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1010 Angel Number & Its Meaning - The Answer Will Surprise You!

Angel Number 1010 means that it’s time for you to dig deep down and find out your trueself, expand your spiritual awareness as well your reality.

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Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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Seeing 1010 Every Day

We’ll try to demystify the message behind the popular 1010 angel numberand why it could be prominent in your life and what to doabout it.
Number patterns have been around since time immemorial, but not many people have been able to decipher their meaning. However, as more and more people become aware of their existence, they are starting to look for the hidden meaning leading to lots of different theories around them.

1010 Angel Number Meaning

Do you usually keep on seeing this number pattern everywhere you look? Be it on your credit card, receipts, your watch, or even on number plates? Then this could mean there is some spiritual message that spirits are trying to send to you.
Angels are trying to reach to you to assure you that they are always looking out for, supporting you and want to make it known to you that they will guide you in whatever goal you want to achieve in life. It is believed that angels are always around us, but they usually have no divine authority to interfere with our lives. This means they can intervene only if asked for help.
This number holds real power to your life whether it’s in your romantic life or trying to explore new horizons to achieve your fullest potentials.

1010 Angel Number Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is one of the best sellers in Numerologyfield. By following her works, reading her best selling book like “Angel Numbers101”, I got more understanding about angle numbers, in this case, I would be sharing my thoughts about 1010 Angel Number.

Time To Make A Change

These numbers reveal that the angels want you to get out of your comfort zones and start to go for your dreamsand everything you’ve ever wished in life. It’s time to stop postponing decisions thinking that you might fail because the angels are with you and will guide you through your journey.
Time for hoping and praying for things to be better in your life is over; You need to start to show up with some real actions for the better outcomes. Start making a proactive approach to everything you do and do sit there waiting for things to be better for your life.

Everything Is Worked Out For You

You are now on top of everything in your life and can decide where you want to steer it. These angel numbers are telling you that you can revive all your talents and hobbies and they will be a success. You can now unleash all your creativity to achieve your life goals.
According to Doreen Virtue‘s angel number 1010, everything has been figured out for you, and as long as you keep patient and focused, it will surely work for your good, and you don’t have to be worried.

It Is Time To Start Keeping Your Thoughts Positive.

Angel number 1010 meaning
Angel number 1010 meaning
At times, you may feel low or discouraged in life, but that’s the moment to start concentrating the positive feeling in ignore the negative ones. You will have to start being optimistic about where you are headed and trust that the angels will always be a step ahead to ensure that every obstacle is removed from your path.
The angels may from time to time keep sending this number as a way of encouragement and assurance to you that all guidance and help you ask will be accorded.
This virtue is also seen in 1100 angel numberas it also stresses the importance of gearing your energies towards the positive to achieve your dreams

Start Believing In Yourself More And Celebrate Wins However Small.

It’s time to start giving yourself credits for the little accomplishments you make daily since they are moving you closer to your dreams.
You don’t have to make huge leaps to accomplish goals, but even small baby steps, as long they are in the right direction, will each day edge you closer to your dream. You will have to start trusting in yourself more so that you can achieve anything you want in life.
It’s a warning to come back to the ways of the spirit – You might have started to doubt the power of the spirits in transforming your life. If you start seeing a frequent reoccurrence of these numbers, then it’s a calling for a reminder to you that you are steering in the wrong direction and you need to take this initiative and focus solely on your life goals.
Times is running out – Sometimes as you get older, you may feel that is too late for you to achieve anything meaningful in life but these numbers appear to reassure you that there is still time to unlock your potential and that you still have a lot to accomplish before you die. It could also signify that you can turn around your unproductive youth life into something that you will later be proud of.

1010 Meaning In The Bible

God speaks to us all the time. Many times he speaks to us through numbers. This means that God is always trying to communicate messages through the use of things in our daily lives such as clocks, number plates and so on.
There numerous accounts of the occurrence of this number in the bible stretching from Old Testament to the New one. The Bible expounds different meanings to different occurrences of the 1010 angel number meanings like in the Ten CommandmentsGod gave to Moses and the fact that there were ten generations from Moses to Noah.
10 days after Jesus ascends to heaven, the Holy Spirits descends to the 10 apostles. Ten plagueswere sent to Egypt ranging from water turning into the blood to the killing of all first-born sons. God also spelled out punishment to 10 nations that showed hostility towards Israelites.
All these are clear indications of how these numbers have prevalent in the Bible. The writers of the scriptures were inspired by God to write the Bible word by word and letter by letter. Many of them did not understand even what they were writing since it all came in revelations and inspirations. They could sometimes try to decode the meaning of what they were writing without success. No one can dispute the importance 1010 angel number as there are more than enough facts in the Bible to prove their very existence
This is, therefore, an assurance that these message-delivering numbers actually exist for your own good and God is always there to our rescue.

Number 1010 And Love

We have already said that angel number 1010 is very powerful, which means that it is also strongly connected with love. This number will make your relationship more serious and also more interesting.
If you are happy in your current relationship, it certainly means that you have found the right person.
Your angels want to make your relationship even stonger and more serious. They send you number 1010 to remind you how important is to express your own emotions and to show them to your partner.
Also, your angels are telling you to talk with your partner whenever you have problems in a relationship.
If you are single right now, you angels will come to you and help you find the right person for you. You have to recognize the message from your angels that appears in the form of number 1010. Your angels are sending you this number in order to tell you that most important is to listen to your own heart and to follow your emotions.
They will always show you the right way and you will certainly find the person that will make you happy.


When one door closes, another opens and is usually better and more exciting. Make sure that you are opening a lot of doors.
Keep your thoughts positive, and make your soul mission your main focus. Live a life of intent and attract the abundance that you deserve.
Know that anything is possible for you right now. You just have to believe in the skills and the gifts that you have to achieve the impossible.

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Jemma On February 11, 2019

Thank you 💓

TERIA G. On March 13, 2020


Anita On April 9, 2020

God leads us by numbers amongst other things like colors, coins, feathers, dreams, sudden thoughts, through random music, He literally uses anything to talk to you. He loves you and angels are assigned to each person by birth. They are the ones who send you messages. God has a predesigned plan and destiny He has laid out for you, something that He has put in your heart already. You are here for a reason. You are His child, and He isn’t about to lead you through life alone! His beloved Son Jesus died solely for you, in hopes that you will love HIm as much as He loves you. Your creator loves you more than you can ever fathom. We are here to have a relationship with Him, we are here to seek HIs precious face. Every day, seek Jesus, especially in Spirit, ask Him things, talk to Him. He isn’t distant, and neither is God. They are close to you, and they know you more than you know yourself!

Pinky On April 17, 2020

Thank you
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