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What Are The Best Playing Cards For Magic Tricks?

Magic tricks have captivated audiences for centuries, drawing them into a world where the impossible becomes reality and wonderment knows no bounds. One crucial element in the magician's toolkit is the playing cards they use, the very canvas upon which they paint their illusions. In this article, we will discuss What are the Best Playing Cards for Magic Tricks.

Author:Georgia Ashcroft
Reviewer:Ava Martinez
Sep 07, 2023
Magictricks have captivated audiences for centuries, drawing them into a world where the impossible becomes reality and wonderment knows no bounds.
One crucial element in the magician's toolkit is the playing cards they use, the very canvas upon which they paint their illusions. Whether it's sleight of hand, card manipulation, or mind-bending feats, the choice of playing cards can significantly impact the success and impact of a magic trick.
There isn't a set of playing cards that is "best" for magic tricks. You may use any deck. Any deck will work just fine for the bulk of novice card tricks you wish to master, however, worn-out old decks will make certain sleight-of-hand maneuvers trickier.
Playing cards and magicians go together. It's true that the majority of people associate magic with plucking a rabbit out of a hat, sawing someone in two, or using a straightforward deck of cards.
It's true that your audience is unlikely to give the cards you're utilizing in your performance much thought. To them, it doesn't really matter what sort of playing cards you're using since you're simply picking one at random.
The issue is that playing cards are widely available. In fact, there are so many choices that it might be difficult to make a decision when you're just getting started. You have no clue which cards will work best for performing card magic tricks or even whether there is a difference between the different kinds.
You'll spend a lot of time practicing and executing card tricks as a magician. In fact, a deck of cards is said to be used in 90% of all magic tricks. In this article, we will discuss What are the Best Playing Cards for Magic Tricks.

The Essentials Of A Magical Deck

A magician's deck of cards is more than just a random assortment; it's a carefully curated tool designed to enhance the magic experience. The best playing cards for magic tricks share common features that contribute to their effectiveness:

Durability And Handling

One of the foremost considerations in selecting cards for magic tricks is durability. A deck that can withstand frequent use, shuffling, and manipulation is essential for seamless performances. Many magicians opt for decks crafted from premium materials that offer a balance between flexibility and resilience, ensuring cards maintain their form even after countless tricks.

Finish And Coating

The finish of a playing card deck can significantly impact how smoothly they glide across the magician's hands. Magicians often prefer decks with air-cushion or linen finishes, as they provide excellent control during manipulation and contribute to the overall flow of the trick. A well-coated deck not only handles beautifully but also adds an air of elegance to the performance.
Sleight Of Hand Card In Blye Color
Sleight Of Hand Card In Blye Color

Best Cards For Sleight Of Hand

Sleight of hand is the foundation of all excellent card magic. Anyone who enjoys card magic, or, maybe more accurately, anyone who is as fascinated with card magic constantly engages in sleight of hand. Use the proper equipment since sleight of hand is difficult.

Tally-Ho Playing Cards

The Tally-Ho's are a fantastic deck of cards that was also produced by the USPCC. Fan backs and circle backs are the two sorts. Both are fantastic. You may get them from Penguin Magic for $4.24 for each deck. In my view, these back designs are more finer than the Bicycle Rider Backs.

“Bee” Standard Playing Cards

The Bee-backed cards are yet another great deck. The USPCC also produces these cards. They are highly renowned and feel fantastic. Card magic's lack of bounds is its lone downside. The whole edge is covered with the design. This is bad for certain sleight-of-hand tricks, such as when you secretly have a card in the deck that is inverted.
These cards were created especially for use in casinos. They are ideal for poker games and fantastic for performing gambling routines. These are the cards you want to play if you wish to perform a move known as the second deal, in which you take the second card rather than the top card.

Different Back Designs

Today, a wide variety of back styles are available. There is a color for bicycle rider backs for any occasion. Additionally, there are a huge variety of custom-made decks available. A lot of these decks seem incredible. Nevertheless, the general public is unaware of them. My main worry is that, so please avoid using any of these decks.

Custom Decks

On occasion, when you appear at an event, they will have bespoke cards printed with their branding. Gemaco is a well-known business that creates cost-effective bespoke decks. These playing cards are awful. The dispersion of the cards and card weight are also problematic. When you doneed to perform with these decks, it might be quite restricted in terms of the card tricks you can pull off.

Best Playing Cards For Cardistry

The last ten years have seen remarkable growth in artistry. It differs significantly from card magic. It is similar to juggling in that it involves card manipulation and flourishes. This is a highly challenging kind of painting. It is quite pleasant to observe. You need cards with a great back design that are thinner for this. It improves the appearance as a whole.

Want To Know What Are The Best Playing Cards For Magic Tricks?

When it comes to performing magic tricks, the choice of playing cards can significantly impact the success of your performance. The right deck of cards can enhance your sleight of hand, add an extra layer of mystery to your routines, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of magic playing cards and explore some of the best options available.

Bicycle Cards

Bicycle playing cards are the most widely used, and not only among magicians. The most popular deck of playing cards worldwide is the bicycle deck. Bicycle cards are simple to locate since they are widely available and sold in shops.
In fact, the fact that they are so simple to locate is one of the reasons they are excellent for card magic. You should be able to locate Bicycle cards whenever you need them, wherever you are.
They are also incredibly high-quality and strong, so you can use them for a variety of performing activities without worrying about damage. These qualities alone make them a fantastic pick.
They are also quite reasonably priced, which is crucial if you use cards often for magic practice and performances. You won't need to worry about your cards since the low price will make it simple for you to get what you need.
Due to the cards' high level of recognizability, bicycle cards also leave a lasting impact on your audience. People will be able to see that you're utilizing the identical, worn-out cards that other renowned magicians use in their performances. In fact, they will be aware that you are utilizing the identical playing cards that they use. Your reputation as a magician is increased by just one little truth.

Bee Cards

Bee Playing Cards are an excellent alternative for card magic-playing cards. Additionally, these cards are reasonably priced and made of highly flexible material. They are premium playing cards that are designed to resemble decks used in casinos.
Bee cards are a fantastic option for sleight-of-hand card magic tricks since their whole back is borderless. Additionally, they are the most popular card in casinocard magic.

Phoenix Cards

Due to its printing on paper that matches, Card-Shark's Phoenix Playing Cards resemble Bicycle cards in look. Due to their cut, they are more manageable during shuffles and sleight of hand, which is why many magicians prefer them over Bicycle cards.

Superior Cards

Bicycle Cards may be substituted with Superior Playing Cards, which are produced by the Expert Card Company. Like their bicycle equivalent, they are simple to use, reliable, and reasonably priced, and they shuffle easily. An excellent deck for magicians who like to walk about in front of their audience, superior cards are durable and unlikely to be harmed during tricks.

The Dapper Deck

The Dapper Deck is a classy card set that exudes an air of professionalism and wealth. It's all a show, however. Actually, the Dapper Deck was created as
a premium, attractive, and reasonably priced substitute for standard playing cards. Each deck has matching jokers, gaff cards, and secret marks to make it ideal for card magic.

Monarch Cards

Monarch Playing Cards, like The Dapper Deck, were designed specifically for card magic by magicians. They feature a high-end design that makes them seem to be professional magicians' high-end, pricey magic playing cards.
Every deck of Monarch cards has a double-backer, and they are smooth and practical, making them simple to employ in any card magic trick. Monarch cards are an excellent option for magicians who want a classy, high-quality deck created especially for magic, even if they are more costly than many other kinds of playing cards.
Personal Tutor Card From Front And Back
Personal Tutor Card From Front And Back

The Role Of Custom Decks - Unveiling Magic's Unique Persona

In the mesmerizing world of magic, where reality blurs and imagination reigns, the deck of playing cards becomes more than a tool, it transforms into a canvas for creativity and an instrument for amazement. As magicians continue to push the boundaries of astonishment, the role of custom decks takes center stage, offering a captivating means of elevating the magic experience to unprecedented heights.

A Canvas Of Creativity

Bridging Magic and Artistry - Custom decks merge the realms of magic and visual artistry, resulting in a dynamic fusion that captivates both the eye and the mind. Artists collaborate with magicians to craft designs that convey themes, stories, and emotions, adding an extra layer of depth to the performance. Each custom deck is a testament to the harmonious interplay of creativity and skill.
Personalized Storytelling - Every magic trick is a story waiting to be told, and custom decks play a pivotal role in enhancing that narrative. By tailoring the deck's design to align with the theme of the performance, magicians weave a seamless tapestry that draws spectators into a world of intrigue. Whether it's a historic era, a fantasy realm, or a futuristic concept, the custom deck becomes a vessel for storytelling.

Best Playing Cards for Magic // TOP 5

An Extension Of The Magician's Persona

Creating an Identity - Just as a magician's performance style distinguishes them from others, a custom deck becomes a unique identifier. It speaks to the magician's personality, preferences, and artistic vision, allowing them to carve a distinct niche in the magical community. The deck becomes an emblem of identity, instantly recognizable by both fellow magicians and audience members.
Immersion and Engagement- A custom deck possesses the remarkable ability to immerse the audience in the magician's world from the moment the cards are unveiled. The visual coherence between the deck's design and the magician's performance creates a sense of unity, fostering a deeper connection with the spectators. This heightened engagement amplifies the impact of the magic trick, leaving a lasting impression.

Elevating The Art Of Illusion

Heightened Suspense - Custom decks introduce an element of anticipation and suspense to the magic trick. The unfamiliar design prompts curiosity, making spectators wonder how these distinctive cards will contribute to the illusion. As the magician reveals the custom deck, the heightened intrigue enhances the overall impact of the performance, setting the stage for the astonishing reveal.
Enhancing Audience Memory- A memorable experience is often composed of distinctive elements that stand out in the mind. A well-crafted custom deck leaves an indelible mark on the audience's memory, becoming an integral part of the magic trick's recollection. Long after the performance, spectators might recall not only the magic itself but also the captivating visuals of the custom deck.

People Also Ask

What Qualities Should One Consider When Selecting Playing Cards For Magic Tricks?

Durability, handling, finish, and design intricacy are crucial factors.

How Do Custom-designed Decks Elevate The Magic Experience?

Custom decks align themes, enhancing storytelling and immersion.

What's The Significance Of Back Design In Playing Cards For Magic?

Back design aids in focus and concealing moves during tricks.

How Can Playing Cards Enhance The Magician's Identity?

Custom decks become a unique identifier, reflecting the magician's persona.

What Role Does Innovation Play In The World Of Magical Playing Cards?

The innovation introduces new elements like holographic foils and coatings, enhancing visual appeal and mystery.


In the realm of magic, where enchantment and wonder converge, the choice of playing cards transcends their utilitarian function. As we've explored the intricacies of the best playing cards for magic tricks, from the essentials that facilitate seamless handling to the role of custom decks in elevating the magical experience, a profound truth emerges.
What are the Best Playing Cards for Magic Tricks isn't merely a question of material and design; it encapsulates a journey of creativity, skill, and innovation.
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