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818 Angel Number - Trust Yourself and Listen To Your Inner Wisdom

The 818 angel number is very significant and indicates such things as prosperity, abundance, and new beginnings. It’s blessing to see such number.

Author:Celeste Pearl
Reviewer:Amy Daley
Apr 24, 20222.3K Shares199.3K Views
The 818 angel number sequencealong with many others are messages from angels. Angels are spiritual beings, and they cannot speak to you as your neighbor or boss would. However, they are always around, watching over you and sometimes they docommunicate with you, to guide you in your journey of life and to help you attain spiritual fulfillment.
There are times as a person when you need some divine assistance, a sign or voice to nudge you in the right direction or give some encouragement. Your angels know this and whenever you have this desire or need, they feel it too. Numbers have energies, spiritual attributes and significance and they are often used by your angels to communicate to you directly.
If you have been noticing the 818 angel numberrepeatedly; on the dashboard of your car while driving or when you got tickets to see a movie, then your angels have an important message for you. The meaning of the 818 angel number will help to determine what the angels are communicating to you!

818 Angel Number Meaning

The 818 angel number combines the energies of two numbers, 8 and 1 with the first number occurring twice in the sequence thus amplifying its significance. Number 8 represents self-confidence, self-reliance, giving and receiving, independence, strength, authority.
Seeing this number is thus a push for you to take better control of your life and seek to rely less on others. Number 1, on the other hand, stands for a start, begin, initiate. This might be a time for you to try out something new, do something different or it may signal a new beginning for you.
Together, the 818 angel number tells you that you are about to begin a new chapter of your life and while there are things about your current state that you’re not happy or satisfied with, you need to get a better handle on things in order for your transformation to occur. Your thought and ideas are capable of pushing you into a new dimension, but you need to exhibit more confidence in yourself and in what you’re capable of doing, seek advice when necessary but always follow your thoughts and instincts.
You do not have to wait on others to show you the way forward, or to change the situations that make you unhappy. You’re in total control of your happiness and whatever your thoughts are, the universe will transform them into your new reality. Your growth and progress are fully dependent on your willingness to seek them because once you do, your angels will be on hand to make it happen.

818 Angel Number Doreen Virtue

The 818 Angel Number from Doreen Virtue’s account indicates that you’re coming to the end of a big and important part of your life and a good change is about to happen for you, one that will replace all the wrong/bad parts of the previous phase with better things and set you on new path to a better life.
Although, you have to be willing to let go of the things that are not working out for you or at least not in the way that you want them to, no matter how much investment you have put into them. Be happy because you are about to live out your dreamsof a better and more successful life, one that you have more control and influence over.

818 Angel Number Love

Even though you’ve noticed that your relationship may be nearing its end, the 818 angel number may very well be a confirmation to that effect. And while you can try to salvage your relationship, your angels do not want you to remain where you are just because of history.
You shouldn’t remain in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy or try to settle for whatever comes to you, your angels want you to take control of your love life, your emotions and feelings, follow your heart and if it leads you out of a relationship then be rest assured that you’ll soon walk into a more desirable love life.
If you have not had a love life, then that is something that you need to change, let go of your fears and get out there! You’re a beautiful embodiment of self-confidence and your special someone has been waiting too long. It’s time to make a change for the better, follow your heart and do not doubt your instincts, be happy because your life is about to get more exciting and lovely.
If you have not had a love life, then that is something that you need to change, let go of your fears and get out there! You’re a beautiful embodiment of self-confidence and your special someone has been waiting too long. It’s time to make a change for the better, follow your heart and do not doubt your instincts, be happy because your life is about to get more exciting and lovely.

818 Angel Number Bible

Bible numerologyinterprets thenumber 8to stand for regeneration or a start of something after the end of another. It imbibes the ability to take responsibility in creating or starting a new life is that it follows after the angel number 7 which according to the bible signifies completion or end plus an additional 1 which makes 8 and thus stands for a new beginning.
It also means entering into an agreement with God which could signify a future era of prosperity and progress. The number 1 represents self-sustenance, independence, and unity. Thus the Bible presents the number 818 in a light that expresses the beginning of an abundant future and the end of a phase of your life. It also indicates the need to be in control of your life as well as being content in your self and in your abilities. Lastly, the bible signals that you should connect more with your spiritualityto attain your soul’s purpose.

818 Angel Number Twin Flame

The number 8 is very important in twin flamenumerology because of the way it takes two complete units (circles) and joins them to form one, it also takes the form of the infinity symbol, signifying infinite success and establishment as well as balance. In addition to the significance of the number 1, which means new or to begin, 818 angel number thus represents a new era of infinite abundance and a time of spiritual and emotional balance for you.
The 818 angel number is very significant and indicates such things as prosperity, abundance, and new beginnings. Your angels want you to believe in the power of your thoughts and channel your energy to create a more fulfilling life. You have to also be willing to dispel old things and habits so that you can create room for new and better ones.


Do what you think is right. Seek advice from the more experienced ones, but always follow your instincts.
At the end of the day, it’s your life. It’s your choices and your decisions.
You are the captain of your ship. You can follow the stars and steer with the direction of the waves, but it’s your boat, and it’s your course.

Archived Comments

JemmaAmy DaleyJemmaAmy Daley On February 5, 2019February 8, 2019February 10, 2019February 11, 2019

I believe I am in the runner chaser mode of a twin flame journey. The make runner is in a new relationship. We have a child together. I have seen many signs confirming he is my twin flame. We have 11 years of disruptive history. His new relationship that I found out he was hiding from me whilst still doing all the family has propelled me into a journey of self discovery and healing. There has been no sex though for over a year. I believe this is why he went and found another to have sex with. It’s all a very long story. Anyway this evening his messages came at 808 and 818. He e can helped me being in my tumble dryer. I have kept contact very limited for months and although he has moved on he seems to show signs of struggling to let go of me. Any advice please. I am getting 1111 and 111aswel as 22 33 and 333

Amy DaleyJemmaAmy Daley On February 8, 2019February 10, 2019February 11, 2019

Hi Jemma, There are some signs if you didn’t notice, the post we’re commenting on has the title as “Trust Yourself” and 1 means a new beginning and 1111 is the strongest one of this message.
There tends to be a lot of confusion about what a “twin flame” relationship really is. Unlike “soul mates,” which are our perfect matches (or our spiritual family) twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful.
So we know that he moved on, so the question is did you move on too? Because without you also letting go of him, he can’t let go of you either since you two have a very strong past.
You’re seeking advice but you didn’t give me an exact “question” did you? You’re lost Jemma, you need to listen to your inner voice and really seek deeper inside to find out what you truly want. Only you know the exact problem of the relationship, only you knowing if you want to hold on or let go.
You want quick relief and solution which can help you to shorten your way to making an optimal decision, unfortunately, it’s not a healthy way to you and to your partner. Please take some time truly off and giving each other’s more space if needed. DON’T HOLD ON A UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP just because your child needs a father kindda reason PLEASE. I would be practical in this matter, please always remember that you’re beautiful and you deserve happiness just like anyone in this world, never doubt that. Regarding your children, he/she would be grateful that you and your partner both found a way to move on, even not now he will be later. No kid happy seeing their parents stayed with each other and suffering, that rude their childhood badly.
Shorten it up, let the core values such as love and gratitude guide your way to your inner world, let yourself know how beautiful you’re. Eventually, the choice will be unfold
I’m looking forward to seeing your update!
Warm Hugs, A Friend

JemmaAmy Daley On February 10, 2019February 11, 2019

I had no idea you had even replied. I’m just sitting looking up what certain Angel numbersmean and have scrolled down to discover not only my own comment but your reply. Wow. Yes I got 818 again whilst texting my twin. There is absolutely no part of me that is wanting to be with my ex because of my son. The desire comes from a deep part of me that knows he is meant for me regardless of what the outside 3d is pointing too. I see it I feel it and hear it. There was once a time that he too confirmed how deep and insane this connection was. That is no longer spoken in words. On the odd occasion I do speak to him or see him briefly I get an energy from him that he is lost, hurt confused this can also be heard in the tone of his voice. My son returned from a visit with his dad just last night and freely offered to me the fact that his dad had picked up a watch showed it to him and said that his new lady he did call her by name had brought it for him. My sons response cool. My ex knows very well my son and I are extremely close and will more than likely tell me this. It’s material it means nothing to me does it to him? I don’t know. I feel that my ex is somewhat trying to make out his life is so good with the new lady however the energy I get from him says otherwise. Or is this just a lie in telling myself in the hope he loves me? All I do know is I am sure that our connection runs very deep I feel he feels this too. Again I can’t be certain as he isn’t communicating that. I get a bit torn between thinking is this all a lie? and the feeling that this is true. Lots and lots of love Jemma 💓

Amy Daley On February 11, 2019

Hi, That’s insane to hear though. I tried to send you an email as well in case you missed the respond update, but Gmail returned “wrong receiver’s email” error. So I thought you never read it anyway. Apparently, you did which is unbelievable, energies found its way!
I don’t really know why you both broken up at the first place, but the way you talked about him showing pretty clearly that you still have feelings for him and yes, a little hope that things gonna work out in your expectations.
I don’t know if you listened to yourself enough, but you wrote down a few things clearly which are your feelings with him, you both shared a very deep connection in different things and you do want to hear things back from him to confirm your thinking, to confirm that it’s a lie you told to yourself, or it’s true….
I’m no expert and this is a sensitive topic, but take some time off from thinking about him, then maybe start with a list of good “questions”. After your journey of discovery and healing, are you feeling “better” without him? How is your life right now vs the time you’re together? Did you ever take him for granted or did he?…. The list can go on as you feel good to find out more…
It may be crazy to say but I believe that a deep connection sometimes not enough for a relationship to work out, in a long run. Human is complicated, we got personal desires and doesn’t matter how much we shared with others, we always hold on a little bit inside….I believe that sometimes people let go of each other, not because they hate them or stopped loving, it can be a new chapter of their life without us for some reasons.
The more we love someone, the easier for us to lose them because we focused too much on them and lost ourselves during the process. The longer we love someone, the easier for us to take them for granted.
Love him, show it to him, but don’t try to hold him hard. Let your genuine feelings, gratitude, and kindness unfold his decisions.
Love yourself, even more, you got a lot more reasons to live, life got so much to offers ahead, a great future is ahead of you, and best of all, your son.
I wish you found your way to happiness, every moment! A friend,

Jemma On February 10, 2019

I must add to that post that when speaking to my twin\ex on the phone he has been sorting out our sons toys. An guess what I had been doing? Yes exactly the same!!! Big loves to you xx

AnastasiaAmy Daley On March 15, 2019March 16, 2019

I’m not going to add my twin flame story to this thread cause I think that your converstation was enlighting enough by it self and I’m extremely grateful for both of you for sharing your thoughts on the matter. Sending love and light to all of you.

Amy Daley On March 16, 2019

Gratitude! Glad it helps somehow :). Big love & Warm hugs to you

Sherrie Danielle Jolly On March 31, 2019

I myself have a twin flame and soulmate. I have a strong connection with my twin flame whom I love so deeply, that it scares me from time to time due to the fact he’s a runner by past relationships, hurt, resentment, and his ego. I know that he loves me as I love him but when he reaches out and we try to get along we always end up in a separation because I let my emotions take over me, which I will control for now on. Sometimes I doubt that we won’t be United but then I have hope that we will. As far as my soulmate I doubt that’s what I’ll call him due to the fact our relationship never was on good terms as it was with my twin flame (which again I don’t know who is what when it comes to twin flame/soulmate) all i know is that being with my recent we had a lot of issues due to our past exe’s experience and I might say i have heal but not completely all the way. I need to focus on myself a lot more but my twin flame is constantly on my mind and when we was apart I was doing good emotional but now I am up and down all over again, I realize that I had to be open with him about my feelings towards him and not allow my emotions to override me and make my thoughts go crazy. My soul mate wants me deeply but I want my twin flame who brought out the greatest in myself and seen things in me that I lost long ago and he is my mirror that i know that can be broken or so I am hoping. I have kids with my soulmate and I can be open with him about everything but that’s because we been together for a very long time and he was very manipulative and hurtful. My love for him will always be just that love due to our children. Our bond is strong but I’m willing to build a foundation with my twin flame and get to know him deeply mental/spiritual level other then physically. Yes, I love me deeply and want to be happy because I deserve it and so does my twin flame who believes he don’t. I just know that he never had the love I give and it probably scares the living hell out of him because he believes he don’t deserves it.

Fatima On April 14, 2019

I was asking so many question to my angels about my relationship .I was praying to God that im allowing only healthy and long lasting love relationship to show up in my world .last March I ve met a Taurus sign as I m leo/ virgo sun rising I was extremely satisfied ,,that he is the one I was looking for even if it wasn’t the age I ve asked for .. he is 2 yrs younger than me but as he insisted that this is what it meant to be .the ups and downs start showing up..i tried so hard to remain calm and optimistic and letting go of the past issues…but I felt he is hiding something which I cant define Ego sounds is very loud , the thoughts conflict and so …but I m trying hard to release the fear .let him go .if he meant to be my other half he will be. if not ill move forward with no regret ,,as I was going thru so much pain in y life . I worked hard on my self just to be who I am today .
I want him to be what I want at the same time to be the person he was looking for ,,,to complete the chart of our path

Candace Teague On May 3, 2019

Hello, I have been seeing 818 around my partner all the time… even when he text me it’s always at 818….. I mean alot and even when I think about him 818 shows up… we been having problems for awhile now and i am ready to be free and move on but it’s taking a little time being that we live together… we do not get along most of the time because of his ways and disrespect, but soon as im not showing him no mind or attention hes coming back in with the I love you talk and let work things out, only for him to put me back in the same predicament as befor rather it’s a day, week or month from what he would tell me (sweet nothings) it’s always goes back to the same behavior and im just ready for it to all be over… my question to you is could that be the very reason I see 818 alot with him because I know it’s over although I feel I need questions on why the disrespect one minute than all the lies about working it out and being together the next could it all just be lies and that’s my reason of seeing 818? Or is it I’m steady trying to figure out why hes one way with me than days later another way…… when I dont pay him any attention..

Daniela On May 11, 2019

Why am I still seeing 818 repeats after 4 years? Does that mean, I am not reaching in the right direction and it’s repeating the message until I get it?

Lyra On June 9, 2019

thanks master of the universe,,i keep see these angel numbers 4 times a day,,ihave my soul mate and i vvant to live vvith him but for some reasons i cant live vvith him right novv,,hope masters of the universe make my dreamscomes true asap,,,peace and light and happyness

Cobra Goddess On August 31, 2019

I have been seeing 818 for a while, but now it has been showing up several times a day. I am currently in a state of of stuckness. My love life, is non existent. I feel like everything is difficult to grasp. I have been trying to relocate for years but I havent come across suitable accommodations as of yet nor changing my current position at work.
I am still taking courses which inturn are growing me spiritually and helping to heal me. I set an intention of daily gratitude and prayer. However I am missing something that is right in front of me.
Cobra Goddess

JP On September 14, 2019

Hi, I truly need your help. I recently ended an 8 year relationship with my GF. We’ve been broken up for 3 months now and I’ve been having really strong desires to get her back in my life. During our time apart I have reflected and can now see my wrong doings. I see now that I made her feel worthless by not marrying her. I was so lost and did not realise she was the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. I’ve had a lot of bad luckbut she stuck around. I never really worked on my issues and as a result I never gave her the love she deserved. Instead I was always blaming her. Since we parted I think about asking her to marry me, I’m overwhelmed by true happiness and joy when I think about this. Never felt like this before. It’s so real. The reason why I’m here is I’ve been seeing so many numbers such as 11:11, 333, 444, 555, 999, 666, 000, 10:10, 12:12, 222, 911, 09:09 – I think more numbers. This is on a DAILY basis. Even though she says she wants space we’ve been talking everyday. I’ve told her my intentions. She tells me she loves me and misses me. She was on a holiday recently but we spoke everyday whilst she was there. We’ve made love countless times since we parted too. She tells me she doesn’t want to come back but some days she says she doesn’t know. I’m so confused. And now she tells me that she’s talking to someone else. I know she’s my twin flame. My mind is telling me to move on but my soul screams for her! Could you try and shed some light on my situation please? What are these numbers trying to tell me about what I’m going through?

Dolly Blevins On November 23, 2019

I am separated from my twin flame our unconditional love scared the hell out of her I am to the point I’ve done the work I am at peace and I trust god I know she’s in love with me she was the runner I feel we will be back together before the end of 2019 I love who I am and I am so grateful for everything I’ve been through it is all in gods hands what he started with her and I he promised me my hearts desires and I love everything he’s already blessed me with I am just at peace because unconditional love will find its way back I am very positive and remember to love yourself and everything else will fall into place have a blessed day to all .
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