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1221 Angel Number - Release And Let Go Of All Negativity In Your Life

The 1221 angel number represents a universal awareness that encourages you to walk a spiritual path that satisfying feeling of oneness and wholeness.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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Seeing 1221 Angel Number

As all numbers have their different energies and spiritual attributes, divine beings such as angels, who watch over you use them as a medium to communicate with you.
They leave traces right in front of you; numbers or numbers sequences like 1221 angel numberthat catch your attention so often that you can hardly ignore.
These are angel numbersand they have a special meaning meant for only you. If you’ve been coming across the 1221 angel number, in random places such as the timer on your phone or on the dashboard of your car, but repeatedly, then your angels have an important message for you.
The interpretation of this message lies in the meaning of the 1221 angel number, read carefully and learn what the angels have to say!

1221 Angel Number Meaning

The 1221 Angel Number holds two powerful numbers 1, 2 and the master number 22. Also, numbers 1 and 2 occur twice in this sequence, thus amplifying their meaning. The number 1 means to start or begin, it also indicates inspiration, to pioneer, initiate, leadership and motivation.
Your angels would like you to tap into the fountain of inspiration that is your mind and draw inspiration from your thoughts. You need to prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally for the start of something new which may require you to leave some things behind.
1221 angel number doreen virtue
1221 angel number doreen virtue
If you’ve had dreamsor passions that you’ve been unable to chase, then this is your window of opportunity as new things are about to happen for you.
On the other hand, number 2 represents a balance, duality, cooperation, it is a psychic numberthat speaks to your intellect and your reasoning.
This is a time for you to have a clear head and be very practical in your dealings with people.
As the balance may be universal, this is also a time for you to connect with your environment and the people around you.
You may decide to throw in some occasional acts of spirituality and selfless livingas this go along way in making you feel connected with the lives of so many others.
The master number 22is very powerful and is the signature number of [Archangel Raphael](, in its lower energy state, it relates to number 4which signifies stability, strength and that your angels are working for you. In its higher vibrational state, it relates to peace, vision, intuition, and diplomacy. While your angels want you to trust your instincts and follow your passion, ambitions, and dreams, they also want you to carve out a spiritual path, one that brings you inner satisfaction, peace and closer to spiritual fulfillment.
The 1221 angel number thus encourages you to strive forward and proceed with your plans for a better future, trusting in the potency of your mind and creativity. It also indicates that you need to let go of past engagements in order for you to begin your new life.
A large part of this process lies in your ability to follow the leading of your heart while keeping your emotions in check.
1221 angel number love
1221 angel number love
It’s also an indication that you need to hold on to your closest friends who have always been there for you because, during this transition period, you’ll need that full and unflinching support.
If you dohave anyone who speaks against your ability to think freely or talks down on your dreams or abilities, then you need to cut them off.

What to do when you see Angel Number 1221

When you see the angel number 1221, as well as the angel number 12, it means that you should keep a positive outlook. Having positive thoughts and feelings will open you to the flow of positive energy into your life.
Being positive will teach you to be more grateful for all the blessings that you have. It will teach you to be kind and generous to people who are in need.
Keeping a positive outlook will strengthen your faith. You will not be easily discouraged or broken by struggles and challenges.
With the angel number 1221, you are being urged to share your gifts with other people to inspire and encourage. Stir the passion in them so that they will also chase after their dreams.

1221 Angel Number Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue interprets this number sequence as having a significant indication that your dreams are about to become a reality. You have to continue to believe in yourself and in what you’re capable of achieving.
Try to think positively as your thoughts have a direct bearing with what your reality is going to be at this point.
See your success first in your mind and then it will materialize into reality. The universe is currently taking snapshots of your thoughts and setting things in motion to make them happen, also know that your angels are a big part of this process and are always looking out for your best interests.
As you may have already perceived that things are about to start going your way, don’t dispel the signs but rather hold on to them and expect more because your life is about to change.

1221 Angel Number Love

The duality of the 1221 angel number indicates that if you have not been in a relationship or had an active love life, then this is the time for you. Your angels want you to let go of your fears and follow your heart to the person of your dreams.
You do not want to miss out on a life of passion and romance and you certainly do not want to miss this window of opportunity.
The person for you isn’t far away so, take out time and look for this person that will love and cherish you for everything that you are.
And if you happen to be in a relationship, you’re getting to a place with your partner where you’re more at peace with one another and living in perfect harmony.
Look inside and find out what’s missing in your relationship, trust your instincts and try new things, there are only good things waiting for you on the other side!
If however, you’re in a relationship that is doing you more harm than good, then this may be your angels’ way of telling you that for you to experience new and better love, you need to let go of an old one.
It doesn’t help to keep hurting yourself, lick your wounds and move on; there is a special someone out there who will appreciate every moment of your existence.

1221 Angel Number Twin Flame

The duality of these numbers 12 and 21 strongly indicate the presence of a twin flameclose by, someone that you’re so drawn to so strongly for reasons that you can hardly explain.
If you’ve encountered such emotions, then do not run away from it, remember that your angels are working on your behalf to give you a better future.
The 1221 angel number also represents a universal awareness, one that encourages you to walk a spiritual path and experience that satisfying feeling of oneness and wholeness.
You have the opportunity to make the most of your mind, set thoughts in motion that will see you better of than you currently are.
A new life awaits you, and all you have to do is walk into it. Remember to keep your trusted friends close; you’ll certainly need them for the journey ahead.


There are some things that cannot be avoided, but you can choose how you will respond to them. Always take the high road and try to keep the peace in your life at all costs.
The angel number 1221 can turn your life around if you are open to the energy it brings. Listen to the message of your guardian angels and watch how it can transform your life for the better.
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