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Karmic And Quest Degrees

The civilizations from which astrology sprang are rich in themes and beliefs in such notions as karma and reincarnation, but not in the manner that you might expect these concepts to be interpreted today.

Author:Georgia Ashcroft
Reviewer:Celeste Pearl
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The civilizations from which astrologysprang are rich in themes and beliefs in such notions as karma and reincarnation, but not in the manner that you might expect these concepts to be interpreted today. It's unlikely that misbehaving and violating our moral code would result in our reincarnating as a toad in the next life, at least not in terms of astrological symbolism, so don't get your hopes up.
Instead, our former incarnations reveal concepts in which we have gained mastery and concepts in which we have failed to doso. Because time has accelerated so much, even in the last 50-100 years, we will continue to encounter new obstacles as long as we continue to return to Earth in a physical form Every time we encounter them, we will be substantially more prepared to deal with them. This article will discuss karmic and quest degreesin astrology.

What Is Karmic Saturn?

In the astrological community, Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma for a good reason. It reveals the karmic imprint on our DNA as well as the experiences that we are supposed to have in our lives (good and bad). We must learn from and master the problems we have carried over from previous lives in this lifetime, as represented by this symbol.
Saturn signifies obstacles and hurdles, trials and tribulations, and trials and tribulations we must overcome in order to clean away the evil and establish good karma. This is because we must uncover, comprehend, and recover from karma.
Many people are afraid of Saturn since we can't modify or influence our prior karma, whether it's from earlier lifetimes or previous periods of our existence. We may, however, alter our reality by working with Saturn, whose powerful influence makes us wiser by completing and then recovering from the very karma we fear. This is seldom understood, yet Saturn has the ability to help us alter our reality.

Karmic And Quest Degrees

The Karmic and Quest degrees give a new dimension to a chart's visual representation. They provide depth and significance, and they will no doubt provide answers to some issues while also raising new ones as you go deeper into the depths that the series of Symbols might elicit from the reader. Realisations can result in astonishing and significant advancements in knowledge and comprehension. Take a look at these!
The degree before a planet or a point is referred to as the Karmic Condition. Something you're excellent at, something you've polished, something you've brought over from a previous life, something that's a habit or a talent, is something they can and will show you in your dreams. Whether or whether you consider a specific Karmic degree to be 'good' or 'bad' is a matter of personal preference. It may bring to mind things that you truly like, or it may highlight areas that you need to focus on or let go of in some way, depending on your situation. The Karmic degree is frequently determined by what was happening immediately before birth - the manifestation of that planet or point right before birth – depending on the planet or point in question. For those who are familiar with astrology, the Karmic Condition can be interpreted in a manner similar to the Moon's south node.
The Quest Degree is the degree that comes after a planet or a location on a map of the world. It is something that we frequently need to work towards, integrate, realize, and embrace into our lives, to name a few things. It might be something that comes naturally, or it can be something that requires a lot of learning or effort. You were born with this degree in mind since the planet or point moved over this degree just after you were born, and it was put into your very being both via transit and advancement. For those who are familiar with astrology, the Quest Symbol may be thought of as a representation of the Moon's north node.
Whether you consider a given degree to be 'good' or 'poor' is entirely up to your subjective judgment; it is entirely up to your conscious, and most likely subconscious, mind. Regardless, they are all valuable in assisting us in gaining a greater knowledge of the unfolding of our lives' events.

Karmic Conditioning

It is true that abundance is a condition of mind, and that it is the mental process that leads us to believe that what we seek already exists. In order to aid in manifestation, it is necessary to gain a better understanding of Karma. Karma is the energetic consequence of our inner thoughts and outer actions, and it is an experience that is often viewed based on our past interpretation of an event, or synchronicity and is often preserved as 'good' or 'bad'.
It's almost as though we aren't aware that our perspective may be erroneous at all. If we believe that we have produced 'bad' Karma, we should assume that things will not change or improve and that our goal will not be reached. If we want to free ourselves of this squandered perspective, we must focus on our inner dialogue, our doubts, worries, and fears. Every day is a new beginning as long as we work honestly, are loyal to ourselves, and are willing to help others in some capacity.
In order to recover from previous conditioning and repetitive ideas (such as self-doubt) that impede our success, we must first understand our thinking processes and the influence karmic conditioning has on them. It is critical that we let go of the 'victim' attitude, which includes the desire for vengeance and the belief that 'karma will get them.' The only way ahead is via forgiveness, compassion, and love, and this includes each and every one of us!
If we anticipate things to remain the same or worsen, and that we will not attain our objectives and desires, then we will not be successful! We must focus on our internal conversation, which includes our doubting, worried, and fear-based ideas. We must break the habit of how we go about things, our perception of what happens, and our tendency to make decisions based on our previous experiences. When it comes to money, I have this connection with it, making 'just enough' to get by but not feeling worthy of having the stability, which is necessary for me to prosper and enjoy life to the fullest. "My income is expanding on a consistent basis, and I have more than enough abundance in my life," says my affirmation. "I am a natural creator of fortune." Given that we teach the majority of what we need to learn, You will use this as a last reminder to keep my visualizations positive and to continually retrain my brain. We must let go of that which no longer serves us and move on in a more positive and effective manner since the world desperately needs our contributions to its well-being and progress.


Karma is a verb that signifies "action." Every action must be followed by an equal and opposite response, according to the laws of nature. Karma is energy, which is neither good nor bad in and of itself; these are only the labels that individuals choose to associate with it. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" refers to the need to repay the energy that was expended in an action. It's impossible to prevent it.
Whenever you carry out an activity, it develops a memory, which in turn generates a desire, which in turn motivates you to carry out another action. For example: you attend your first yoga session (action), then you remember what happens in a yoga class (memory), and if you loved the class, you decide to return the following week (want), and the next week you show up with your mat again (remembering) (action). Karma develops memories and desires, which in turn impact how you live your life in the present. Actions, memories, and desires serve as the Karmic software that controls your life's events and outcomes.
You can activate the subtle energy generated by your activities by recalling memories and desires that have been stored in your subconscious for a period of time. This can happen instantly or at a later time. To take the previous scenario, you attended the yoga class and promptly forgot about it until months later, when you're strolling around town and spot a yoga studio on the corner. You recall your previous experience, which prompts the desire to enroll in another course.
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