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Angel Number 4 - Expanding Your Inner Beauty In Every Direction

Angel number 4 portrays different meaning from the different culture, religion, and people. To some, it brings good karma while to some it does not.

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Angel number 4contains a message from your guardian angels. Guardian angels live amongst us guiding us through our daily undertakings. We donot see them but they give away signs pronouncing their presence. Angels are celestial being sent from the higher dimension to be our protector and overseer however they have one ultimate rule that needs to be followed strictly and that is never to communicate to people directly. That is why; for them to be able to accomplish their mission, they give away signs and signals to make their messages come across.
One of the signs that the angels are constantly using are the numbers. There are times that we see the same number over and over again but we only see it as a mere coincidence. However, if your spiritual awareness is fully developed, you will see that the appearances of the numbers are more than just a twist of fate but rather they have significant meanings brought by your guardian angels.

Angel Number 4 Meaning

There are people who believe that numbers bring significant key messages. But what does angel number 4 wants to really tell you?
Angel Number 4 is amongst the most powerful angel number there is in the higher dimension and when they appear, it signifies that they want to tell you something that their presence will be able beneficial in your problem-solving.
Angel number 4 meaning
Angel number 4 meaning
If you believe in your guardian angel, it will be much easier for you to solve all problems that you may have in your life. When you want to do something good in your life, your angels will be with you and help you reach your goals. They will encourage you, so you will be able to go through difficult periods and to overcome all obstacles that may appear on your way.
If you have received a message from your guardian angel through number 4, it is a symbol of support. It usually refers to the support that your angels are giving to you, but there are also many other ways to interpret the message that you have received.
Angel number 4 is also associated with a good organization, patience, devotion, trust, loyalty, determination, wisdom, and traditional values.

Angel Number 4 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is known to the world when talking about angels and numbers. It is because she claims to have direct interactions with them. She graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California with the degrees of BA and an MA in Counselling Psychology.
She has worked on a number of books like Angel Numbers101, Angel Tarot Cards, Angel Therapy Healing, and many more works.
According to Doreen Virtue, when the number 4 appears to you especially if it is 444, the message that the angels want to tell you is that they are just around you and protecting you from all the dangers. It does not matter if you are a believer or not but Doreen Virtue is trying to tell you that the number 444 is sending you a message of security and safety, and calm and peace.

Number 4 Meaning In The Bible

The number 4 is very significant in the Bible and Christianity. The number 4 is the number of the cross and also there are four letters in the name of God, JHVH. In the book of Genesis, it was stated that there are four rivers that are coming out of the Garden of Eden and these are the Pishon, Tigris, Gihon, and Euphrates. The angels have appeared to Joseph, the carpenter, four times. Also, the 12 tribes of Israel have 4 camps.
Another occurrence of the number 4 in the bible is in the New Testament where there were 4 chosen evangelists to spread the good newsand 4 angels to protect the world.

Numerology Facts About Number 4

With a 4 Personality Number, you may be a plodder who gets on with your life by endlessly gnawing away at a project. You may be very loyal and dependable, and choose friends who can also adhere to these sentiments. You are generally organized, efficient, neat, and orderly, and like to carry your tasks of the day through. If you say you'll do something, you do it, barring the unexpected. You like to think you have earned your bread, or earned the right to have a great relationship or good health.
Sometimes it may happen that a person with number 4 has negative characteristics as well. You may be over-disciplined at times and create too much structure. With a 4, you like people to think of you as special, and if they do not make a blatant fuss of you. Perhaps you find the daily routine of home and work too slow, laborious, or even boring. This wears down your ability to give it your best efforts and makes you complacent. You may box yourself in so tightly that there is no room to breathe or to allow in other wonderful experiences. You might also try to place too many boundaries on others so that they feel cramped.

Life Path Number 4

With a 4 Life Path Number you are a very responsible person. You like people around you to be responsible for their actions and words. You may be very good at constructing foundations for others, so that they can be built upon. You will work steadily to create strong foundations in a relationship or career. For example, you may physically build the foundations of a house.
Your soul is teaching you to become a responsible member of the human race. But you may also be irresponsible at times and seek out people who will look after you financially. You can be inhospitable at times, perhaps because you do not like others encroaching on your routine. On the other hand, you may sometimes revel in creating a drama out of someone else's drama, even to the point where it gets totally out of hand and you lose all sense of reality. When it's a dull day, you might even constantly need dramas to make you feel alive, which can be draining for others.

Wisdom Number 4

The character who has a Number 4 Wisdom Number achieves a rare combination of creativity and practicality. You are incredibly creative and are able to use this gift practically to enhance all areas of your life. Life is precious and not to be squandered on issues or situations which are not important. This Wisdom Number may bring inherited wealth, which you may use to help others in the community. You will endeavor to utilize money and property well and in a responsible way. You can see the beauty in the most basic aspects of life, and can inspire others to do the same. You often measure life by what you accomplish physically each day.
With a 4 Wisdom Number, you tend to hold on to issues, even when they are long gone, dead and out of your life. You can also be disloyal and dish the dirt on people for the mere sake of it. People may also find your inconsistency disconcerting at times, as you are liable to radically change your outlook, too. However, you may be prone to melancholy if life becomes too routine. The more things fall into place, the more likely it is that you will fight for what you perceive to be your family's best interests, according to the Tarot.

Personal Year Number 4

The Personal Year Number4 highlights a need to consolidate energy and resources. During a 4 cycle you may be preoccupied with money, property or your body. Perhaps you make fundamental changes to your life, such as moving home, altering your diet or changing careers. Goals that were started in your 1 Personal Yearcycle may materialize or take a firmer form this year. The 4 cycle is a great time to develop friendships and to get in contact with your passion for life. The earthy energy can make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. The number 4 is associated with personal responsibility, then this number can help you to focus on what you need to do to survive. The year can be an altogether constructive year if you are willing to be systematic and ready to change any of your approaches that are now outdated.

Number 4 Attributes


With a 4 you seek to build a solid lifelong relationship. You are incredibly down to earth, practical and dependable, and you have a great sense of responsibility. Financial and material security will probably be very important to you, and you may be attracted to a partner with whom you can grow and prosper.
You like the routine and regularity of a relationship and it has a steadying influence over your life. When you feel totally safe with a partner, you can allow your passions to emerge and ignite, and allow yourself to fall in love. Insecurity may be a big challenge, and you may have strong issues around loyalty.
  • Needs solidity
  • Down to earth
  • Dependable


With a 4, the bladder and kidneys may be of concern. This number is associated with the everyday, material aspects of life, and when you are making huge changes at this level, and are being resistant, it may contribute to physical problems.
You dislike any illness that upsets your routine because you are a person of habit, and even a cold may shake your foundations, so you will do your best to avoid it by caring for your diet and by exercise. With a 4 you may sometimes have problems with your large intestine. Your spinal column – which can affect other areas of the body including the neck and shoulders – may also be of concern.


You may be an accountant, book-keeper, financial adviser or banker, or work in any profession connected with financial services. A steady, dependable career that offers you a job for life may be attractive to you.
Here you can use your skills of efficiency and reliability to ensure a good job gets done.
With a 4, you are conscientious and a hard worker, and you may be a brilliant administrator. You are particularly capable of handling a busy routine. Perhaps you enjoy working with the land – for example, as a gardener, herbalist or farmer – or you may work in the building profession where you can apply your skills of endurance. You may also be an artist or designer.
  • Financial adviser
  • Farmer
  • Builder

Leisure And Hobbies

One of your favorite hobbies may well be hands-on work in the home or office, perhaps putting up cupboards or changing desks to create more efficiency. This may be thoroughly absorbing and rewarding when you see your creations used to enhance the smooth running of your day.
Long, leisurely drives in the car with friends or family may be one of your pastimes, which may culminate in a visit to your regular haunt for a good meal. You may be passionate about cooking and find it totally relaxing, or switch off by watching your regular favorites on television.
You love fishing and walking, but you may not be keen on more strenuous exercise.
  • DIY
  • Television
  • Fishing

Number 4 Meaning In Chinese

In western countries, [the number 13]( is considered to the unlucky number, and in other eastern countries, the number 4 is the unlucky number.
It is common not to see the number in China and in other communities of Chinese people. It is because 4, which is pronounced as “sì” in Chinese has the same sound as “sǐ” which is death in Chinese.
If the Chinese will go out of their way for the number 8 which is considered the luckiest number, they will also go out of their limits not to associate themselves with the number 4.
That is why if you happened to go to China or any establishment owned by a Chinese, you will find that there is no 4th floor in their building, no number 4 button in the elevator, no addresses with the number 4 on it. No phone numbers, ID numbers, and even license plate that has the number 4 on it. They will try to do anything just to omit or not to have the number 4 in their lives.
The mere of saying the number 4 especially to people who are having troubles in their life is a sign of being disrespectful and belligerent. If you give someone with the number 4 on it, you are giving that person a death threat.


In conclusion, In conclusion, Number 4 is associated with the organization, patience, loyalty, and trust. If this number appears very often in your life, it can give you important messages from your angels. The angels may be reminding you to think more of traditional values and inner wisdom.
Number 4 also represents seriousness, order, and determination.
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