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Your Complete Guide To Uranus In Taurus 2018-2026

On May 15th, Uranus (also known as the Sky God, Prometheus, or the Great Awakener) will enter the sign of Taurus. In part because Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, it can take years for him to transit through a single sign. Since around eight years ago, Uranus has been in the sign of Aries on a consistent basis.

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On May 15, 2018, Uranus, the planet of tremendous awakenings and transformation, will transition from the sign of Ariesto the sign of Taurus. This year, it will make a brief return to Aries in December before completing its ultimate transition into Taurus on March 6th, 2019, where it will reside until 2026. So, this is your complete guide to Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026.
The movement of a slow-moving planet like Uranus causes a ripple effect that can be felt across the whole cosmos, and it delivers a fresh source of energy for all of us to investigate.

Foundational Change On A Global Level

Financial matters, natural resources, such as valuable metals like as silver, health and how we treat our bodies and the environment, gardening, farming, and food production are all ruled by Taurus. Taurus is also the sign of the bull. As a result of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the commencement of the Great Depression during Uranus' transit through the grounded and (typically) stable sign of Taurus in the 1930s, we witnessed huge alterations in financial policy, currency, and food supply.
In light of this, what can we expect to happen this time around? Is there a surge in the use of digital currency? Is there going to be a major economic upheaval and collapse? Doyou want to hear about new developments in health and healing, or about how we connect with Mother Earth to raise our food? The film included below will provide you with an insight into what may be in store for us throughout this dramatic 8-year journey!

URANUS in Taurus! 2018-2026: DISRUPTION & INNOVATION in Food, Finance, Health and More!

Key Dates And Timing

May 15th, 2018: Uranus enters Taurus
Summer 2018: Uranus (near exact) trine Saturn in Capricorn
October 2018: Uranus squares the Lunar Nodes (near exact)
November 6th, 2018: Uranus re-enters Aries (in retrograde)
December 16th, 2019: Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus
2021-2022: Saturn in Aquariussquares Uranus
August 1st, 2022: North Node conjunct Uranus
April 21st, 2024: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
2024: Saturn in Pisces sextile Uranus
2025: Uranus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces
July 7th, 2025: Uranus enters Gemini
November 8th, 2025: Uranus re-enters Taurus (in retrograde)
April 26th, 2026: Uranus enters Gemini

Degrees By Year

2018: 24 degrees (Aries)-2 degrees (Taurus)
2019: 28 degrees (Aries)-6 degrees (Taurus)
2020: 2 degrees-10 degrees (Taurus)
2021: 6 degrees-14 degrees (Taurus)
2022: 10 degrees-18 degrees (Taurus)
2023: 15 degrees-23 degrees (Taurus)
2024: 19 degrees-27 degrees (Taurus)
2025: 23 degrees (Taurus)-1 degree (Gemini)
2026: 27 degrees (Taurus)-5 degrees (Gemini)

Uranus In Taurus: Influence By Sign

When Uranus transits the horoscope, it brings emancipation and transformation to the individual by dislodging stagnant energy from their lives. It is possible that those aspects of our lives that are most concrete, grounded, and generally unchangeable will be the worst impacted when we are in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus. This will eventually work to our advantage, as Uranus (also known as the "Great Awakener") will jolt us out of our complacency by exposing the parts of our lives where we have gotten stagnant or stuck, and by creating situations in which the status quo is no longer bearable. This technique of giving insight through disruption and annoyance serves as a critical catalyst for development and good change, which is much required in today's world. According to my own experience, even the most chaotic and odd Uranian events may be useful in the long term, and as a result, I believe Uranus to be a "benefic" planet in the astrological sense.
Considering that Uranus is a far-off planet that moves in long, 84-year cycles, most of us will be seeing this unique and liberating transit for the first time in our lifetimes! Please check your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs in order to obtain a more thorough view of this general prognosis, since I've included particular indications for each in this general forecast (if applicable). Also, make sure to verify the degrees of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant and compare them to the degrees and years indicated in the section above in order to get a more precise timing of the impacts detailed in the next sections.
In the beginning, the arrival of Aries Uranus in Taurus may appear to be a bit of a relief for Aries Sun/Moon/Rising Signs, since Uranus has just completed an eight-year transit through your sign and will now move on! The first few of years after Uranus begins to depart your sign, you may notice a slowing of activity as you attempt to integrate the transformations brought about by this freeing, life-altering journey! Aries Rising (and Sun) signs will be forced to nurture greater independence in the manner they produce their financial resources when Uranus moves into your 2nd house in the coming months. Internal frustrations, along with tremendous bursts of insight, prompt you to zero in on the areas where the most change is required.
Disruptions to your money and tangible riches are usual during this transit, and they may be both beneficial and detrimental in their effects. You may find yourself fast accumulating wealth in weird and unexpected ways, and you may also find yourself losing it in equally strange and surprising circumstances. What's important is to learn to roll with the punches and pay close attention to the conditions surrounding your finances, which have grown increasingly restricted, irritating, and uncomfortable.
You can find this transit extremely tough if you are determined to maintain your current way of life. Navigating Uranus's energy needs us to be willing to roll with the punches and adjust as circumstances dictate. This transit is likely to have a significant impact on your financial ideals and views over the course of your life.
This trip is excellent for starting your own business or making a significant move that will allow you to operate more autonomously in the search of resources in your area of expertise. If you are interested in making money through Uranian interests, such as technology, science, astrology, astronomy, or starting an independent business on the internet, you will be well advised to do so.
In all areas of your life, this transit will shake you out of complacency and stagnation. Uranus in your sign has the potential to cause significant changes in your self-image as well as the way others see you. This might be due to a big makeover (particularly for those born under the sign of Taurus), or it could be due to a newfound confidence and ability to be your unique self more freely out in the world as a result of the transit. During this transit, you will undergo a major personal shift, which will have an impact on your interpersonal interactions. You will want for greater personal autonomy and will let go of connections with individuals who are overly controlling, needy, or critical of your decisions.
Freedom to explore new frontiers and participate in rebellious, self-expressive activity are required during this transit, and connections with persons who encourage this kind of behavior are likely to blossom during this time period. Because this transit aims to shake up stuck, frustrated energy by challenging the foundations of your life that you once believed to be stable, those who are rigid and inflexible in the face of change may have a difficult time coping with this transit. Those who are rigid and inflexible in the face of change may have a difficult time coping with this transit.
For individuals born under the sign of Taurus, the following eight years might bring about significant changes in your professional life, your route in life, and the position that you play in the world. The dissatisfaction and intolerance for old, restricting patterns of behavior and beliefs will increase, as will the desire for greater autonomy, as the changes that occur urge you to dig deep and connect with your actual purpose in life.
Residents of Taurus might expect disturbance and unexpected changes in their house, property, and family life — particularly in the dynamics of the family and their connection with their mother. Emotions might appear to be all over the place, and emotionally charged events can become more prevalent, allowing people to connect with the whole gamut of the human emotional experience more easily than they previously could. It is usual for this transit to be connected with an unanticipated relocation or a change in the family structure.
You may find yourself more readily (and consciously) breaking away from old emotional conditioning, restricting behavioral patterns, and unconscious routines throughout this transit since the Moon is associated with memory, patterns, and conditioning.
The transit of Uranus through Taurus will have a far more subtle, below-the-surface influence on Gemini than the transit of Pluto through Aries. Keep a close eye on what's happening on beyond the veil during this transit, as it may provide vivid, uncommon, and even prophetic influences and inspiration through dreamsand psychicexperiences. The planet Uranus may bring unexpected ends and clearings of karma to the 12th house of natal astrology, which is the house of endings and surrender, as the 12th house represents loss and surrender.
It is possible that shocking happenings will occur in connection with 12th house institutions (hospitals, prisons, brothels, monasteries, ashrams, temples, spiritual retreat centers, rehab facilities, etc.).
Hidden adversaries may wreak havoc, and secrets may rise to the surface in unexpected and unexpected ways, depending on the situation. There is potential for a physical manifestation of this energy; however, the rebellious energy that is so closely associated with Uranus may manifest itself in a more subtle, subconscious way throughout this eight-year transit, with suppressed energy and rebellion bubbling to the surface throughout this eight-year transit. This is an ideal time to work with unconscious inclinations before Uranus enters your sign in 2025 when he will begin to influence your sign.
For Cancer Rising and Sun Signs, see a professional. When Uranus transits your 11th house, it may bring about a variety of advantages by causing significant and unexpected shifts in your goals, dreams, and expectations! Your efforts to free yourself from the oppressive shackles of rules, regulations and hierarchy in your professional life may begin to bear fruit in unexpected ways during the coming eight years for those who have been working diligently to make the required changes.
You have a strong connection to this property since it is related with your friends, social networks, and the societal concerns that you care about. Because of the eccentric Uranian influence in this house, you may find yourself pulled to strange groups, networks, and humanitarian causes that go well beyond your existing paradigm as a result of the Uranian influence.
New friends might enter your life suddenly, bringing with them a whole different worldview that transforms your sense of self and, as a result, the way you interact with the rest of the world around you. Old relationships may fade away just as readily as new ones, as you will be letting go of connections that are restricting, onerous, and judgmental in order to provide more room for you to expand your wings and soar with the proper group of people. When you rebel against group pressure and the "hive mind" of your previous networks and organizations, you may find yourself doing and saying things that even you find surprising.
In the case of people who have their Moon in Cancer, the planet Uranus in Taurus will form a favorable sextile with your Moon. According to this interpretation, if you choose to interact with this transit, you will be assisted in making beneficial adjustments to your mental well-being, relationship to your family (particularly the mother), and location of residence.
For Leo Sun and Rising signs, this transit will bring about significant changes in their prosperity, work, public reputation, and life path! Every fixed sign will experience a life-changing transit during this time, one that will force you to become more emancipated and autonomous in your life decisions and pursuit of achievement. Internal frustrations, along with tremendous bursts of insight, prompt you to zero in on the areas where the most change is required.
Extreme circumstances may necessitate an accident in order to compel a change or decision; thus, use caution when this element is relevant. This aspect, particularly for Leo Sun signs, has the potential to bring about a significant professional shift that allows for greater freedom in your employment. Feelings of dissatisfaction, impatience, and rebelliousness will arise as a result of this transit as you want to become much more in control of your everyday experience. It is possible that difficulties and unforeseen events with the father and other authoritative figures in your life may arise as a result of Uranus transiting your Sun or your 10th house (Leo rising). In the case of self-centered Leos, this component can bring to a deterioration in their self-esteem as well as unexpected bursts of creativity and energy that seem to appear out of nowhere! This can also result in unanticipated changes in your health and vitality, as your energy levels might become quite high, necessitating the need for a physical outlet to relieve the possibility of nervous tension and worry.
Overall, this transit leaves you feeling liberated since the result of this transit is increased independence and authenticity in the way you express yourself to the rest of the world.
You might expect substantial disturbance (both positive and bad) and odd developments in the areas of the house, property, children, family, and pets, as well as changes in your connection with your mother if the Moon is in Leo at the time. Moving a large distance or making significant changes to the family structure are usual during this period. For example, you may find yourself yearning for more independence in your living circumstances, longing to tour the globe as a nomad, or just seeking a change of scenery, as well as redecoration or renovation of your home. It is possible for these changes to occur rather suddenly, and they are most noticeable during the years when Uranus is transiting the degree of your Moon (see section above). As is often the case with Uranus transits, even though the changes that take place appear chaotic and disturbing while you're in the thick of transition, the final consequences are ultimately favorable. In the aspects of your life that are being touched by this transit, you will feel more open and emancipated.
Virgo Rising and Sun signs may find themselves in the midst of thrilling new prospects for development via experience and perspective, as a result of Uranus entering into the 9th house. Because many inflexible thought patterns and ideologies will quickly alter during Uranus' transit through the grounded and earth sign of Taurus (and rather dramatically, at that! ), it is important to have an open mind throughout this transit.
Over the next eight years, unexpected opportunities for travel or higher educational pursuits may present themselves, and travel plans made during this time will provide excitement, a broader perspective on life, and the possibility of shocking new developments, the effects of which will reverberate throughout your entire life! While you are going through this period, you may find yourself drawn to unique areas of study or eccentric professors, all of which will question your existing paradigm and viewpoint on life! Uranus in trine with your Sun or Ascendant (check the degree against the table in the preceding section to determine the exact year of this transit) will very easily bring greater liberation and freedom to those with the Sun in Virgo, as Virgos will be loosening up and being their authentic selves more freely and rebelliously.
During this transit, you may feel a strong desire to change your profession, which is something that can happen pretty simply. As a result of your newfound viewpoint, you may feel compelled to break free from old habits and pursue employment that is more important and autonomous. You may find yourself desiring a change in your physical appearance, which is recommended in order to aid with breaking up sluggish energy. By the end of this transit, you may find yourself in an entirely different role in your life, and you may find yourself absolutely adoring it!
A freeing and gradual transition can occur in your place of residence, emotional expression, and a general sense of comfort, safety, and well-being for people who had the Moon in Virgoat the time of their birth. Throughout this period, you'll feel considerably more at ease expanding your wings and venturing beyond your regular comfort zones. This is a great transit for making a good, though abrupt change, and it has the potential to bring about a favorable disturbance in the family structure—perhaps even the addition of a new family member (whether a kid or a cherished pet)!
This transit may bring up power clashes that are stunning and unexpected for those born under the sign of Libra (rising sign) and Sun sign (sun sign). It is possible that unexpected, foreboding, or fated occurrences will take place, bringing about significant transformation and empowerment. Previously suppressed emotions, phobias, or psychological traumas may re-emerge in unexpected ways, allowing you to reconcile and release them, allowing you to step into your own strength without the burden of excess baggage sapping your energy. "Power" is unquestionably the operative word during this transit, as Uranus draws your attention to areas in which you have unwittingly surrendered your authority, forcing you to feel the need to take fresh, imaginative action in order to settle these difficulties and reclaim your authority!
On the other hand, if you have been misusing your authority, this will be disclosed to you in a way that will shock you out of your old habits, resulting in a significant transformation in the way you conduct yourself in the outside world. Uranus in your 8th house has the potential to bring you sudden, unexpected riches and losses through debt, taxes, shared money, inheritance, and other means.
Taking on new debt at this time is a dangerous proposition, and previous obligations may resurface unexpectedly, necessitating their repayment. As a result of this transit, you may experience strange sexual desires, surprising even yourself with what you find appealing! As a result of the formation of an in conjunction to your Sun or Ascendant (see the table above for the specific year), rebellious inclinations that have been repressed or suppressed will most likely come to the surface all at once! This energy, on the other hand, will compel you to tone down your tendency to be overly rebellious, independent, or dogmatic in your thinking.
Relationships under the influence of this transit are likely to be significantly altered for Scorpio rising signs and Sun signs. In the case of people who are single, this might result in unexpected partnerships with unique companions who appear out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightning, to shake up your sense of self! The effects of this transit may include unique love engagements and partnerships that defy social conventions in certain situations!
The beginning of these relationships may be exciting, and there is a chance that they will last (especially if a committed relationship represents a significant departure from the status quo), but relationships that begin during this transit are often volatile, ending abruptly or taking on an on-again, off-again quality. For those who are already attached, if you're content in your current relationship and things are going well, you may find yourself in a position where you need to drastically alter the dynamic of your relationship—either due to a desire for greater freedom within the relationship, or due to extenuating circumstances brought on by external forces. This period of transition frequently leads to one or both partners venturing out and exploring new places or pursuing more individual interests outside of the partnership. Under these circumstances, it is preferable to change together rather than separately; therefore, it is critical to strike a balance between encouraging your partner to pursue their new interests (however unusual they may appear) and allowing them the space and freedom to spread their wings! For people who are in restrictive and stressful partnerships, this travel will make the constraints imposed by the relationship plain uncomfortable for them!
The frustration that comes from feeling trapped may force one or both spouses to go astray. However, only if it is absolutely necessary will a relationship come to an end. The ultimate purpose of this transit is to break up stagnant, restricting energy in relationships in order to make way for more freeing types of cooperation.
If your Moon is in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus is attempting to break apart old, restricting unconscious emotional patterns and the actions that emerge from these emotional patterns. The tension between fighting against and breaking away from old, negative patterns and also diving headfirst into more freeing ways of being may be strong and difficult to manage at times. This transit might also indicate that you need to make changes to your surroundings or family dynamic in order to facilitate the shift in your subconscious patterns that are taking place.
Over the course of this eight-year transition, it will be necessary to work more independently and implement significant changes in daily routines and health practices. Under the influence of Uranus in your 6th house, it may be difficult to maintain routines that are very strict, since repeating the same thing day in and day out can generate tremendous dissatisfaction and boredom under the influence of Uranus. In your profession, there is a need for greater freedom and autonomy, as well as for you to include more thrill and intellectual stimulation into your everyday routine.
Unexpected scenarios involving coworkers or your place of employment may develop, requiring you to alter your regular routine as a result. Frustration with stale regular interactions can motivate you to break away from old, trapped habits that are impeding your ability to live freely in your everyday life. Additionally, this transit may signal a shift in your typical job responsibilities, as well as a full change of profession. If this is the case, the ultimate objective of this transformation is emancipation, achieved via more freedom and independence in your professional life. While traveling through this transit, it is vital to look outside the box and investigate alternatives to more standard ways to health and healing if you are suffering with health concerns. This transit may elicit a desire for new, more interesting workout regimens as well as inventive approaches to health and nutrition during this period.
With Uranus transiting the fixed sign of Taurus in your 6th house of health, it may be useful for Sagittarius rising signs, in particular, to experiment with novel methods of gently detoxing the body through movement, nutrition, or supplements while Uranus transits the fixed sign of Taurus.
The influence of Uranus in Aries has shaken the foundations of your home, family, and place of residence (especially for all you Capricorn Risings), and your identity has been challenged and transformed in significant ways over the last 8 years. During the next eight years, with Uranus transiting Taurus in your 5th house of romance, children, creativity, and play, you can expect a much gentler, more passionate, and exciting experience than you are accustomed to. A new, more individualistic, and unusual form of creative self-expression could be brought about by Uranus.
On the romantic front, you may find yourself confronted with unexpected prospects for romance with people who, in the past, you would have never given the time of day to in the first place. This may force you to extend your horizons considerably when it comes to your romantic interactions, and it may also cause your love life to be shaken up in new ways! Uranus in the 5th house is often associated with short-lived love encounters and flings that are accompanied by a flurry of excitement and fresh experience. A romantic relationship may begin and end unexpectedly, and even if you're in a solid, committed relationship, you may find yourself becoming more flirty or wanting to add a little spice to your love life in unexpected ways.
It is possible that this transit will coincide with a shift in parenting style or the necessity to give your child some space in order to encourage greater self-sufficiency in your youngster. Your children may become a little more rebellious over the course of the following eight years, emphasizing their desire for greater independence. You should be extremely cautious if you aren't planning on having children because this transit is known to sometimes result in an unexpected pregnancy.
These chances for relocation, gradual, beneficial changes in the home and family structure, or a new way of understanding and feeling your emotions or intuition may present themselves to people who have their Moon in Capricornduring this transit. In fact, one of the most prevalent experiences associated with this transit is a shock of intuitive understanding that comes in like a bolt of lightning, altering your viewpoint and prompting you to make essential, beneficial adjustments in your life.
In the case of Aquarius Rising and Sun signs, the transit of Uranus in Taurus in the 4th house causes significant upheaval to your roots! There are times when you may feel the need to uproot and relocate to a distant location, or perhaps to tour the world as a nomad. If you decide to stay, you may find yourself feeling unsettled and frustrated with the current state of affairs, which may prompt you to remodel or redecorate your home in order to bring in a new influx of energy and vitality. Oftentimes, while dealing with this transit, the option isn't entirely yours, to begin with, and you'll find yourself coping with a quite sudden and unexpected relocation!
It is also usual for people to relocate more than once while under the effect of this drug. In addition to bringing about changes in your physical environment, Uranus in your 4th house will bring about significant changes in your family dynamic, as well as unexpected additions to the family! In certain severe situations, family life may be disrupted as a result of divorce, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances. Previously unresolved issues and tensions between family members are likely to resurface in unexpected ways, resulting in a sense of relief and a sense of liberation for all parties involved. Over the following eight years, you will be forced to deal with a variety of strange and disturbing events affecting close family members and your place of residence. When it comes to your home and family life, the ultimate goal of this transit is to shake you out of a state of stagnation, to give you more freedom and mobility, and to make you feel liberated in this area of your life!
In the case of people who have the Moon in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus will be creating a square to their Moon! This transit, which is similar to what Aquarius Sun and rising signs will face, will shake up your family unit and open the door to the possibility of an unexpected relocation! When the Moon is involved, this also creates instability in your inner world and subjective experience, which is not ideal. Under the influence of this substance, your emotions will become more volatile and unusually unsettled.
Meanwhile, you may find yourself experiencing increased intuitive awareness, with flashes of insight appearing seemingly out of nowhere to shift your perspective and propel you forward in the direction of making positive changes. Finally, the purpose of this transit is to instill in you the feeling of internal independence while also releasing you from stuck patterns and emotional bondage.
This transit brings unusual ideas, shocking downloads and flashes of inspiration, and more liberating ways of expressing yourself through communication to those born under the sign of the Sun or rising under the sign of the Sun. This transit disrupts your daily routine, making your encounters with people much less routine! Changes that are chaotic, unpredictable, and downright disruptive can occur as a result of communication, short-distance travel (especially by car), and your interactions with others in your community.
This period of eight years may also bring about upheavals and unexpected discoveries involving you, your siblings, and other family members, which may force you to reorganize (or disorganize) your connection with these individuals. Throughout this eight-year trip, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some strange and bizarre text messages and emails! Your brain may feel as if it is being inundated with fresh knowledge, which is overwhelming it and causing you to think about the world in new ways! As a result, your old habits of thought are severely tested, prompting you to take up exciting new causes and learn exciting new abilities in order to navigate your newly emancipated mental landscape successfully.
Learning new abilities during this transit is very beneficial, especially those relating to Uranian disciplines such as science, technology, or even astrology! The eventual outcome of this transit is increased mental flexibility as well as the development of new, more distinct interests.
For individuals who have their Moon in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus will form a helpful sextile with your Moon, bringing you closer to your goals. According to this interpretation, if you choose to interact with this transit, you will be assisted in making beneficial adjustments to your mental well-being, relationship to your family (particularly the mother), and location of residence.


Even though the ground under us is shifting or unstable, and there is no longer the sense of security we previously had, this is how we develop, this is how we learn, and this is how we come to understand and accept who we truly are. Globally, Uranus in Taurus will be challenging all of us to be more conscious of our treatment of Mother Earth as a result of his placement in Taurus. We will be encouraged to think deeply about environmental challenges, global warming, and ways in which we can safeguard the environment in the future.
According to some astrologers, once Uranus settles into its new home in the constellation Taurus, there will be a rise in earthquakes and natural calamities. Uranus in Taurus is also expected to make waves in the technology business, medical research, cryptocurrencies, robots, fashion, and anything else that has to do with beauty and wellbeing in the near future. Under the influence of this energy, it is possible that all of these areas will undergo a revolution of some sort or will achieve big achievements.
In April 2026, Uranus will reach the end of its voyage in Taurus, and it is probable that you will be able to look back and reflect on the adjustments you have made in your life to nurture more stability and comfort from within at that time.
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