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Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - Feelings Of Misery Or Loss

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning depicts a guy draped in a long, dark cloak staring down at three cups that have been knocked over. These cups are meant to represent the man's many setbacks and defeats. Behind him are two cups that stand for fresh chances and potential.

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The Five of Cups tarot cardmeaningdepicts a guy draped in a long, dark cloak staring down at three cups that have been knocked over.
These cups are meant to represent the man's many setbacks and defeats. Behind him are two cups that stand for fresh chances and potential.
However, since he is so focused on his failures, which are represented by the cups that have been turned over, he is unable to see the opportunities that are accessible to him.
If he can just get beyond the tipped-down cups, there's a bridge in the distance that goes across a fast-moving river and leads to the safety of the castle or house on the other side of the riverbank.
The bridge serves as a visual reminder to "get over it" and "build a bridge!"

General Meaning Of The Five Of Cups

The number five in the Tarot cardstypically proves to be the most challenging number to work with.
This is because five represents change, and the majority of people are uncomfortable with change.
When it comes to the cups suit in tarotreadings, the topics that are discussed revolve around different sorts of relationships as well as the feelings that are associated with them.
If you obtain this card in any reading, whether it be a basic one-card spread, a three-card tarot reading, or a Celtic Cross reading, it indicates that you may be coping with regret, sadness, and loss in your connection; most commonly, a love relationship.
Things are not as they were, and you could feel as though you are drowning in disappointment.
There is a chance for you to move on, but you may need to put in a lot of work to make that happen.
In the meantime, you should try not to become stuck in the past or lose yourself in self-reflection about what you could have done differently.
If you're struggling with a circumstance like this one, we highly recommend getting a Love Oracle reading online so that you may obtain some insight into how you can go on and make the best of the situation.
A hand holding The Lovers tarot card
A hand holding The Lovers tarot card

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Cups tarot card meaningfrequently shows up in a tarot reading when a situation hasn't turned out the way you anticipated it to, and you feel sad, regretful and disappointed as a result.
You have decided to wallow in your self-pity rather than go on with the rest of your life.
Right now, you can only think about the things that went wrong and how you failed.
Darling, the time has come to move on from this! You are allowed to acknowledge your emotions, but you should give yourself a time limit for wallowing in self-pity and then quickly pull yourself together and go on.
The five of cups tarot card meaning is that it indicates that you are unable to let go of the past and are unable to move on.
When you think about what took place, painful emotions and recollections from the past come flooding back to you.
You may think that you are a victim of the events of your life, or you may blame yourself.
By holding on to these negative feelings, you are preventing yourself from reaching your full potential.
You need to let go of them so that you can go on and make positive changes. When working with the Five of Cups, it is essential to practice forgiveness, both of yourself and of others.
If you have been let down by another person, you must find it in your heart to forgive that person to free yourself from the burden of being let down.
And if you're feeling down on yourself, remind yourself that you gave it your all given the circumstances and that you've grown as a result of the lessons you've taken away from your past actions.
Keep in mind, too, that hindsight is clearer than foresight and that the knowledge we have in the here and now comes from the mistakes we have made in the past.

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

There may be a time of mourning for you right now, and you may have a lot to be sad about.
Perhaps you're going through a breakup of some kind, or if not, you and your spouse are having conflicts and disputes.
Nevertheless, knowing that not all is gone is beneficial. The Five of Cups in a tarot love reading denotes emotional loss, but it also suggests that you can be ignoring what can still be saved and what has endured.
These frequently contain the germ of hope. Did a fight educate you about something in your relationship?
Did it encourage conversation that would not have happened otherwise? Did the breakup provide you the freedom to discover your uniqueness outside of your previous relationship?
The Five of Cups tarot love interpretation indicates that there are as many things to be happy about as there are things to be sad about.

Upright Five Of Cup Career Meaning

The five cups represent sadness and loss. This might happen to you professionally in the form of losing a job, a business, the desired project, or a partnership.
It's possible that you're being pushed to advance your career backward. Additionally, a coworker you share projects with might decide to stop working on them, or you could decide to quit.
There may be griefand change throughout this time. Although these changes are challenging, they present a chance for learning.
There could be more salvageable materials than you previously believed.
When you're not at work, try to keep up good ties with your former employees. Keep in touch with the positive aspects of what you lost.
Close-Up Shot of Tarot Cards on a Wooden Table
Close-Up Shot of Tarot Cards on a Wooden Table

Upright Five Of Cups Finances Meaning

A shortage of resources may be indicated by the five cups in a financial tarot reading. You might be experiencing a substantial financial loss.
There may be loads of tension at the moment, and you may have to make sure that you are not spending wastefully to build up your financial stability once again
More than ever, it's crucial to keep a positive outlook on your circumstances.
Fortunately, this card typically indicates that there are still many things you can doto improve the situation, so consider your resources and skill set to see what you can do to make up for the loss.

Reversed Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Five of cups tarot card meaning is that in reverse indicates that you have lately had a personal setback or letdown.
You can feel like a "failure" and not want others to know you went in the wrong direction.
Or you could be choosing to keep your sentiments to yourself because you're not ready to share them with others.
But perhaps this is the right time to start talking. Don't be hesitant to seek help or to communicate with someone you trust, since others may not realize how much agony you are now experiencing.
You may discover that doing so alleviates your emotional distress. Sharing your emotions with others may help you realize that you can get through this short-term setback.
Five of cups tarot card meaning is that in reverse, it advises you to forgive yourself and move on if you are feeling guilty or humiliated about what occurred and are blaming yourself for the errors you made. Recognize that you did your best.
This may be the ideal time for you to perform the Ho'oponopono forgiveness ceremony, which involves saying you're sorry, asking for forgiveness, thanking someone, and then moving into love.

Reversed Five Of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

When the reversed Five of Cups emerges in a love tarot reading, it is time to get past the past. This card represents letting go of the past and moving on in real life.
This card might be a pleasant sight to encourage you to accept what has happened and find peace if you have recently had a breakup.
As this chapter of your life comes to an end, you are making room for a new love to come into your life, one where you live in the present and are not comparing prospective new relationships with your old ones
It makes sense that you would still be recuperating. You will rediscover happiness if you give yourself time and are kind to yourself.
If you're already in a relationship, you may have recently had a difficult time. Ideally, you and your spouse have had all the necessary conversations to make you feel heard and understood.
Focus on the future and what the two of you can change, rather than on the wounds and resentments from the past.

Reversed Career Meaning Of Five Of Cups

Recovering is shown by the five cups inverted. The reversed five cups indicate that you have all you need to get through these difficult times in your career if you have recently experienced one, such as a layoff, job loss, or company failure.
You can now make up part of your losses. Healing is coming, and you may discover that despite the pain you felt, these setbacks helped you land a job that was far more suitable for you.
Additionally, you may start to feel less of the tension and agony you've been under as a result of these issues.
A Person Sitting at a Table with Tarot Cards
A Person Sitting at a Table with Tarot Cards

Reversed Five Of Cups Finances Meaning

The reversed five cups might represent relief and an end to a recent period of financial loss or upheaval. By overcoming your losses, you can discover new routes to financial security.
You may have used the remaining funds to fund a useful endeavor, such as a venture or a side hustle that is enhancing your financial security. Be happy with your accomplishments.

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning For Work

Speak out if you experience a lack of visibility or hearing at work. Despite how terrifying it may sound, you must ask for what you need.
You could be clinging to aspirations and objectives that no longer serve you if you feel trapped and confused about your work.
Admitting your former dreamsno longer seem real requires a lot of bravery. Taking action requires considerably more effort.
Keep in mind that he is standing behind two full goblets in the five cups tarot card meaning.
Move past your nervousness and start investigating the options nearby. You have plenty of chances.

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings For Health

Your body, mind, and soul suffer as a result of severe loss, despair, and sorrow. It's time to ask for assistance if you've been experiencing a heavy sense of hopelessness.
Take care of yourself first, then go back to focusing on the good things that are still in your life.
When you are in pain, it is hard to concentrate, yet there are many things for which to be thankful.
Start keeping a gratitude journal and look for new, productive beginnings in your life.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings For Money And Finances

It's time to get past any significant financial blunders you may have made in the past. Start anew after forgiving everyone involved, including yourself.
Managing your finances is rather easy. Be a wise steward of what you have by spending less than you make. That's it.
In reality, however, when our emotions, training, and ego get involved, we rapidly make things more complicated.
Work on the fundamentals repeatedly until you are comfortable using them. Before beginning the outward labor of money, concentrate on your money mindset (the inner work of money).

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings For Spiritual Guidance

The first person you should go to when you feel abandoned, unwanted, lost, or betrayed is your spiritual advisor.
Your troubles are never the only thing that may serve as a guide to better questions, better answers, and better attitudes.
God, the universe as a whole, Source Energy, or your more experienced future self might all be this.
You already have a link to that guide deep within you. Spend some time strengthening your bond so that you will always have it to fall back on when you are down.
Start by making a list of everything you are thankful for each morning and going over it at night.
When you are thankful for everything your guide has done for you, it is hard to feel abandoned and cut off from your soul.
A Wman Reading the Tarot Cards on the Table
A Wman Reading the Tarot Cards on the Table

Five Of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

You experience regret, grief, and sorrow when you receive this card in a One Card Reading. You find it difficult to stop thinking about what went wrong in the past.
As hard as it may be, it is time for you to move on and focus on what you do have rather than being sad about what you have lost.

Five Of Cups Yes/No Meaning

Performing a Yes-or-No tarot reading to clarify your choices may be a lifesaver and assist you in making the proper option during trying circumstances.
Your position may be challenging right now, and you may go on to endure loss, regret, or disappointment in the future if you draw this card face up.
Try your hardest to move on emotionally and avoid focusing on what has been lost rather than what has been gained. It's time to move beyond a difficult recent emotional upheaval.
If you choose no, you won't have any regrets about your choice when you receive this card facing down. You won't feel the need to brood or weep over the future either.
You should be able to let go of the issue emotionally and move on without any trouble at this point. Accepting the past is essential right now.

The Five Of Cups Card & Tarot Numerology

In kabbalah, the number five is related to Mars, the power that upsets the apple cart.
According to traditional numerology, the number five is related to Mercury, the planet of communication.
These elements combine in the cup suit to remind you that, if you're willing to accept it as such, your current mood may be creative.

People Also Ask

What Do Five Of Cups Represent?

The Five of Cups can indicate dissatisfaction and the feelings experienced when things do not go according to plan.

Can You Explain What The Five Of Cups In Reverse Means?

The Five of Cups in reverse signifies one's ability to forgive oneself and go on despite experiencing personal disappointments and grief.

Is It Possible To Have A Positive Experience With Five Cups?

The Five of Cups can sometimes be interpreted positively if you expect to receive a gift of significant financial value after suffering a setback.


The interpretation of the tarot card Five of Cups is now complete. Even if life isn't always sunshine and roses, it's important to remember that faith may be demonstrated in many different ways.
Even in the direst of circumstances, there is always a ray of hope that things may turn out okay. You need to open your eyes and look around for it in the vicinity.
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