage them to pray for guidance, wisdom, and safety daily.

Are There Specific Prayers To Protect Against Demonic Forces And Negative Influences?

There are specific prayers designed to protect against demonic forces and negative influences. These prayers often include invoking God's protection, rebuking evil spirits, and pleading the blood of Jesus for safeguarding.


Warfare prayer points with scriptures provide believers with a powerful tool for engaging in spiritual battles and seeking divine guidance and protection. These prayers are not meant to be a magical formula but rather a means of aligning one's heart, mind, and spirit with God's will and purpose.
In times of spiritual struggle, faith-filled prayer rooted in the Word of God can be a source of strength, peace, and victory over the forces of darkness.
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