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What Is The Birth Flower For February?

In this article, we will answer your question about what is the birth flower for February. The flowers for the month of February are violets and primroses. These purple flowers stand for virtue, faithfulness, and modesty. A gift of violets or primroses during the Victorian era was a sign of romantic love. Violets were historically used to treat a variety of diseases because of their therapeutic qualities.

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In this article, we will answer your question aboutwhat is the birth flower for February. The flowers for the month of February are violets and primroses. These purple flowers stand for virtue, faithfulness, and modesty. A gift of violets or primroses during the Victorian era was a sign of romantic love. Violets were historically used to treat a variety of diseases because of their therapeutic qualities.
Primrose, a pale yellow perennial with European roots, is another flower that is frequently mentioned as the birth flower for February. They are edible flowers that can give your favorite dessert (or birthday cupcake) a splash of color! Primroses are a wonderful gift for a significant other since they represent young love.

What Is The Birth Flower For February?

February's birth month flowers are violets and primroses. Symbolic of modesty, faithfulness, and virtue, these purple blooms are a symbol of modesty. A Victorian gift of violets or primroses was a declaration of love.

The Violet Meaning And Symbolism

Violets signify spiritual knowledge, humility, and a pledge of fidelity. The Latin word "viola," which means "violet flower/color," is where the word "violet" originates. Greek mythology holds that the violet, which has come to represent modesty, was created when a maiden changed into this exotic flower to shield her nymph from being pursued.
They signify spiritual knowledge, humility, and an assurance of enduring loyalty and remembering, much like an oath to always be at their side. While the blue and white portions represent spirituality, intuition, and chastity, the color purple stands for royalty, power, and confidence.
Giving a loved one this fragrant flower expresses your vigilance, loyalty, purity, and sincerity for them, making it the ideal method to let them know they will always hold a special place in your heart. Regarding how nature perceives things, the violet birth flower for February is also thought to bring prosperity or greater fortune.

The Violet In History

The Latin word viola, meaning "violet flower" or "violet color," is where the popular name "Violet" comes from. The violet was used in love potions by the ancient Greeks as a sign of fertility and love. The flower was used by both the Greeks and the Romans to flavor food as well as for herbal treatments, wine, and funeral decorations.
Violets were employed as a sedative by the Persians to treat headaches and rage. Because of their three basic colors purple, yellow, and green monks are reported to have referred to them as the "herb of the Trinity" throughout the Middle Ages. The violet represented humility and good fortune throughout the Victorian era.
One tradition holds that holding violets may ward off evil spirits, while another claim that putting violets on your head could help you sober up. The state flower of New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Rhode Island is the violet.
The fact that most violets are edible and some of them have medicinal qualities has led to an upsurge in their use. Salicylic acid, a key component of aspirin, is found in violets. As a result, several varieties of violets were employed to treat pain.
Single Beautiful Violet
Single Beautiful Violet

Fun Facts About Violets

This gorgeous flower is widely distributed throughout the world, making it one of the most well-known blossoms even today. It is now widely utilized in many houses, cultures, and customs as a result of its fame.
  • Around 500 different species of violets can be found worldwide. The blue-violet, or Viola sororia, is the most prevalent species of violet found in the United States.
  • With a hardiness rating of 3 to 9, violets are renowned for being adaptable to practically any location or climate.
  • Violets are low-maintenance plants because they are tasty to both people and animals.
  • These purple blooms can be found in a variety of savory foods, including salads and soups.
  • They can be eaten, so they are often used to decorate cakes, pastries, and chocolates.
  • More so than most vegetables, violet petals and stems contain significant amounts of vitamin C. To put it into perspective, 3 oranges and 1/2 cup of violets both contain the same amount of vitamin C.
  • The mysterious scent of violets is well known for dissipating after only one whiff. Iodine, a substance that momentarily desensitizes your sense of smell, causes the pleasant perfume to vanish.
  • Due to its Latin origin, which means "purple," Violet is one of the most popular girl names.
  • Illinois was the first of four states to formally choose the violet as its state flower in 1908.

The Primrose Meaning And Symbolism

The flower primrose denotes adolescent or youthful love, the kind of intense, head-over-heels devotion that says, "I can't live without you." Although this type of young love is frequently confused with summer love, it is much deeper and frequently denotes intense love that you hope endures.
Cream primrose is a more elegant way to let someone special know you're thinking of them. It works like a charm and is really difficult to obtain, which says a lot about the consideration you put into purchasing this exotic flower.
White is regarded as a color of innocence and purity. Primroses come in a variety of lovely hues and can represent femininity, making them particularly appropriate as gifts from daughters or to honor your mother on a special occasion. They also serve as a fantastic reminder of fidelity, thoughtfulness, and reliability.

The Primacy In History

Due to its early spring emergence, the name Primula is derived from the Latin word primus, which means first. Primroses have a long history of being used in food and medicine in their native Europe. In folk medicine, it was used to cure gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cramps, and headaches.
According to Irish mythology, applying a primrose leaf to a tooth for two minutes can cure dental pain. Primrose is poisonous to canines, felines, and horses but edible to humans. The leaves and blooms can be used as an herb or garnish, or they can be cooked or eaten raw. Additionally, wine and syrup can be made from primrose.
In England, April 19 is celebrated as "Primrose Day" to remember the late Benjamin Disraeli, who served as the nation's first prime minister. Visitors to Westminster Abbey place flowers at his statue each year.
Shakespeare made numerous allusions to the primrose in his poetry. Young lovers met "on primrose beds," according to his description in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Shakespeare used the phrase "the primrose road of dalliance" in Hamlet to describe a simple path that ends in destruction.

Primrose Interesting Facts

Primroses can be eaten. The leaves of these wonderful flowers can be used to make tea, while the blossoms can be used to produce wine. According to German legend, the first girl to find a primrose around Easter would get married that year, while children eating primrose in England may be able to see fairies.

What Do Primroses Say About February Babies?

The affectionate attitude of newborns born in the second month of the year is reflected in primroses, which represent youthful love and the ideal of youth. They attract faithful companions, adoring lovers, and helpful coworkers.

Tips For Buying Primroses

Always examine the petals of the primroses closely before buying them. Avoid flowers that have brown stains or dried black ends since these are signs of poor cutting in the first case or the flowers are past their prime in the second. Here is comprehensive instruction on how to plant primrose flowers if you want to grow these lovely blossoms yourself.

Personality Traits Linked To The February Birth Flower

You might be curious about what your natal flower reveals about your personality, despite the fact that the violet flower has a variety of meanings. Generally speaking, the characteristics of the February birth flower include:


You take satisfaction in always being open and honest, even in trying circumstances, and you don't choose to keep any information or secrets from your loved ones. You are a noble and devoted friend because of your evident reliability and loyalty.


Always prioritize showing kindness and respect to others. It's crucial to consider others' needs. You are quick to express thanks and forgive others.

February Birthday Flowers: Violet and Primrose I Thinkflorist


You are disciplined in many areas of your life and possess the patience and control to learn from significant life lessons. Many people like the fact that you own up to your mistakes and learn from them.

People Also Ask

What Flower Is February's Birth Flower?

Violet, iris, and primrose are the birth flowers for February. The flower of February's natural birth month is not a rose.

What Flower Represents Pisces In February?

The elegance of bluish-purple violet flowers is a great way to describe the real Pisces personality, which is modest, graceful, sweet, and brave.

What Flower Represents Aquarius In February?

February is the birth month for an Aquarius. As an Aquarius has "Aqua" in its name, it can be deduced that violet, a flower with a bluish-purple color, is the birth flower of Aquarius.


I hope you got the answer to your question about what is the birth flower for february. The gorgeous violet, which is the flower of February, is renowned for its magnificent beauty and vivid hues. The purple leaves with a heart shape and the fan-shaped petals of this flower make it easy to recognize. The species will determine how the petals are shaped and where they are placed.
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