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Understanding Psychic Attacks - Recognizing, Defending, And Healing

Concerned about a psychic attack? Learn about the signs, symptoms, and defense strategies to protect yourself from psychic harm, ensuring your mental and spiritual well-being remains intact.

Author:Kelly Hayes
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A psychicassault is the transmission of negative energy between two people. They may be strangers. Perhaps they know each other, like an author or local celebrity. These two people are often related to siblings, childhood friends, colleagues, or supermarket acquaintances. Two people with a link usually experience psychicassaults.
In metaphysical phenomena, psychic attacks remain a topic shrouded in mystery and intrigue. These enigmatic experiences can leave individuals feeling drained, overwhelmed, and even emotionally scarred. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the concept of psychic attacks, shedding light on their natural symptoms and, most importantly, providing practical strategies to defend against them.
Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning to explore the intricacies of the psychic world, this article aims to equip you with valuable insights to safeguard your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Types Of Physical Attack

Psychic attacks encompass a range of phenomena where external forces compromise or influence an individual's energy or psychic field. These attacks can manifest in various forms, each with distinct characteristics. Here are some common types of psychic attacks:

Intentional Psychic Attacks

  • Hexes and Curses - Deliberate attempts to inflict harm or misfortune on a specific person through focused hostile intentions or rituals.
  • Psychic Vampirism- Individuals who consciously or unconsciously drain the life force energy of others, leaving them feeling depleted and weakened.
A Woman Covering her Face
A Woman Covering her Face

Unintentional Psychic Attacks

  • Negative Thought Forms- Strong, negative thought patterns that emanate from an individual, often fueled by intense emotions like anger, jealousy, or resentment. These can inadvertently affect others.
  • Residual Energy- Lingering energy from traumatic events or negative experiences that can influence the energy field of those who come into contact with it.

Entity Attachments

  • Human Entities- Disembodied spirits or souls of deceased individuals that attach themselves to the energy field of the living, potentially causing disturbances.
  • Non-Human Entities - Otherworldly or malevolent beings that may attach to a person's energy field, causing various distress.

Psychic Spying And Invasion

  • Intrusive Thoughts- Unwanted, intrusive thoughts or mental images that donot originate from the individual's mind but are projected onto them from an external source.
  • Psychic Eavesdropping - Unauthorized monitoring or tapping into someone's psychic or energetic communications without consent.

Technological Psychic Attacks

Electronic Interference- Deliberate manipulation or interference with electronic devices, potentially disrupting an individual's energy field or causing emotional distress.

Psychic Attack Through Psychic Skills

Psychic Manipulation- Skilled practitioners use psychic abilitiesto influence or manipulate another person's thoughts, emotions, or energy.

Psychic Attacks From Environmental Factors

Malevolent Locations - Places with a history of adverse or traumatic events that may harbor residual energy, potentially affecting those who enter.

Dream-based Psychic Attacks

Nightmares and Dream Intrusion- Intrusive or disturbing dreamsinduced by external influences or entities.

7 Signs You're Under Psychic Attack

Psychic assaults frequently go unnoticed, worsening over time. To protect yourself, investigate any unexplained symptoms to see whether they indicate a psychic assault. For reference, I've included the most common psychic assault symptoms.

Persistent Physical Illness

A persistent physical sickness that a doctor has ruled out is the most prevalent indicator of a psychological assault. Psychic attacks may cause sudden, acute headaches and other ailments. People typically have symptoms in their weakest or most exposed chakras.
Psychic assaults may cause acute headaches if your crown chakra is weak or exposed. Negative energy enters your energy field and finds the most energetic openings. A weak energy center makes it easy for negative energy to invade and take control.
Identifying a pattern in timing these bodily symptoms is crucial when you start experiencing them. If you always get terrible headaches when you go home from work, it may suggest lousy energy in your workplace. This destructive energy may come from coworkers or the surroundings.
A Woman Holding A Man's Arm Trying to Get Awya from Her
A Woman Holding A Man's Arm Trying to Get Awya from Her

Mental Illness Issues

A psychic assault may cause despair or anxiety in people who have never had a mental disease. If you have a mental condition and find an unexplainable increase in symptoms, a psychic assault may be to blame. The rationale is simple.
Negative energy and entities cannot thrive without low-vibrational power. Consider it a parasite that feeds on your destructive emotions and develops. Failure to establish a robust auric field might make people with mental illness accessible targets.
Negative energy may cause inexplicable mental health problems in people who have never experienced them. Negative energies alter your feelings and perceptions, making you more melancholy or nervous. They use this to reduce your vibratory frequency, which they cannot exist in.

Unexplainable Fears And Phobias

Negative energies work hard to change your views and emotions. This is how the power feeds off your low frequency, and fear is their preferred feeling. Fear makes you feel vulnerable, helpless, and weak. When you feel weak, it's easy to manipulate you and create an illusion to instill dread.
Negative energies may readily absorb your point if they can keep you afraid. Unexpected obtrusive worries and phobiasare not your fault. It's hard to tell whether these ideas are yours since you're experiencing them inside. Sometimes, you feel like your mind is controlling you. However, failure to absorb prior trauma may cause excessive anxieties and phobias.

Constant Fatigue

Psychic attacks can leave you exhausted emotionally, physically, and psychologically. You may suddenly lack enthusiasm desire to stay in bed, and struggle to stick to your habits. The lousy energy hitting you drains your life power.
Negative energies attack to take your point or life force. This is because they feed on your energy. Negative energies must keep you in a poisonous cycle to maintain their energy source. Constant weariness may lead to self-isolation, sadness, and a vicious cycle. This saves you at a low frequency so you can feed on negative energy.

Negative Thoughts Invade

Intrusive negative thoughts resemble unexplained worries and phobias. Negative energy may be heard via intuition, much as spirit guides. Negative energies may corrupt your intuition with erroneous stories.
If you have trouble distinguishing your ideas from your intuition, you may not recognize the negative thoughts aren't yours. Asking oneself whether specific thinking patterns are expected is the quickest way to tell. If nothing unusual has changed your optimistic view, it's likely a psychological assault.
People most susceptible to psychic assaults vibrate lowest. If you generally have a negative internal voice, it might be harder to spot a psychic assault. If your negative thoughts have intensified and you feel bad even in pleasant circumstances, it may be a psychological assault.

Night Terrors And Nightmares

Psychic assaults are common in dreams, particularly for those less susceptible to insufficient energy. Dreaming makes our auric field more accessible to hijacking.
If you have night terrors, sleep paralysis, or bad nightmares, you may be under psychic assault. Negative energies take our vitality most while we sleep, to replenish. They want you on low so they can suck off your energy.
To maintain energy, you produce low-vibrational energy by being in fear. You may dread going to sleep because you may experience a nightmare. Sleep deprivation lowers vitality and auric field.

Repeated Bad Luck

Psychic assaults may behave like curses because too much negative energy in your auric field blocks your energy centers. They cannot create points to operate effectively because they are blocked. Imagine your energy centers as gears and bad energy as the bolt stopping them.
We draw additional negativity when bad energy blocks our energy centers and auric fields. This hinders your life's natural benefits. You may feel stuck in a negative cycle no matter what.
You may feel like everything is going wrong, and turmoil is everywhere. You may be arguing more, missing chances, and behaving out of character. Because negative energy requires a continual energy source, this occurs. They can assure an energy fix by causing pandemonium.
A Woman Holding Her Head
A Woman Holding Her Head

How Do You Protect Yourself From Physical Attacks?

Protecting oneself from psychic attacks involves a combination of awareness, intention, and consistent energy management practices. Here are effective methods to shield against psychic attacks.

Strengthen Your Aura

  • Visualization- Imagine a protective shield or bubble of light surrounding you. See it becoming more robust and vibrant, creating a barrier against negative energies.
  • Aura Cleansing- Regularly cleanse your aura with techniques like smudging, salt baths, or visualization to remove accumulated negativity.

Grounding And Centering

  • Nature Connection- Spend time in nature, barefoot if possible, to establish a strong connection with the Earth's grounding energies.
  • Rooting Visualization- Visualize roots extending from your feet deep into the Earth, anchoring you securely.

Use Protective Crystals

  • Black Tourmaline- Known for its strong protective properties, this crystal can help absorb and transmute negative energies.
  • Amethyst- Offers spiritual protection and helps maintain a balanced energy field.

Create Energetic Shields

  • Mental Shielding- Imagine a shield of light around you, capable of deflecting any negative energy directed towards you.
  • Mirror Shield- Visualize a mirror reflecting negative energy to its source.

Set Clear Intentions

Affirmations- State affirmations like "I am protected from all negative influences" to reinforce your intention of safeguarding your energy.

Maintain Boundaries

Assertiveness -Practice setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in your interactions with others. This includes knowing when to say "no" and when to protect your personal space.

Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

  • Banishing Rituals- To clear your space and create a protective barrier, perform rituals that involve burning herbs like sage or palo santo.
  • Energy Clearing Techniques- Use practices like Reiki, energy healing, or smudging to cleanse and balance your energy field.

Avoid Negative Influences

Limit Exposure- Minimize contact with individuals or environments that consistently emit negative energy. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting influences.

Maintain Emotional Balance

Mindfulness and Meditation- Cultivate practices that promote emotional well-being and mental clarity. This helps create a stable and resilient energy field.

Regular Self-Care

Balanced Lifestyle- Prioritize proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest to maintain vitality and strengthen your energetic defenses.

Seek Professional Guidance

Energy Healers or Psychics- If you suspect you are under a severe or persistent psychic attack, consider consulting a professional with energy work or psychic defense expertise.

Common Misconceptions About Psychic Attacks

  • Intentional Harm Only- One common misconception is that psychic attacks are always intentional acts of malice. They can also be unintentional, stemming from uncontrolled emotions, energetic imbalances, or environmental factors.
  • Physical Harm - Another misconception is that psychic attacks primarily manifest as physical Harm. While they can lead to physical discomfort, they often affect an individual's energetic or emotional state rather than causing direct bodily injury.
  • Limited to Certain Individuals- Some believe that only individuals with heightened psychic abilities or those involved in esoteric practices are susceptible to psychic attacks. In truth, anyone, regardless of their level of spiritual development, can experience such phenomena.
  • Always Paranormal in Nature - Psychic attacks are not always attributed to paranormal or supernatural causes. Psychological factors, stress, and environmental influences can also contribute to feelings of energetic imbalance or intrusion.
  • Incurable and Permanent- It's a misconception that one is forever affected once under a psychic attack. With proper self-care, energy management, and, if necessary, professional guidance, individuals can effectively recover and protect themselves in the future.
  • Lack of Scientific Validity- While the concept of psychic attacks is rooted in metaphysical beliefs, it's essential to recognize that experiences of energetic disturbances may have psychological or physiological explanations. As such, interpretations of psychic attacks vary widely among individuals and cultures.


What Are Some Reasons Or Beliefs Regarding The Potential Causes Of Psychic Attacks?

Reasons for psychic attacks may include negative emotions like jealousy or anger, intentional malevolence, entity attachments, karmic influences, and energetic interactions with environments or individuals.

Can Psychic Attacks Be Unintentional?

Yes, psychic attacks can be unintentional. They may occur due to uncontrolled emotions, stress, or energetic imbalances, leading to the accidental release of disruptive energy.

How Can One Address The Effects Of A Psychic Attack?

Addressing the effects of a psychic attack can involve practices like energy cleansing, aura protection, grounding, and seeking guidance from energy healers or practitioners with expertise in psychic self-defense.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of A Psychic Attack?

Common psychic attack symptoms include unexplained fatigue, heightened anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns, sudden mood changes, and physical discomfort or ailments.


In the labyrinth of the metaphysical world, understanding and defending against psychic attacks is essential for anyone seeking to maintain their spiritual and emotional well-being. By recognizing the symptoms, learning about the various types of attacks, and employing powerful defense techniques, you empower yourself to navigate the energetic realm with confidence and resilience.
Remember, you hold the key to safeguarding your own active space, and with knowledge and practice, you can create a shield of light that repels any form of psychic intrusion. Embrace your innate power and let it be the beacon that guides you through the boundless realms of energy and consciousness.
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