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Hearts Desire Numerology - Revelation Of What You Truly Want In Life

The Hearts Desire Numerology, also known as the Soul Urge number, is one of Numerology’s three core numbers. This article will tell you all about what the Hearts Desire number is, how to calculate it, and the meanings associated with each number.

Author:Amy Daley
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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The Hearts Desire Numerology, also known as the Soul Urge number, is one of Numerology’s three core numbers.
This number tells you about your innermost desires and what you truly want in life. It informs you of the intentions behind your actions and why you dothe things you do.
If you want a deeper understanding of your motives, this is the number you should look into. And to learn more about the Hearts Desire number, read on.
This article will tell you all about what the Hearts Desire number is, how to calculate it, and the meanings associated with each number.

The Significance Of Hearts Desire Numerology

What is the Heart's Desire Number & How Does It Differ From Other Numbers?

Every person has things that they desire, and every person also has dreamsand wishes that they would like fulfilled.
The desires of each individual may change as they progress through the years, yet when it comes to numerology, each person has one primary desire when it comes to the heart.
The best way to describe Hearts Desire number is the longing in your heart or a sense that you were meant to do something big, but couldn't exactly explain it.
This number plays a crucial role in all of the big decisions you’ll make. It will continuously direct you toward your greatest desire.
The Hearts Desire number affects your life in many ways. It can impact your career, home life, lifestyle choices, hobbies, friendships, romantic partners, and more.
It shows your underlying motivation or the general intention behind many of your actions. It dramatically influences the choices you make in life.
This heart desire is believed to govern part of our purpose in this life and can help direct us to our true intentions and motivations.

Calculating The Hearts Desire Numerology

A person holding a heart shaped thing while smiling with words Calculating The Hearts Desire Numerology
A person holding a heart shaped thing while smiling with words Calculating The Hearts Desire Numerology
Your Hearts Desire, is based on the vowels in your full name at birth and is one of the three core name numbers in your reading. It is part of the larger picture of who you are.
You don't need a numerology reading to calculate your Hearts Desire number. In fact, you can find this by using numerical values assigned to the vowels in your name.
Using ancient Numerology practices, you can calculate your hearts desire number using the letters of your birth name. Here is how to do it:
  • To calculate your heart’s desire number take all of the vowels from your full birth name (middle name included).
  • Once you have extracted the vowels, add up the corresponding numbers using this conversion: A= 1, E= 5, I= 9, O= 6U= 3, Y=7
  • The letter Y can also be used as a vowel when it sounds like a vowel.
  • If you get double digits, add them together until you have a single digit (the only time you won’t do this is if the answer is 11 or 22).
  • Once everything has been added, the last answer is your Hearts Desire Number

The Meaning Of Each Hearts Desire Number

A person holding a heart shaped paper in her hands
A person holding a heart shaped paper in her hands
Every person has unique desires which also correspond to their Hearts Desire Number. Here is the in-depth meaning of each Hearts Desire Number.

Hearts Desire Numerology 1

One is the number of impulsive people, aimed at achieving high goals. Individualism and selfishness drive you and give you some impulse to action. You are a fearless leader, persistent and determined.

Hearts Desire Numerology 2

You have a creative mind so you always think of keeping your signature behind every work. People around you are influenced by you and you can’t stay away for long. You believe in creating things that can make a difference in the world.

Hearts Desire Numerology 3

You are a social person and like to be optimistic. You have the desire to get into the root of the cause and are too emotional. Sometimes you get distracted and spend time on other things. You believe in creativity and have an ingenious mind.

Hearts Desire Numerology 4

You survive with earthly matters and believe in durability. You have immense practical knowledge and are equally responsible also. You like to bring stability, balance, and discipline. You keep your one foot on the ground and another one to new beginnings.

Hearts Desire Numerology 5

This is a symbol of a person who does not stay in one place, striving for self-improvement, search and experience. You are full of enthusiasm and strive for adventure and risk.
The decision to act is spontaneous and sudden. In life, you are ruled by a positive attitude, resourcefulness, wit, and cheerfulness.

Hearts Desire Numerology 6

This is the number of creative personalities, the symbol of family, and the reunification of man and woman to create a new life. They are very romantic and love art; they do not tolerate jealousy and all sorts of discord.
They easily find a common language with everyone. They have a great ability to make friends and an increased sense of duty. They are a homebody, happy among their family and friends.

Hearts Desire Numerology 7

Your heart’s desire is to find the origin of life and its inner meaning. Knowledge is the basic thirst and you also love to spread the knowledge. But you can get easily stressed out with frequent anxiety.

Hearts Desire Numerology 8

Your desire is to lead and avail the opportunity. You are too ambitious and want to flatter yourself in front of others.
If you keep yourself balanced then it could lead you to be a leader. But if you overlook it then you will try to bring in control of every alternate situation.

Hearts Desire Numerology 9

The main concern of this number is to get a better environment and peace in the world. You like to work but for the well-being of the ecological system. You have intuitive and thoughtful nature and others. You believe in religious and cultural works also.

Hearts Desire Numerology 11

You also like to get deep perseverance in yourself and the environment around you. You live to mingle with people and are emotional towards their feelings. You are a good collaborator but most of the time feel concerned and cranky also.

Hearts Desire Numerology 22

Your heart’s desire is to teach and often you act bossy. You are intelligent and love stability and love your family. They want to take the experience of life and have intuition within themselves.

Hearts Desire Numerology 33

Your desire is to become spiritually prosperous. You always crave perseverance and immolation. The aim of your life is to show a guiding path for others who wish for.

People Also Ask

What Does Heart Desire Mean In Numerology?

Your Heart's Desire reflects the deeper, inner you; it suggests an underlying desire and the general intention behind many of your actions. This number reveals the environment and lifestyle you seek, your likes, dislikes, and the type of people you are drawn to.

Does Desire Come From The Heart?

The heart doesn't want something in order to fill voids. The heart is always perfectly complete and connected to your expanded consciousness. Now, when a desire comes from the heart, you will obviously still use the mind to help manifest that desire.

What Does The Bible Say About Hearts' Desire?

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.


In conclusion, heart desire numerology is derived from your name, and it gives you purpose in life. If you are feeling lost, this number will bring meaning into your life.
You will be able to discern the right path to follow and the changes you need to make to get ahead in life.
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